I was trying to mollify myself from experiencing the unexplained feeling the minute I got stung by a jellyfish while we were enjoying and exploring the Island of La Manok. It was my first time and I don’t know precisely what happened. A good friend of mine told me that I was stung by a jellyfish. It was actually our last day after spending our 3 days on the different Islands, located at the Northernmost tip of Cebu. Yes, it was truly a memorable experience for we were able to survive as we barely come to embrace the island life for 2 nights and 3 days. 

I’ve been so curious about this Island while we were exploring the Northernmost tip Islands of Cebu. I’ve seen it from afar and I thought it was just an ordinary Island. My friends and I didn’t anticipate that we were going to get closer to the Island, but because our boat man was so kind, he brought us all here without having an idea of what this Island has to offer.

Gato Island is a rocky Island that looks like selfishly rises in the midriff of the sea and located in the middle of the Visayan Sea. It is said to be the sea snake sanctuary. It owns five dive sites, namely Whitetip Alley, Nudibranch City, The Guardhouse reef, The Cave, The Tunnel and the Cathedral Rock. It holds a huge diversity of marine life with a beautiful coral formation and are in good condition. It is known to be a rocky Island with many interesting underwater rock formations and a lot more. Truly, this Island is abundant in marine species such as banded sea snakes, stingrays, tuna, snappers, Nudibranchs, porcupine fish, cuttlefish, seahorses, puffer fish, scorpion fish and mantis shrimp. The divers can also see schools of squid and big-mouthed mackerel. Gato Island is also known for sightings of sharks such as the cat, bamboo and white tip reef sharks resting in the cave and under rocks.

While on our way to Gato Island, I couldn’t stop thinking about the mysterious existence of this Island. Seeing it from afar seemed to be really uncanny. It seems like a lonely island that tries to separate itself from the crowd. Yes, I was genuinely excited to come closer and see what it looks like. The ocean could be in its maddening state that time, but he must have been really in peace, for we weren’t able to experience big waves while on our way to Gato Island.

Our boat must have been so lively and riding on it is not drudging at all cause I didn’t feel sleepy that time. I enjoy the vast ocean view, the turquoise water and the Island life were really real. The moment we were approaching near the Island, I can visibly see the boat scattering around the Island with a group of divers riding in it. They must have viewed us from afar and bother about how we look like cause we seemed to just drop by and won’t dive just like what they do, which is truly real.

Hence, we finally really close to the Island. It is really mysterious, but stunning. The first view that really caught my attention is the huge cave that I guess a boat can fit in. There were bats and birds flying outside the Island, which I guess they believe it as their home where they can freely multiply themselves without the interference of human existence. Seeing the turquoise water below is truly tempting, if only we have a proper diving gears that time, we are really going to explore the underwater paradise of Gato Island.

We were just on the boat while watching the Island, which have left us in awe even for our short sojourn. We would surely be back If we get the chance and explore the cloistered underwater paradise of Gato Island. Yes, we may not able to explore the Island that much, but we were nevertheless happy and blessed cause we were able to drop by and we even have a close encounter to its stunning beauty. We  were seeing a lot of divers during our visit and I can rightfully see the satisfaction and the happiness in their face as they were able to see the hidden paradise of Gato Island. Our boat slowly moving away from Gato Island while we still wish to get the chance and travel back.

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There are daily flights to Cebu from Manila, Davao and other part of the Philippines with Major Airlines (Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia). From the Cebu Mactan Airport, ride a taxi going to Cebu North Bus Terminal and from there, take a bus bound for Maya Port in Daanbantayan. The Bus trip will end at Maya Port. Travel time from Cebu North Bus Terminal to Maya Port is around  4-5 hours. Most Buses are non-air-conditioned so make sure to get a comfy seat. From Maya Port, you have to register  your name first before riding a boat going to Malapascua Island. The first trip will depart at 7AM and the last trip going to Malapascua Island is from 5 PM, but they still consider bringing the visitors going to the Island after 5 PM if there are still a lot of passengers waiting in Maya Port. The last the trip going back to Maya Port from Malapascua Island is at 5PM. In the late afternoon during low tide just like what we have had. A small boat picks us up in Maya Port and Malapascua since bigger boats can’t get close to the shore. The travel time is about 30- 45 minutes. Once on Malapascua Island, you can always ask the locals to get a right direction going to Gato Island. 


There is no public passenger boat directly to Gato Island. Hence, you have to rent a boat going there from Malapascua Island or this can be included if you are availing a diving package on Malapascua Island. Gato Island can also be included in your Island hopping when you’re going to visit Carnaza Island  and La Manok Island. What we did during our visit, we were on Carnaza Island that time and we rented a boat from Carnaza Island going to La Manok Island and we pass by on Gato Island for only PHP 4,000.00.


  • Gato Island is a haven for divers, but if you don’t have a license, Island hopping is the best.
  • Expect big waves when going to Gato Island always make sure to secure all your gadgets and put them in the dry bag. We are just lucky enough that during our trip to Gato Island the ocean has been just so calm.
  • Mobile signal is not really that stable, it can be 2G, 3G or 4G.
  • Please remember to leave no trace behind. Take good care of our mother nature. Just enjoy and be responsible enough.

Fare from Cebu-Daanbantayan (Regular Bus) – PHP 160

Breakfast – PHP 100

Fare Daanbantayan to Port going to Guintarcan Island –  10

Boat rental going to the Guintarcan Island (good for 10-15 passengers), including the food for 2 days Island adventure – PHP 500

Fare from Port – Daanbantayan proper – PHP 10

Fare Daanbantayan – Maya Port – PHP 10

Fare Maya Port – Malapascua – PHP 100

Additional charge for a mini boat transfer – PHP 40

Dinner at Ging-Ging’s Restaurant on Malapascua Island – PHP 115

Mr. Kwiiz Resort bed space (fan room) and good for 4 people – PHP 350

Lunch at Mr. Kwiiz Resort – PHP 155

Boat rental Malapascua to Carnaza Island PHP 3,000 divided to 10 people – PHP 300

Boat Rental from Carnaza, Lamanoc Island, Galut Island and going back to Tapilon Port PHP 4000 divided to 13 people – 310

Fare Tapilon to Cebu City – PHP 190
OVER ALL TOTAL for our 3 days and 2 night trip: PHP 2,350 

Note: This is the good side when you travel with a group of friends, aside from you won’t be spending much, you will as well enjoy so much that you forget about your skin being sun burnt. 

3 Days and 2 night Itinerary. Exploring five remote Islands in the Northernmost tip of Cebu. Guintarcan IslandMalapascua IslandCarnaza IslandLa Manok Island and Gato Island. 
DAY 1 
1:30 AM- Meet-up at the North Bus Terminal

02:00 AM- Depart from Cebu City

06:30 AM- ETA in Daanbantayan

07:00 AM- Breakfast

07:30 AM- Buying the necessary supplies needed in Guintarcan Island

9:30 AM – Depart for Guintarcan Island

10:40 AM- ETA Guintarcan Island

10:50 AM – Trek going to La-aw Lagoon

11:20 AM – ETA La-aw Lagoon

11:30 AM – Swimming in La-aw Lagoon

12:00 PM – Lunch

12:30 PM – Swimming continue

02:00 PM – Depart for Daanbantayan

03:15PM – ETA at Daanbantayan

03:30 PM – Depart for Maya Port

03:50 PM – ETA in Maya Part

04:00 PM- Buying all the necessary supplies for 2 days Island adventure. 05:00 PM – Depart for Malapascua Island

05:30 PM – ETA Malapascua Island

05:50 PM – Looking for a Hostel to stay in Malapascua for a night

09:00 PM – Dinner

10:00 PM – Social

11:30 PM – Rest time
07:00 AM – Prepare for breakfast

08:30 AM – Breakfast

09:30 AM – Exploring Malapascua Island

11:00 AM – Prepare for check out at Mr. Kwiiz Beach Resort

11:50 PM – Check out

12:00 PM – Lunch at Mr. Kwiiz Beach Resort

02:00 PM – Depart for Carnaza Island

03:30 PM – ETA Carnaza Island

04:00 PM – exploring the Island and chasing sunrise

06:30 PM – Prepare for Dinner

08:30 PM – Dinner

09:30 PM – Social

12:00 AM – Rest time

DAY 3 
05:00 AM – Wake up and prepare for sunrise viewing

05:30 AM – Sunrise viewing

06:30 AM – Prepare for breakfast

08:30 AM – Cleaning the camping area

09:00 AM – Breakfast

09:00 AM – Prepare for La Manok Island

10:00 AM – Depart for La Manok

11:20 AM – ETA La Manok Island

11:30 AM – Explore and enjoying La Manok Island

12:30 PM – Lunch

01:00 PM – Depart for Gato Island

02:20 PM – side trip on Gato Island for a while

02:30 PM – Depart for Tapilon Port

04:00 PM – ETA Tapilon Port

04:10 PM – Quick wash up at the Karederia (food beanery).

05:00 PM – Depart for Cebu City

09:30 PM – ETA Cebu City

10:00 PM – Home sweet home.


I would like to thank Master Arnold of Wandering Soul Scamper for the invitation and for planning the whole trip. To John Jay of Wandering Feet PH, James of ASANASADSIJAMES, Gly of Chasing Potatoes, Mike Laagan of The Traveling Panda, Sean of His Hidden Letters, Dilon of Chasing Wonders, to Gelai for always making sure that we have luscious food to eat, to Angel Kevin and Duke that I have just met, may I still see you on our next adventure and to Rome of Basta Bisaya and Totem of Totemgineer. Thank you so much guys for the fun filled adventure that I have experienced together with you all. See you all on our next adventure again!

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