A  desultory traveler beyond limits. Itching to traipse his two little itchy feet in the paradise called adventure.


  1. Hi Ariel, thank you for dropping by and liking my posts. That made May 8 the day that my blog had the highest number of likes. I’m following your blog now 🙂 Cheers! – Mavic

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      1. There’s a sidebar in your blog called about me. Your name is displayed there. 🙂 I just don’t feel it right commenting on a blog without knowing the name of the blogger. I hope it’s not a problem? 🙂

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  2. Aha! I didn’t have to search for your name – it’s right above me in the comments. Hello Ariel. THANK you for reading my blog and liking my posts. And for finding me from my comment on the Word Press post. I love serendipity. Your photos and traveling heart are generous and gorgeous.

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  3. Thanks a lot for the support, would you be interested in a link exchange? Also, I am laughing at how bad my laptop screen is because I view your site at home on it and today I am at the library and the site is a lot more vivid, than I see at home, ha…

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  4. Hi Lai!! Your header image caught me in an instant. Is that in Osmeña Peak? Are you from Cebu? Great photos by the way, you’re a wanderlust I could see. 🙂 Nice meeting you here!


  5. I like your About Me brief and concise. It’s written there and you left little for discovery ironically.

    Lai, read what I wrote from 2013 onward ha? hehe…

    My posts when I was starting as a travel blogger in 2012 seem really elementary. Nonetheless, I didn’t edit them anymore so I could take a look back to where I came from whenever I want to.


  6. I like your posts… very detailed.
    I’m planning to go to the Philippines and take my teenage daughters to go island hopping.
    They’ve been to Boracay in the past when they were little but it will be their first time to go check out the beautiful islands. We’re staying in Manila but we plan to go to Palawan, Iloilo, Pangasinan and maybe Cebu and Aklan.
    I’m hoping to get some tips from your site. I just started my blog and i’m in the process of putting it together, I want to add a spot related to my travels, adventures and volunteer work… I’ll definitely reblog some of your posts that I visit. 🙂

    I just gave you a “follow”. Looking forward to reading many of your future posts.
    Visit my blog when you get a chance. 🙂

    Carpe diem!


  7. Gosh, if only our streets were more like the ones on Olango we’d be better off. But some are being rebuilt in neighborhood streets and highways. I’ll be taking some pictures too. Did you learn from school?


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