BOSS Manok: Cebu’s First Interactive Unlimited Wings – A Food Review

Honestly, I’m not that type of person who invariably love to try something new. Merely, some days get drudging, which lead us to nose about something, especially if this is about food. That being said, I was curious about the new food beanery that has been circulating online, and heard a great deal of good reviews about their food. I’m certain you’re also curious about what I’m babbling about, especially if you’re a food fanatic like me. This Restaurant that I’m talking about is the newest favorite food place of Cebuanos, the luscious – BOSS Manok.

I’m certain that you heard about BOSS Manok as well, or heard about it from your friends. Possibly you’ve seen it when you pass along Salinas Drive, Lahug going to IT Park, since it is easily spotted on the right side of the road.

Anyway, with this blog post, you’ll get to know more about BOSS Manok, such as Boss Manok Menu, Boss Manok Price, Boss Manok Opening hours, their location, and of course, my whole experience.

About BOSS Manok

The BOSS Manok have just had their soft opening last January of this year. After their soft opening – Boss Manok has started to establish their name known to the public. That being said, they have caught many Cebuanos with their interactive unlimited wings experience as they say.

BOSS Manok is located along Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City. Actually, it is very easy to go here. In fact, this place might be very familiar to you, particularly if you love Karaoke that much, since B Sounds is located here before. Moreover, BOSS Manok is known for being Cebu’s first interactive unlimited wings, and you’ll definitely enjoy the experience. Perhaps because they allow their customers to enjoy their freedom; to either mix and match, dip or drizzle with its eight signature rich sauces: Lemon Pepper, Cheesy Bacon, Country Gravy, Barbecue, Sriracha Butter, Teriyaki, Spicy Korean, and Classic Buffalo. If you haven’t enjoyed your freedom yet, maybe this is the perfect place to let you experience real freedom – that is more that just being free, because enjoying their signature sauces is freedom.

The Ambiance

The place is around 120 square-meter space, which can accommodate roughly 50 customers in one setting. The interior design is simple, but elegant. Inside BOSS Manok, you’ll notice their modern industrial interior design, which is raw and has edgy style. In addition, the combination of raw with the refined, the sleek and modern, with the vintage and classic – this place is just comfortable and clean.

The Service

One thing I always observe whenever I eat in a place like this, is how they approach the customer and of course the waiting time of the order. Upon coming in, there was a table available already, and as soon as I comfortably seated, the waitress approached me while giving me their menu board. And so, I had to order immediately because I was really hungry that time. In fact, I didn’t have my breakfast to make sure that I would eat as much as I can during lunch. That’s how prepared I was at that time. The waitress told me that the food will be served in 20 minutes, which didn’t happen because the food was served in less than 20 minutes.

The Food

Okay, so this is the exciting part! I’m sure you’ll agree with me too. Frankly, I was shocked because I thought that Boss Manok has only had unlimited wings, but I was wrong. They have a boatload of food to choose from, such as appetizers like Classic pork Sisig, Crunchy Calamares, Garlic shrimps, Garlic Mushrooms, Cheesy Fries, Classic Nachos, and they also serve Pasta with different style and flavors like Aglio Olio and Creamy Alfredo. Truly, this is a place to experience freedom.

It was my first time during my visit, and I was just planning to try their unlimited chicken wings, and so the waitress asked if either mix and match, dip or drizzle, but I ended up asking her recommendation. Hence, she told me to try the dip or drizzle. A few moments after, the food was served. I had a whole tray of flavorless fried chicken like around 10 pieces, which is perfectly cooked and not overly fried. They also served their eight signature sauces.

At first, I was confounded, which sauce should I try first, and after dipping my chicken wings to all the eight sauces, I find it hard to really know what I really like among the eight sauces. All of their signature sauces are very luscious. I even asked one of their kitchen staff, who prepare the sauce because I was curious. But along the way, every time I dip my chicken to the different sauces, my mind has slowly picked up my favorite. Do you want to know my favorite sauce? Honestly, I had about five of their sauces that I really like, the Lemon Pepper, Cheesy Bacon, Country Gravy, Barbecue, and Teriyaki.


Monday10: AM – 01:00 AM
Tuesday 10: AM – 01:00 AM
Wednesday 10: AM – 01:00 AM
Thursday 10: AM – 01:00 AM
Friday 10: AM – 01:00 AM
Saturday 10: AM – 01:00 AM
Sunday 10: AM – 01:00 AM
  • Boss Manok Contact Numbers: 0916 400 6515 / 032-2590797
  • Check their Facebook Page for updates at Boss Manok


  • Our Unlimited chicken wings are charged per person.
  • Children 5 Years old & below can dine for free.
  • Children 6-10 years old would only pay half the price.
  • Food & drinks from outside establishments is strictly not allowed.
  • Leftovers will be charged for Php per item.
  • Please give us 20 minutes to prepare your order.

Note: People with autism can eat for free, since the owners are autism advocates.

How To Go To BOSS Manok

Exact Location: 21-D Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

By Jeepney:

Ride any Jeepney going to IT Park. Always make sure to check on the right side if you’re already near JY Square, since it is only a few meters away from JY. Then, another landmark is in front of JCA Pizza.

By Private Car / Grab Car / Taxi

The easiest way to get here is navigate using your Waze or Google Map and search for BOSS Manok. There – you’ll definitely get the precise location.

Note: Prices may change without prior notice. Additionally, Opinions expressed here are exclusively my own and do not express the views or opinions of anyone. That being said, I accept full responsibility for these opinions.


  1. Thanks for the resto review. I really want a chicken. I will probably try this one once I’ve been there, maybe after this pandemic. Nakakatakam. Feels like I want to go there tomorrow. Feels excited. Chicken is my life ❤


  2. Wow. Upon reading your restaurant review, I feel starving and ordered fried chicken. LOL. The surface of chicken in this restaurant is a little bit like Calamares. Well, Cebu is a great place. My sister used to go there for her travel blog and she said that the locals were very good at English. Love it.


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