I resigned from my Corporate Job because I did not quit blogging: Here’s what happened.

I’m sure you arrive in this post because you’re probably searching about what will happen after you resigned from your work, or after quitting your job. Perhaps because you’re planning to work online or start your own business that’s why you want to quit your job. And maybe, you want to resign because you’re no longer happy with your Job, and you want to apply for a new job position in the company of your dream.

There will always be the reason behind, why we reach a point where we have to quit our job. And sometimes – by doing it, we either regret or this will open a better opportunity. Perhaps you’ll ask, when is the right time to quit my job? And with that, I know you can answer it yourself because you know yourself better than anyone else.

So, with this blog post, I’ll share the reason why I resigned from my job. Why did I resign where in fact, I’ve worked in the company for almost 8 years.

Thus, here’s my personal experience before I reached a point where I have to resign from my corporate job as a Human Resources Officer and Liaison Officer. 

Who said that working online is not possible? I heard a lot of people who say, it is not possible because of blah blah blah. If only I listened to them, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the perks I have now.

April of 2015 when I started blogging, from that day forward, I have always doubted myself. I doubt about my passion for writing. I doubt about my English proficiency – grammar lapses on the article I write. But, all I know that time was to at least – I have the platform to express myself; my genuine experience about my backpacking trip and even my random thoughts.

After a year of blogging, I didn’t see any possibilities of earning $. Perhaps because I didn’t blog for fame or money. And so, people started asking how much dollars am I making. I don’t know what to answer to every question. Sometimes, I don’t bother to answer. But, if I feel like I have to answer, I always say – depend on the blog stats, advertisement, sponsored post, backlinks and the likes. Honestly, I was confused, because like what I said, I didn’t blog to earn money.

So, I continue blogging. After two years of blogging, my blog has started to gain recognition and awards in which, I wasn’t expecting it at all. Guess what? Still, I haven’t made money from my blog after two years. That being said, I could’ve stopped blogging over two years if my motivation is only about – how to earn money through blogging.

It was only after three years when I started earning from my blog. It wasn’t that much, just enough to pay my annual fee for domain and web hosting. It was only before I reach my 4 years of blogging when I started to earn more than just the amount of paying my annual fee for domain and web hosting, which started last August 2018 up to present.

Frankly, I don’t aim to really earn much in blogging. I’m okay to only earn just enough to pay my domain and web hosting yearly. But, just like what they say, hard work deserves a reward.

Here is the exciting part of this post. I may have not earned much in blogging comparing it to other bloggers who really earned a good sum of dollars in their respective blog. But, my blog has brought me clients online, where I get to work with short projects, which has a good pay.

Likewise, through blogging, I learned different skills that are really in demand online, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web development, blog management and content writing. I’m proud that I have completed projects and have worked with various clients online for more than 2 years up to present (Part time). And just recently, I resigned from my corporate job where I work for about 8 years, to chase my other dream.

I used to earn 2 -3 figures ($) in my corporate job for about one week of hard work, but now, I can earn it for 1-2 hours of work. Imagine the time I can save, and the possibilities of earning more than I do now in the days to come. If I didn’t pursue blogging and learn about working online, perhaps I’m still tied up with my 8 hours daily routine in the office. And just to make things clear, there’s nothing wrong about working in the corporate world, or with whatever profession that is. In fact, I salute you for pursuing it, especially if that makes you happy and that’s your passion.

I couldn’t be thankful enough for all the people who influenced and inspired me to where I am now. I wouldn’t be where I am right now, if it weren’t for your support, and trust. Thank you so much for all my friends who never doubted about my passion, my skills and my determination.

This post is not meant to brag what I have right now. This is only to inspire you that you can be the person that you desire to become. You can be beyond something when you chase your passion – not by following someone else’s footprints to become somebody. Instead, create your own destiny where you can flirt with freedom and happiness.

I’m not telling you to quit your job right now to follow your passion. Because you can always do both at your own pace. But, if you feel and sure; like it is time to let go of your job, and follow your passion and dreams. Then, do it before you realized that you’re still dreaming and not making your dreams into a reality. Always remember that, “The poorest of all is not a man who doesn’t have one cent in his pocket, but a man who doesn’t have a dream, because to have a DREAM is FREE”. Likewise, be motivated enough to make your dream into a reality.


  1. ” You can be beyond something when you chase your passion – not by following someone else’s footprints to become somebody. Instead, create your own destiny where you can flirt with freedom and happiness.”

    Love these words. Very inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoy reading this! I also just started creating my travel blog last April 2019, I just love to travel and share my experiences online and I am not really blogging for money. This is really motivating though, I hope someday, my travel blog can fund my future travels.


  3. Keep the faith! I just started blogging to keep my sanity – I don’t expect to gross $1…I really just like hearing from other corporate minions or refugees (soon to be) like myself… please visit my blog and give me some pointers (don’t laugh to hard at it!)…. good luck to all!!


  4. What you did is indeed admirable, my friend. You are an inspiration to those among us who are passionate about writing. Now you have the freedom to do most anything you wish to. Enjoy!!! And good luck!


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