The Ranch Resort: Spending A Day In Toledo City’s Beautiful Resort And Farm

After a week of backpacking around Northern Mindanao, I was happy to be back in Cebu to finally have a good rest. But, since I’m always open for an invite, especially if it’s about traveling, I’m always on the go. So, instead of planning to rest over the weekend, my friends invited me for a road trip to Toledo, Aloguinsan, and Moalboal. I couldn’t say no to their invitation, so I was given a task to prepare for an itinerary on our road trip. And, the first place we visited was in The Ranch Resort in Toledo.

The Ranch Resort is located in 1058 Laguna Road, Toledo City, Cebu and perhaps this is the only premier Resort that you can find in Toledo City. And, since this Resort has a huge ground area, you’ll experience a wide array of exciting activities and amazing amenities, such as horseback riding, farm tour, zipline, bicycle riding. Also, this place is perfect for animal lovers who seeks peace and relaxation and at the same time a bit of adventure, since they have monkeys, snake and various kind of birds. But above all, you’ll get to enjoy their 5 swimming pools, which has for adult and kids as well.

Honestly, getting here was not part of our itinerary, since one of our friends will be attending a wedding of her friend, and we need to wait for him before we can go to Aloguinsan, which is our original destination to visit Hidden Beach Resort and to experience Bojo River Cruise. So, while waiting for him, we decided to go to The Ranch Resort to have a good time there, and probably enjoying the place before we continue on our road trip. Actually, I’ve already been to this resort way back in 2014, and I was not yet a travel blogger at that time.

So, upon entering the Resort, the facade hasn’t changed that much comparing it to my first visit in 2014. But, I was shocked when I knew that the entrance fee was still the same. The feeling I’ve had on my second visit was no longer that exciting comparing it to my first visit. Perhaps, I’ve already traipsed my feet in the Resort, and experienced all what the Resort has to proffer.

Truly, The Ranch Resort is such a perfect place to just chill and relax while enjoying the comforting vibes of the farm breeze like as if you can’t afford to even think about your problems. This was what we exactly experienced during our visit.

We actually grab the chance of taking the free chair and table near the swimming pool, since there were a lot of tables and chairs available at that time. Then, we set up our table near the huge tree fronting one of their swimming pools. And right after we’ve had a comfortable place, we started sharing about anything that we can think of. A few minutes after, we find it a bit drudging to just talk about anything without any food to nibble. Hence, we order for a 12 inches Hawaiian Pizza, and a Pitcher of cold Lemonade drink, which was just enough for the three of us.

Our topic at that time has gone farther than expected, possibly because we have nothing to do, as it was just our way of killing our time. A few minutes afterward, there were groups of people who started setting the space for the exciting game. And there, we found out that they are actually executing a company outing. We were just there, sitting on our respective chairs while we enjoyed watching them.

We might not have fully enjoyed all what The Ranch Resort has to offer during our visit. Simply, it gives us an avenue to just relax while enjoying the soothing fresh air, the food and of course, the moment that most us can’t have in the bustling city of Cebu. It was close to 3 pm when Ivan, our friend, has arrived. Then, we went straight to our next destination, which is in the town of Aloguinsan to probably stay there for a night and enjoy what Aloguinsan has to proffer.

Entrance Fee Php 100.00 per person
Farm TourPhp 75.00 per person
Horseback RidingPhp 100.00 per person

Standard RoomRoom size is 22 sqm.
Extra Person Php 500.00 / Night
Php 1,800.00
Junior Suite RoomRoom size is 36 sqm
Extra Person Php 500.00 / per night
Php 2,800.00

Arabian Hall Good for 150 paxPhp 5,000.00 (4 hours)
Excess hour (1,000.00 per hr)
Coffe ShopGood for 50 pax
(Birthday parties,
Php 5,000.00 (4 hours)
Excess hour (1,000.00 per hr)

Note: Bringing food from outside into the resort is strictly prohibited.


Getting to the Ranch Resort from Cebu City is very easy. In fact, you can have 3 choices of rides to get to The Ranch Resort. 

Step 1: By Bus. Take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal bound for Toledo City. Various bus companies ply this route in 30 minutes or hourly basis. The fare is only around Php 60.00 to Php 70.00
Step 2: By V-Hire. A passenger Van that can accommodate up to 20 passengers. The only advantage of this is that, it is faster than a bus. The fare from Cebu City is around Php 100.00
Step 3: By Taxi or Private vehicle. Riding a Taxi to get here is the most convenient one, but it is expensive.

The usual travel time is 1 and a half hours or 2 hours at most. As you reach Toledo City, you must ride a tricycle to take you to the Resort. The travel time is around 15 minutes.

The Ranch Resort
Address: Barangay Bato, Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: (032) 318 9599 or Email: Facebook:


  1. Happy first week of May, Cebu! How s your summer so far? Most importantly, how did you spend your May 1 holiday or Labor Day off last week? Well, as for us, we took advantage of the no-work Thursday to enjoy the summer heat in one of Toledo s pride, The Ranch Resort and Farm!


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