Win Min Transient Inn: Affordable Accomodation In Cagayan De Oro City Where Luxury Is Almost For Free

Win Min Transient Inn is actually a perfect place for those that need a quick rest while waiting for their schedule land trip to Camiguin, Bukidnon, and Iligan City. It is located at the Agora Bus Terminal, which earns it an ideal haven for backpackers, and traveler who needs a short rest before going to their target destination in Northern Mindanao. Moreover, they also offer an hourly room rate, which makes their rate very flexible. Additionally, this Hotel Inn is very clean, modern, accessible, convenient and the hotel staffs are accommodating, and attentive to the guest needs.

A comforting bed where I get to have a good rest is what I’m hankering for after our tiring backpacking trip in Bukidnon. Who wouldn’t desire a good rest after hiking on the backbreaking trail of the stunning Panimahawa Ridge and chasing waterfalls in CEDAR, Bukidnon? I’m sure, you’ll do the same, if you were with me during this backpacking trip. So, after exploring and enjoying CEDAR, we’ve had our luscious lunch. Then, we decided to depart for Cagayan De Oro City, where we set out to spend a night there before going to Iligan City on the following day.

At the National Highway while waiting for the Bus that bound for Cagayan De Oro City, we never anticipated that we will be riding a double Decker Bus. Truly, It was another experience that has made me speechless because I didn’t expect it at that time. This double Decker Bus that I’m speaking about is Pabama’s Double Decker Bus that plies in Mindanao, which serves Cagayan De Oro to Kibawe, Bukidnon route and Vice-versa. There are three trips daily, which schedule to depart Agora Bus Terminal bound for Kibawe, Bukidnon around 6:00AM, 12NN and 6PM. So, the Bus was really new and truly comforting that didn’t bore us for more than 2 hours of travel from CEDAR to CDO.

And, precisely before we were about to reach Cagayan De Oro City, we were trying to search for an affordable place to stay for a night. But, since we didn’t have leisure time to search online, and the intermittent mobile signal was a genuine struggle. Hence, we settled to just continue searching on where to stay, as we arrive at the Agora Terminal.

As a traveler that always on the lookout for discounts and deals on my travels, especially for budget-friendly accommodation. The Traveloka App has always been the travel app I use, especially in a situation like I had at that time. Additionally, Traveloka App has never failed to offer me an easier and faster means of booking my accommodation with their best deals and discount promo codes for about 2 years now. Thus, with the help of Traveloka App, we were able to book our accommodation in Win Min Transient Inn, which is located just before you enter the Agora Terminal.

As we enter the Win Min Transient Inn, I instantly notice a simple sign board that says, “Win Min Transient Inn, Luxury almost for free”. Right that moment, I was excited to experience what the sign board has said. And then, the receptionist smiled at me, and I simply return the favor of giving my precious smile as well. I handed her the notification of my Hotel booking made through Traveloka app together with the Hotel Voucher, Booking ID number and my Identification Card for verification. In an instant, she gave us our room number. Then, we took a stair going up to our room – there, we notice that the Hotel has only one floor, where hotel rooms are. Though, the Hotel looks like a two-storey building, but they only have the 2nd floor, since the first floor was intended for commercial establishment for food stalls. Likely because Win Min Transient Inn is located just before you enter the Public Terminal.

So, as we went into the room, I immediately notice the comforting blue, white and red colors in the room. But, I have been a bit dismayed since we book for a superior room good for triple occupancy at that time, but we ended up having a standard room good for two without informing us in advance. And, I guess the management should revamp or don’t overlook this system, so they can continue receiving guests in the future. But, despite of what happened, we are even thankful for we finally get to rest after our tiring, but an enjoyable backpacking trip in Bukidnon. Besides, they provide us an extra bed, and very attentive to our needs.

The room was spacious, and has a clean luxury sheets and all the necessary fresh linens. And I guess, they also put a linen spray, which adds an additional boost of luxury and keeps the space smelling divine, but comfortably to the nose. Also, as I checked the bathroom, I noticed that they keep the essentials, which is very important since most travelers are bound to forget things, like shampoo + conditioner, bath soap, and the likes. These were kept in an easily attainable place in the bathroom, which is very easy to find.

Besides, I like the fact of how they go an extra mile for their guests. Adding an additional luxury that elevates the experience and make life a lot easier, by providing us 32 inches flat screen Television, an extra chair. Likewise, they make sure that they don’t forget the little things we all need to make it through the day, like charging stations for our gadgets. Another thing was that; these days, sharing the love really means sharing the WiFi as well. Thus, speaking of WiFi, I guess their internet connection was good, but it becomes loading when you watch videos on YouTube most of the time. Possibly, because of their internet service provider.

Anyway, We truly felt like we were staying in a luxury Hotel because of their service, but at an affordable price. I suppose, they truly make sure that their guests will get to experience staying in a home away from home.

And speaking of my overall experience of staying at Win Min Transient Inn, they truly have exceeded my expectations, and if I’d given a chance to travel back in Cagayan De Oro City, I would still love to stay here.


ROOM RATES (Inclusive of VAT as of April 2019)

A.) Per Room (Minimum of 3 Hours)

  • Standard Room good for 2 persons
    Gross – PHP 113.34
    Discount – 25 %
    Net – PHP 85.00
  • Superior Room good for 3 persons
    Gross – PHP 126.67
    Discount – 25 %
    Net – PHP 95.00

B.) Per Room (Good for 24 hours)

  • Standard Room good for 2 persons
    Gross – PHP 2,040.00
    Discount – 55.88 %
    Net – PHP 900.00
  • Superior Room good for 3 persons
    Gross – PHP 2,280.00
    Discount – 56.14 %
    Net – PHP 1,000.00


  • Extra Person – PHP 20.00 per hour
  • Extra Bed – PHP 30.00 per hour
  • Locker / Cabinet Fee – PHP 15.00 per hour


Have you tried booking your Hotel stay by using Traveloka app? Indeed, it is really easy, just download the Traveloka app, then register by using your valid email address. As shortly as you are done downloading the app, you’ll be given a 30% discount on your first Hotel booking and at the same time, on your selected flight booking, it may be an international or local flight. Truly, this App is so generous that it won’t get tired of giving you discount from time to time, just make sure to check your email for their amazing discounts.

Also, during our stay at Win Min Transient Inn, instead of paying PHP 1,000.00 for the Superior Room, we merely have paid around PHP 903.82 because we booked it through using the Traveloka App. And just like what I have said, they offer discounts and promo codes most of the time.


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