Panimahawa (Paminahawa) Ridge: Travel Guide To The Breathtaking Ridge And Famous Hiking Destination In Impasug-ong, Bukidnon

Panimahawa Ridge or some called it Paminahawa Ridge, perhaps because Paminahawa is the name that has been registered in google map if you’re straining to find it. And on a local tongue, they generally called it Panimahawa Ridge. It is in reality part of the mountain range located in Brgy. Impalutao, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon where you get to enjoy the amazing and breathtaking view of the different ridges of nearby mountains. Moreover, Panimahawa Ridge has an elevation of 819 Meters Above Sea Level (MASL), or around 2,687 feet. This has become the favorite and famous hiking destination of many trekkers after fanning its name in Social Media recently. Believe me or not, because of the pictures and videos of Panimahawa ridge that has been circulating in Social Media, a few local celebrities in the Philippines have been to Panimahawa Ridge. In fact, a day before my trek to Panimahawa Ridge, Angel Locsin was doing a day hike to this ridge. Unluckily, her schedule and my schedule didn’t meet half way.

Moreover, there are approximately 5 known Ridges in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, but only Panimahawa Ridge is possibly known to most hikers and mountaineers. These 5 Ridges are Panimahawa Ridge, Kapayawan Ridge, Gupalon Ridge, Kaanibungan Ridge, and Ginahawan Ridge. The one that is close to Panimahawa Ridge is Kapayawan Ridge, and beside Kapayawan Ridge is the Gupalon Ridge. The Kaanibungan Ridge is actually situated just close and facing the Tagoloan River, which you can also see this River if you’re standing on the Panimahawa Ridge and Kapayawan Ridge. Additionally, the Ginahawan Ridge is probably the farthest among the 5 ridges, but can be traversed from Panimahawa Ridge. It is located close and facing the Kinapuntan River, and believably, this is the perfect view that it has to offer aside from the stunning mountains around.

My recent trip to Bukidnon has surprised me a great deal. I had my backpacking trip for 7 days, and my route was started in Dapitan – Dipolog – Ozamiz – Iligan – Cagayan – Bukidnon. Yes, it was a long Bus ride, but the moment I traipsed my feet in the Province of Bukidnon, I was astounded by all the surprises that I didn’t expect. And one of the surprises I’ve experienced was seeing the Pink Trumpet trees that are in full bloom when I passed by along the National Road while I was on the Bus. I began seeing the Pink Trumpet Trees when the Bus started passing by at the Manolo Fortich up to Sumilao and Impasug-Ong, and on my way to the jump off area of Panimahawa Ridge. They said that this is perhaps the Philippines version of Japan’s Cherry Blossoms.

It was nearly dark when we get down from the Bus on the junction road in the Impalutao Integrated School. Then, we get to ride a motorcycle going to to drop off point of Panimawaha Ridge. We were supposed to see the stunning sunset hue at the peak, but since considering the long travel from Mahayag, Zamboanga Del Norte, to get to Panimahawa Ridge before sunset, was truly a struggle. Actually, It took us 11 hours to get to the jump off area, which has already drained our energy before starting our trek to Panimahawa Ridge. I was with two of my travel blogger friends, namely Junji of Wandering Feet PH, and James of ASANASADsiJAMES.

Shortly after registration and signing up the agreement form to climb the Panimahawa Ridge, Sir Rob introduced us to our guide named, Jimboy. Then, each of us paid PHP 300.00 for the registration and guide fee. It was supposed to be PHP 1,500 as the minimum for the group of 5 people, which includes the registration fee and guide fee. But, in our case, we only paid PHP 300.00 even we were only 3 at that time.

Sir Rob informed us about the trail to the Panimahawa Ridge just before we proceed on our trek. The first phase or level is just a normal trail for approximately 25 minutes. One has to trek downhill until it reaches the wooden bridge. Then, another 30 minutes of trek uphill after the bridge, which I find it quite challenging because I was breathing laboriously at that time. Soon later, another 25 minutes of trek with an easy stroll trail up to the store near the foot of the ridge. Then, another 15 minute trek, which is an assault trail, and one has to hike along the ridge. Then, the last leg is hiking for another 20 minutes along the ridge up to the camping area. Thus, all in all, there are around 5 levels of trails before reaching the camping area, which makes it around 2 hours of trekking. Merely, for legit mountaineers who have climbed several mountains before, then perhaps climbing Panimahawa Ridge will only take them 1 hour.

As we were hiking, I was the only one who demands a water break from time to time. Perhaps because I was the only one who haven’t been into mountain climbing for about a year due to my long hiatus with my outdoor life. At that time, I was grateful that my two friends were so patient about my hiking pace, and kept on asking if I was okay. And, after the challenging trek, I was grinning from ear to ear as we arrived at the camping area.

It was already about 8:00 PM when we reach the camping area. And as anticipated, most of the camping area was already occupied, but we were still blessed to get a good spot, since we only had two tents at that time. Then, we took a little rest, then started to pitch our tent. Shortly later, we prepared food for our dinner, then had our luscious dinner after.

I feel like I was so tired at that time, hence right after dinner as the cold wind tardily blowing my tent, I felt that the mountain breeze slowly touching my surface. Truly, I enjoy how the wind hugged me tightly in a gentle manner. It was as if I have the freedom to flirt with the frigid wind, as it pacify my tired body. Soon after, my body is asking me to rest, like as if a kind of plea that I couldn’t flout. Then, that moment keeps on – the mountain breeze and the total relaxation were superb, until it brought me to a deep slumber.

The next morning was exciting, since I wasn’t able to see the stunning view of Panimahawa Ridge the moment I arrived. Then, my comfortable sleep and good rest were something that has made me wake up early. I slowly open my tent’s window and waiting for the first light to come. And so, I slowly see the panoramic view that has truly made me speechless. I didn’t bother about my morning look, despite of a few campers around as well. They all seemed to be really excited for the morning view and sunrise and so I am. Perfect morning hues that compliment to the perfect view before my eyes began to divulge – I was there patiently waiting and excited for the sunrise.

A few minutes later, my two friends ask me if we can explore the different ridges located so close to us. I wasn’t in doubt at all – I run like I was joining a race. There – I saw different ridges that are genuinely beautiful and words are not enough to express how stunning they are.

Moreover, from where I stand, I also saw the majestic beauty of four of the top ten highest mountains in the Philippines, which are all located in the province of Bukidnon. Here are Mt. Dulang Dulang (2,922 MASL, 2nd highest), Mt Kitanglad (2,899 MASL, 4th highest), Mt Maagnaw (2,742 MASL, 8th highest), which are all part of Kitanglad mountain range. And, the last one is Mt Kalatungan, which stands around 2,890 MASL on the other side of the mountain range. Mostly, these towering mountains are known as KD2LM or sometimes KD2M, and perhaps, these are the most difficult mountains to climb in the country.

Then, the long wait is over. The king sun has begun coming out behind the mountain that seemed like he’s hiding for a long time. And, excited to show its innate beauty. That moment was truly perfect and nothing compared.

An hour had passed, some campers have already settled to break-camp. My friends and I didn’t not bother about the intolerable heat of the sun when it goes up, since the area is open and no huge trees to be found around that can provide shade. This is probably what other campers have been attempting to evade that’s why, they want to descend as early as they can.

We were actually the only group who chose to stay longer in the camping area, because we want to own the view exclusively for us. Indeed, we are truly grateful that we didn’t descend immediately just like other campers. In fact, while others were busy fixing their things and ready to descend, that’s the time when we had our coffee and breakfast as well.

Soon after the breakfast, we then went to another ridge that is close to where we have stayed. The view there was very astonishing that words can’t even describe. Indeed, we constitute the answer why didn’t follow other campers who break-camp as early as possible.

The sunlight becomes unbearable, which makes us resolve to break camp and starting to descend back to the jump off area.

We were not fortunate enough to see those stunning views along our way to the Panimahawa Ridge because the dark surrounding has taken over while we were still on the trail that time. But, on our way back to the jump off area, that was the time when we finally saw how the trail exactly looks like, and how challenging it was. Eventually, we were enchanted by its splendid beauty that have left us speechless.

Descending wasn’t just a walk in the park, even though we have enjoyed the panoramic views along the way, but the clinging heat of the sun that touches our surface has become unbearable at some point.

Indeed, it was a backbreaking challenge for us, but we still need to continue on our hike to reach the jump off area. I remember my sweet smile the minute we got to the jump off area, which means, the backbreaking challenge has finally had a period.

We rested for a few minutes at the Ant farm before deciding to get to our next destination, which is in CEDAR. This actually serves as our side trip where we set out to chase waterfalls and take a dip to their cold river.

Special Note: 

I would like to Thank Junji of Wandering Feet PH, and James of ASANASADsiJAMES for inviting me during this trip, and for taking most of the stunning photos that you’ve seen above. Having you both during this trip is truly an awe-inspiring experience that I would treasure forever. I desire to join you both on your next backpacking trip next time.

How To Get To Panimahawa Ridge

The Province of Bukidnon doesn’t have its own Commercial Airport, but it is nonetheless very accessible by Air and Land through the nearest point of Entry, Cagayan De Oro City and Davao City.

Laguindingan International Airport

The nearest Airport in Bukidnon is located in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental in which Cagayan de Oro is the capital City. There are daily flights to Laguindingan International Airport from Manila, Davao and other part of the Philippines with Major local Airlines (Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia). But, I suggest that you only fly to Laguindingan Airport if you’re planning to go to Manolo Fortich – Impasug-ong – Sumilao and Malaybalay City, Bukidnon since it is located close to Cagayan De Oro City.

From the Airport, take a Van going to CDO downtown and will pass by in the Agora Market Terminal. The fare is around PHP 199.00, and the travel time from Laguindingan Airport to Agora Terminal is less than an hour. From Agora Terminal, take a Bus bound for Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. Then, ask the Bus Conductor or the driver to drop you off at the Impalutao Elementary School. The travel time from Agora Terminal to Impalutao Elementary School is less than 3 hours, and the fare is around PHP 140.00. Then from there, just ride a motorbike going to ant farm for registration. Ant Farm is also the jump off area going to the ridge. The motorcycle fare from Impalutao ES to Ant Farm is PHP 20.00 and the travel time is less than 10 minutes. After paying the Registration fee and a few minutes of orientation and registration, you can start the trek to Panimahawa Ridge.


  • During my travel to Impasug-Ong, Bukidnon, this is where I had a chance to see the scenic rows of Pink Trumpet Trees in the sideways alongside the wide pineapple plantation. You can actually enjoy the Trumpet Trees from the Month of March to May.
  • If you want to experience riding a double Decker Bus then, Pabama’s Double Decker Bus will get you covered. This double Decker Bus serves Cagayan De Oro to Kibawe, Bukidnon route and Vice-versa. There are three trips daily, which schedule to depart Agora Bus Terminal bound for Kibawe, Bukidnon around 6:00AM, 12NN and 6PM.

From Davao (F. Bangoy) International Airport)

From the Airport, take a Cab going to Ecoland Integrated Bus Terminal and the travel time is around 30-45 minutes, The fare is around PHP 300.00. But, if you want to do DIY, and get a cheaper fare, just walk a few meters from the Airport to the highway and ride a Bus bound for Ecoland Terminal. The travel time is around 1 hour and the fare is less than PHP 40.00. From Ecoland Integrated Bus Terminal, just ride a Bus bound for Cagayan De Oro City and ask the Bus Conductor or the driver to drop you off at the Impalutao Elementary School.The travel time is around 7-8 hours. But, if you’re going there by private car from Ecoland Terminal, it would only take you around 5-6 hours. Then from there, just ride a motorbike going to ant farm for registration. Ant Farm is also the jump off area going to the ridge. The motorcycle fare from Impalutao ES to Ant Farm is PHP 20.00 and the travel time is less than 10 minutes. After paying the Registration fee and a few minutes of orientation and registration, you can start the trek to Panimahawa Ridge.

Panimahawa Ridge Rates

  • Registration Fee – PHP 300.00 /pax (Minimum of 3 or 5 persons )
  • Guide Fee – PHP 300.00 (This rate is per group or per batch)
  • CEDAR tour w/ Guide (Option) – PHP 100.00 (Motorcycle fare – PHP 30.00 and Cedar
  • Entrance fee – PHP 20.00 is excluded)


Panimahawa Ridge Bukidnon Travel Tips and Reminders

  • Contact Sir Bob of Ant Farm a day before your scheduled trek, this may be day trek or night trek. Sir Bob is the only person who is in-charge of the ridge activities. Additionally, all local guides are managed by AO Farm as well. So, here’s sir Bob’s contact numbers: +63 997 801 3135 and +63 935 198 6781.
  • I suggest that you better go there on weekdays because the ridge may really get crowded on weekends, also during the holidays. Hiking to the Ridge is around 2 hours, but it can be done in less than 2 hours if you’re a legit mountaineer.
  • If you’re not that fond of hiking, you can actually ride a motorcycle going to the base of the Panimahawa Ridge for PHP 200.00 per person (One way). Then from there, you just need to trek for about 20 minutes to get to the Ridge.
  • Kindly prepare some coins, since they have a ritual or a practice where you are required to leave some coins, just before you start the trek, and just before you proceed to the final ascent.
  • You will pass by with 2 stores before reaching Panimahawa Ridge, but the price of soft drink, water and other food to nibble like chips are a bit expensive.
  • Normally, hiking in the Philippines is best done during summer season and that’s between April to May. However, anyone is welcome to trek to the unassuming beauty of Panimahawa Ridge anytime of the year. Please also be reminded that month of September to December will usually a rainy season in the Philippines, so please check the weather forecast always.
  • Make sure your phone or camera is fully charged for picture purposes or bring Power bank as your back up. Wear your comfortable trekking shoes, clothes and everything that you need when trekking in the stack.
  • Bring just the necessary thing you need when climbing the mountain. Always make sure that climbing the mountain with your heavy backpacks is not easy and it’s very tiring. It might drain your energy.
  • Bring enough food, which includes trail food and always make sure to have a meal plan, particularly if you’re traveling in a group. Bringing of drinking water is also advisable, since there is no source of water near the camping site.
  • Panimahawa Ridge can possibly be enjoyed for a day trek, and I suggest that you start trekking around 3 or 4:00 AM, so you can witness the stunning sunrise. But, if you want to stay overnight, I suggest you start trekking by 4 or 3 pm, so you can catch the beautiful sunset.
  • Always remember that your tent is where you take the chance to rest at night, so make sure to bring a sturdy mountaineering tent and a sleeping bag cause it might be really cold at night and at dawn.
  • Bring a reliable head lamp for you need it at night and also a ground sheet for your tent.
  • We can’t foretell the weather, so you better bring your dry bag to put all your gadgets and camera when it rains. If you bid to have your snacks or meal at the summit, please take responsibility of your garbage, make sure to bring them all with you and don’t leave your garbage there.
  • Please remember to Leave No Trace (LNT) behind. Take good care of our mother nature. Just enjoy and be responsible enough. Don’t break its innate beauty.


Possible Travel Expenses (Panimahawa Ridge & CEDAR)

  • Fare CDO to Impalutao ES – PHP 140.00
  • Impalutao ES to Ant Farm – PHP 20.00
  • Panimahawa Ridge Registration Fee – PHP 300.00
  • CEDAR Guide – PHP 100.00
  • Motorcycle Fare Ant farm to Cedar – PHP 30.00
  • CEDAR Entrance Fee – PHP 20.00
  • Food Budget (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Water for 2 days) – PHP 700.00
  • Fare CEDAR to CDO – PHP 150.00

Total Expenses – PHP 1,460.00


Panimahawa Ridge and Sample Itinerary (Day Trek & side trip to CEDAR)

12:30 AM – ETA Agora Terminal, Cagayan De Oro City
01:00 AM – Depart for Impasug-ong, Bukidnon (Drop off area is in Impalutao Elementary, School)
03:30 AM – ETA Impalutao ES (Ride A Motorcycle going to Ant Farm for registration)
03:40 AM – ETA Ant Farm (Registration & Orientation)
04:00 AM – Start the Trek
06:00 AM – ETA Panimahawa Ridge (Picture Taking while enjoying the view)
07:30 AM – Descending to Ant Farm (Jump off area)
09:30 AM – ETA Ant Farm (Breakfast)
10:00 AM – Depart for CEDAR
10:20 AM – ETA CEDAR
10:30 AM – Exploring CEDAR (Hiking & Chasing Waterfalls)
12:30 PM – Lunch
02:00 PM – ETD to Cagayan De Oro City
05:00 PM – ETA Cagayan De Oro City

Panimahawa Ridge Sample Itinerary (Overnight & side trip to CEDAR)

12:30 PM – ETA Agora Terminal, Cagayan De Oro City
01:00 PM – Depart for Impasug-ong, Bukidnon (Drop off area is in Impalutao Elementary, School)
03:20 PM – ETA Impalutao ES (Ride A Motorcycle going to Ant Farm for registration)
03:30 PM – ETA Ant Farm (Registration & Orientation)
03:40 PM – Start the trek
05:40 PM – ETA Panimahawa Ridge (Picture Taking while enjoying the Sunset)
06:00 PM – Pitching Tents
07:00 PM – Preparing food for dinner
08:00 PM – Dinner time
09:30 PM – Social time
11:00 PM – Sleeping time
05:30 AM – Wake Up Call
05:50 AM – Picture taking (Sunrise View)
07:00 AM – Light Breakfast (Bread & Coffee)
07:30 AM – Descending to Ant Farm (Jump off area)
09:30 AM – ETA Ant Farm (Breakfast)
10:00 AM – Depart for CEDAR
10:20 AM – ETA CEDAR
10:30 AM – Exploring CEDAR (Hiking & Chasing Waterfalls)
12:30 PM – Lunch
02:00 PM – ETD to Cagayan De Oro City
05:00 PM – ETA Cagayan De Oro City


  1. My wife lived in the Philippines as an exchange student. I wasn’t aware that there were mountains high enough where you actually got cold! She always talked about the sweltering heat. I just got back from Peru. I backpacked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Awesome adventure! I was wondering in all your travels if you had done it and wrote about it, or are you planning to do it? Enjoyed your post!


    1. I plan to visit Machu Picchu next year, but I worry about altitude sickness.I heard some travel insurance companies don’t want to cover it. How bad is it there? Any precautions you can share?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. At times we were over 13,500 feet in altitude! You are either hiking straight up or straight down as you navigate the steep mountains. So, it is very important to get acclimated to the altitude before you hike the trail. I would suggest staying in the beautiful city of Cusco for 4-5 days and do some walking there and in the Sacred Valley before you head off on the trail. I had gotten over pneumonia a month or so before I left for the trip so my lungs were still recovering from that when I went on the trip, so that added to the difficulty for me. It is the hike of a lifetime. I highly recommend it!


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