Carnaza Island: Travel Guide With Itinerary, Breakdown Of Expenses And Top Tourist Attractions

Truly, summer in the Philippines could be really hot and this is the season that most people would likely be really exciting about. It is when most sun lovers and beach worshippers really waited. Cebu has a lot of white powdery sand beaches along with its shoreline and some are actually making their name famously and could possibly be compared to the beautiful beaches in the world. But behind all the commercialized White sand Beach Resorts that you can find in Cebu, we are still fortunate enough that there are still few precious gems that aren’t overrun by beach worshipper. One of these islands that owns very unspoiled white sand beaches and are not yet worn down by the presence of visitors is the Carnaza Island at Northernmost tip of Cebu, Philippines.

Carnaza Island is located at the Northernmost distance from the shore of Daanbantayan Cebu and at the North of Malapascua Island. Moreover, seeing the island in an aerial view, It looks like a turtle-shaped Island that said to own 173.5 hectares. Getting here would take you 2 hours of boat travel from the port of Tapilon or if you come from Malapascua Island, it would only take you more than an hour. There are around 7 Sitio’s in Brgy. Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan, namely Daan Barrio, Barrio 1- (Proper 1), – It is where the passenger boat dock off, Barrio 2 – (Proper 2), Linaw, Pantao, Liog-liog, and Can-Dionesio.

Additionally, Carnaza Island is partially shrouded in low mountains, evergreen rain forest and a couple of jungle viewpoints that serve as excuses for short treks. Moreover, this island also offers fine white sand beaches that right after a limestone formation is another cove that owns a short stretch of white sand beaches to discover and enjoy. The stunning views towards several limestone outcrops rising from the sea is like the spine of an ancient dragon that runs into the sturdy waves and the surface of every limestone formation. The waters that surround the island is teal and full of life. And a great playground for those that really love to plunge under the paradise of the ocean.

I’ve explored this Island 2 years ago when we had a chance to visit the five Northern most tip islands of Cebu for 3 days. And just before this Island became well known to the public, I was able to experience how tranquil Carnaza Island was at that time. At present, this Island has now experienced a few numbers of tourists who visited the Island, which It has already been anticipated. But, even this Island has started receiving a few numbers of visitors, it is still left in its innate state.

Hence, our recent trip to Carnaza Island had made me decide to make a travel guide, which includes visiting to its top tourist attractions like Kailina Beach, Daan Barrio Cove, Barrio 1 and 2 (Proper 1 & 2) Cove, Cementeryo Cove, Airplane Island, Baliwanan, Gamayng Baybay Cove, Kambalaki Cove, Candionesio Cove, Carnaza Eco Park Resort, Liog-Liog Cove, Skull Cove and Helipad, Dakit-Dakit Island and a lot more. Additionally, it includes how to get to Carnaza Island, travel tips, itinerary, where to eat and stay, and possible expenses on Carnaza Island.


  • Top Tourist Attractions on Carnaza Island
  • How To Get to Carnaza Island
  • Going Around Carnaza Island
  • Where To Stay on Carnaza Island
  • Where To eat on Carnaza Island
  • Carnaza Island Sample Itinerary
  • Carnaza Island Possible Expenses
  • La Manok, Dakit-Dakit and Gato Island Hopping
  • Travel Tips And Other Things To Do On Carnaza Island


Top Tourist Attractions On Carnaza Island


Kailina Beach

This is the first cove that I genuinely have enjoyed during my first visit last 2017. This is also where we have stayed with my friends that time, since we were into camping and adventure. Likewise, on my second visit, this is where we choose to stay as well. Perhaps, because this privately owned beach has captured my heart since my first visit.

Kailina Beach is known for being secluded, and it is peacefully situated close to Daan Barrio in Carnaza. One of the locals whom I have asked said that the beach was called after the owner of the beach named “Ilina”. Locals called it as “Kang Ilina” or “Ka Ilina”. A Visayan word means “Owned by Ilina”. “This is how the “Ka Ilina beach” was discovered. Moreover, Kailina beach is a picture-perfect beach, which owns turquoise waters and very fine white sand with serene surroundings where you can perfectly commune with nature. If you’re the kind of traveler who want to get away from the crowd, this beach is a perfect place for you.

This Photo was taken last April 2017

Additionally, Kailina beach entrance fee for day use is PHP 20.00. And if you choose to camp here overnight, you’ll have to pay PHP 150.00 per person. Probably, the only downside of staying in Kailina beach is that, there’s no toilet and shower room. Nevertheless, you can always ask Kuya Edie, the caretaker of Kailina beach to use their toilet, since their house is just a stone throw away from the Kailina beach. During our second visit, they even help us cook our dinner and breakfast, which is free of charge. But, since we don’t want to take their kindness for granted, instead of paying PHP 150.00 for our whole night stay on Kailina beach, each of us decided to just pay PHP 200.00, and we were around nine energetic travelers that time.

This Photo was taken last April 2017

There’s a restaurant nearby, the name is Psalm Restaurant and would only take 5 minutes of walk from from Kailina beach. They have a boat load of affordable food, drinking water, offers home stay and Island tour as well.

Daan Barrio Cove

This cove is situated just right next to Barrio 1 and Barrio 2. Most of the time passengers boat dock off on this Cove if not in Barrio 1. It holds a smaller stretch of white sand, but since there are residents nearby, the place doesn’t seem to be a perfect spot for swimming.


Barrio 1 and 2 (Proper 1 & 2) Cove

This is situated just before you reach Cementeryo Cove, and at this place, you’ll be seeing a beautiful spot that looks like a cave pool when you try to see it at a higher elevation. Moreover, this place is also the best for sunset viewing since there are coconut palms, but one has to go up on a karst hill to get the perfect spot. Additionally, you’ll also be seeing the Cementeryo Cove, which is a perfect backdrop if you want to have a picture of yourself. And you’ll be mystified with a bunch of colorful pump boats on its shoreline that the locals use for fishing. It addition to what has been said above, one has to get allured with the beautiful cliff that is perfect for cliff jumping, since the water is very clear and enticing.

This Photo was taken last April 2017
This Photo was taken last April 2017
This Photo was taken last April 2017
This Photo was taken last April 2017


Cementeryo Cove

This Cove is hidden in two longitudinal cliffs on both sides and a bunch of colorful pump boats on its shoreline that the locals use for fishing. It is situated right after Barrio 1 & 2. A few minutes of walk to the Karst hill is where you can see an Airplane Island. Moreover, this place serves as a cemetery of Barrio residents.

This Photo was taken last April 2017


Airplane Island

This Island is peacefully located near the Cementeryo Cove. One has to go up on a karst hill to see this Island that looks like just landed in the ocean. Make sure to come here during sunset, since you’ll get to see the amazing sunset hue, while it reflects on the island and the Cementeryo Cove.

This Photo was taken last April 2017



This actually located just after the Cementeryo Cove, and close to the Airplane Island. During our visit, we had our lunch here before heading to Dakit-Dakit Island. The place offers a crystal clear water, where one can swim and enjoy the white sand beach and a few soluble rocks scattering around. This place is also a dependable place to do snorkeling, since it is rich in marine life.


Gamayng Baybay Cove

This Cove truly speaks of its name, since Gamayng Baybay is a Cebuano word means, “A small Bay”. And during my first visit in 2017, we didn’t have a chance to drop by. The sole thing that made me remember this place is the photo I took last 2017.


Kambalaki Cove

The minute I saw this Cove, I fell in love with how serene this cove was. This cove has a short stretch of white sand beach and enticing lush green trees that looks so refreshing. Seeing it from the photo I took last 2017, this Cove doesn’t have a nearby resident, which seemed to be really private.


Candionesio Cove

This Cove looks like a place where everybody dreams to own a perfect beachfront house when they retire. I find it lovely, since the place seems so peaceful, even there’s a few residents living here. It is averred that the right portion of this Cove has belonged to the Osmeña family, hence it is restricted to public. On the other hand, the remaining part of this Cove is said to be a public area where private boat dock off, and you’ll be seeing a few residents on this part. Moreover, this Cove has an enticing white sand beach and crystal clear waters, that you’ll definitely love to take a dip.


Carnaza Eco Park Resort

Carnaza Eco Park Resort or previously known as Kambinaldo is a private beach Resort owned by the Osmeña family. This beach Resort has been fanning its name in social media right after they open it to the Public. They have captivated the attention of many travelers because of their unique and enticing wooden tents. Additionally, this place exudes an Island vibe that has so much to offer. Possibly, the wooden tent is the highlight when you visit this Resort and the panoramic views of the vast ocean, with its aquamarine waters and the stunning beach front.

Truly, the tent looks really unique, enticing and it’s not that huge. Though, the bed inside is a king sized bed, but the space is just enough to comfortably move yourself. The room doesn’t have an air conditioned, but who would not love to be hugged tightly by the sea breeze, right? Perchance, it is even better than an air conditioned room.

And because Eco Park Beach Resort is the only beach Resort on Carnaza Island, it can get really crowded during weekends and holidays. Moreover, they likewise have limited wooden tents, so I suggest that you make a reservation beforehand.

Rates and other information that you should know about Carnaza Eco Park.


  • Entrance Fee & Environmental Fee – PHP 200.00
  • Table – PHP 50.00
  • Chair – PHP 10.00
  • Paddle Board – PHP 100.00 per hour



  • Wooden Tent – PHP 200.00 (good for 2 pax)
  • Beach Tent from Eco Park – PHP 100.00
  • Beach Tent Space – PHP 50.00
  • Room Accommodation – PHP 2,900.00 (good for 4 pax)


  • 2 Pillows & 1 Blanket – PHP 300.00
  • Extra Bed – PHP – 50.00


  • 2 persons for an overnight Charge – PHP 300.00
  • 5-6 persons for 2 meals (Dinner & Breakfast or Lunch & Dinner) – PHP 300.00
  • 10-15 persons per meal (2 dishes only) – PHP 300.00
  • Rice Platter (Good for 2) – PHP 50.00
  • Use of their Utensils – PHP 300.00Carnaza Eco Park

Contact numbers: 0936-731-6495 / 0999-860-9761 / 0936-731-6495
Social: Facebook Page


Liog-Liog Cove And Its Twin Beach

So, right after our short visit in Carnaza Eco Park, we went straight to the beautiful Liog-Liog Cove, or some called it Liog-Liog Twin beach because when you try to see this cove at a bird’s eye view, you’ll get to see the stunning twin beach. To see this stunning view, one must climb on a huge rock, that looks like a sturdy islet, and serves as a bridge for the twin beach to connect. Perhaps, this is where the Liog-Liog Cove or in English Neck-Neck got its name. Additionally, instead of seeing people swimming on the Twin beach, I saw several fishing boats docking on the shoreline, which have conveyed a message that the residents here relied on the richness of the sea. Some say that this twin beach resembles the twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang in El Nido, Palawan.

Possibly, the Liog-Liog Cove true jewels, are the natural pools hidden under the huge karst formation. But, in order to for you to see these hidden pools, one must be fearless to get down and get to overcome the challenging sharp edges of soluble rocks. Thus, make sure to be extra careful when you get down.


Skull Cove and Helipad

This place is simply amazing aside from owning a stunning white sand beach with crystal clear waters, it is as well loaded with an interesting history. There’s actually two beautiful caves located close to each other, one holds a small cave pool, where it looks very interesting. And the other one appears to be very intriguing since there’s a human skull found in the cave, and perhaps this is where the skull Cove got its name. Moreover, the locals said that the place was served as a shelter and meeting place for the Japanese military personnel during World war II.

A few meters from the cave and the white sand beach, there’s a small concrete pathway going up, where is said to be the landed and take off area of Osmeña family’s helicopter. They called it Helipad, which provides a panoramic view of the wide and blue ocean. It was about 3 PM when we arrived, and as expected, it was very hot. But, despite the clinging heat of the sun touching our surface, we nevertheless enjoyed the place that much.

Additionally, there are more stunning Coves to see and enjoy on Carnaza Island, which I haven’t had a chance to see during my second visit, namely Kang Gorio Cove, Linao, Hinagban, Kabitounan, Bantigue, Panato, and Pantao Cementryo. Perchance, on my third visit I will surely check these remaining Coves.

Dakit-Dakit (Maria) Island

Dakit-Dakit Island or also known as Maria Island is just a few minutes of boat ride from Carnaza Island, since it is very visible to naked eyes when you’re on Carnaza Island. It is peacefully located on the Southeastern part of Carnaza, which has a picturesque rock formation. The Island is perfectly made of rocks, where sea snakes are said to be spotted on some part of the Island. We were supposed to traipse our feet here, but since the angry waves didn’t let us dock off, thus we just pass by before heading back to Daanbantayan proper.


La Manok Island

The La Manok Island or Isla La Manok serves as a pit stop for the fishermen, since this Island is close to the Island of Carnaza, Daanbantayan Cebu where most of the fishermen came from. It is located in the Visayan sea between Masbate and Cebu, but geographically speaking, it is part of Masbate. There are three small islands that composed La Manok Island. The first Island owns a high and big limestone that looks like a mushroom when you view it from afar. This Island is actually tied to the other side of the Island through the white sandbar as this where probably the name of the Island came from. The “La Manok” is a Bisaya term that means “The chicken-less Island” in which the white sandbar connects the Hen and the Cock.

The La Manok Island or some called it as “Manok-Manok Island, is a perfect side trip when you visit Carnaza Island, since it is only more than an hour of boat ride from Carnaza Island.


How To Get To Carnaza Island

There are daily flights to Cebu from Manila, Davao and other part of the Philippines with Major Airlines (Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia). From the Cebu Mactan Airport, ride a taxi going to Cebu North Bus Terminal.


There’s a MyBus outside the airport near the exit gate on the right side. From the Airport, the drop off point is in Parkmall and SM Cebu. The fare is Php 50.00. Trip schedules are from 7:00AM to 9:00PM with a 30 minute interval. And since Parkmall is located near the Cebu North Bus Terminal, you just have to ride a Jeepney or Taxi going to the terminal. The Jeepney fare from Parkmall is around PHP 8.00, but don’t forget to look for 01K Jeepney. And for the Taxi, the fare is around PHP 70.00-100.00, depending on the traffic flow.

Also Check: Getting Around Cebu City And Nearby Cities: 9 Modes Of Transportation That You Can Use.

From Cebu North Bus Terminal

Take a Ceres Bus bound for Maya Port, and you should tell the driver or the Bus conductor to drop you off at the Tapilon port. The fare is around PHP 190.00 to PHP 220.00 As you reached the Tapilon Port, ask the locals in the area where is the port of Tapilon. From there, hop a boat that will take you to Carnaza Island. The fare is around PHP 200.00 per person for one way trip and the travel time is roughly 2 hours.

From Tapilon port, hop on a passenger boat to Carnaza. Trips are available from 07AM to 10AM. Two years ago when we visited Carnaza Island, the schedule of passenger boat that leaves Tapilon Port to Carnaza Island is sometimes not fix. But the boat mostly departs around 7 or 8am depending on the local passengers, since Carnaza Island doesn’t own a bunch of visitors in a day that time. But, with the recent tourism boom in the island, some boats are actually leaving as early as 05 AM as long as there are enough passengers.

You can likewise choose to charter a private boat, which can carry up to 10-15 passengers for PHP 2,500.00 to PHP 3,000.00. And, If you’re travelling with more than 30 people, then larger boats are available in the Port area, but it is expensive.


Going Around Carnaza Island

Believe me or not, but the exciting way to amble around Carnaza Island is on foot. But, if you’re not fond of trekking, then there are motorcycles available, and the fare is PHP 150.00 per passenger, which you’ll get to visit some tourist spot around the Island. They named it as “Inland Tour”.


Where To Stay On Carnaza Island

During my visit two years ago, there is no available room rental around the Island, but with the recent tourism boom on Carnaza Island, you’ll get to find a few room rentals around. Thus, here’s a few lists of room rentals around the Island.

Gwenda Room Rental – This is located near Barrio 1, and just beside the Basketball court.
Rates: PHP 300.00 per head
Contact Number: +63 999-5064-974
Contact Person: Kuya Eddie – He is also the caretaker of Kailina Beach.

Carnaza Island Psalms Restaurant and Rental Rooms or known as Comendadors Rental Room – This is located in Daan Barrio and very close to Kailina beach.
Rates:  PHP 300.00 per head
Contact Numbers: Globe – +63 925-4854-616 Touch Mobile – +63 906-3203-326

Carnaza Eco Park


  • Wooden Tent – PHP 200.00 (good for 2 pax)
  • Beach Tent from Eco Park – PHP 100.00
  • Beach Tent Space – PHP 50.00
  • Room Accommodation – PHP 2,900.00 (good for 4 pax)

Contact numbers: +63 936-731-6495 / +63 999-860-9761 / +63 936-731-6495
Social: Facebook Page


Where To Eat On Carnaza Island

Carnaza Island Psalms Restaurant – This is located in Daan Barrio and very close to Kailina beach. You’ll come to enjoy the free charging of gadgets if you eat here.

  • Breakfast meal is ranging from PHP 90.00 to PHP 110.00.
  • Lunch Meal is ranging from PHP 100.00 to PHP 115.00
  • Dinner is ranging from PHP 100.00 to PHP 160.00
  • Special Order is ranging from PHP 20.00 to PHP 200.00.
  • Drinks and Dessert are ranging from PHP 20.00 to PHP 260.00

Contact Numbers: Globe – +63 925-4854-616 Touch Mobile – +63 906-3203-326

Carnaza Eco Park


  • 2 persons for an overnight Charge – PHP 300.00
  • 5-6 persons for 2 meals (Dinner & Breakfast or Lunch & Dinner) – PHP 300.00
  • 10-15 persons per meal (2 dishes only) – PHP 300.00
  • Rice Platter (Good for 2) – PHP 50.00
  • Use of their Utensils – PHP 300.00

Tips: If you bring your own cooking set and camp on Kailina beach, then go to Barrio 1 during morning to buy a fresh fish in an affordable cost.


Carnaza Island Sample Itinerary


03:00 AM ETA North Bus Terminal
04:00 AM Depart for Tapilon
08:00 AM ETA Tapilon Port
09:00 AM Depart for Carnaza Island
11:00 AM ETA Carnaza
12:30 PM Lunch
02:30 PM Inland Tour around Carnaza (Eco Park, Liog-Liog Cove & Twin Beach, Skull Cove & Helipad)
05:00 PM ETA Campsite (Sunset viewing)
07:30 PM Dinner
08:30 PM Social Night
10:30 PM Star Gazing
11:30 PM Rest (Sleeping time)


09:00 AM Depart for La Manok Island
09:50 AM ETA La Manok (Enjoying the island)
11:30 AM Lunch at Baliwanan
01:00 PM Depart for Dakit Dakit Island
02:00 PM Depart for Daanbantayan
04:00 PM ETA Daanbantayan
04:10 PM Wash up just near the Tapilon Port (PHP 20.00 per use of toilet)
05:00 PM Depart for Cebu
09:00 PM ETA Cebu City
10:00 PM Home Sweet Home


Carnaza Island Possible Expenses

Bus Fare (Aircon) North Bus – Tapilon Port (Back & Forth) – PHP 442.00
Boat fare Tapilon to Carnaza – PHP 200 (50.00 goes to Environmental fee)
Carnaza Eco Park Entrance Fee – PHP 200.00
Inland Tour around Carnaza Island – PHP 150.00
Entrance Kailina Beach (Overnight) – PHP 150.00
Island Hopping (La Manok Island and Dakit-Dakit Island and back to Tapilon Port (3,500 / 9 people) – PHP 390.00
Food Budget for the whole trip (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) – PHP 500.00

TOTAL – PHP 2,032.00
Note: All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Travel Tips And Other Things To Do On Carnaza Island

  • Sunset viewing on Carnaza Island is truly incomparable. So, don’t miss that moment when the sky started to transform into a colorful hue of light during sunset.
  • Truly, Carnaza Island is the Cove Haven in Cebu, which is something you should never miss to experience when you visit this island.
  • Expect big waves when going to Carnaza Island always make sure to secure all your gadgets and put them in the dry bag.
  • Bring your own camping gear like your tent and all the necessary stuff that you’ll be needing if you want to camp on Kailina beach.
  • Bringing your cook set when you decide to stay overnight on Kailina beach is very advisable. Also, buy the necessary supplies from the Mainland of Daanbantayan, since the price in some stores on Carnaza Island can be expensive.
  • Carnaza Island is a perfect place for those that loves to explore the paradise under the ocean. I advise you to bring your own swimming and snorkeling gear.
  • Always remember that – Your garbage your obligation. Never leave your garbage when visiting this Island, and as you depart, kindly bring them with you and leave them on the mainland of Daanbantayan. Don’t forget to bring a food waste bag.
  • Please remember to practice Leave No Trace (LNT). Take good care of our mother nature. Just enjoy and be responsible enough.


My final word about Carnaza Island.

Whatever you do on Carnaza Island, Cebu it is always done in surroundings that can only be truly described as paradise. It is still so unspoiled and the isolated feel is just so real. Perhaps, Carnaza Island may not be the place for you if you’re looking for a comfortable and relaxing beach vacation. But, if you’re into camping and adventure, then Carnaza is one of the beaches you should visit in Cebu. But, of everything that this Island has to offer, the very thing that you will really enjoy is the relaxation and eschewing of the tourist trail that leads to tranquility and will bring you closer to an innate nature’s bounty.


  1. This island is really stunning, Padz! We really got lucky to have the island to ourselves during our visit last month, before the influx of ‘summer’ visitors.


  2. Look at all these beautiful beaches! I rarely take a beach vacations because I’m so much of a city girl, but I’m due for one soon. I like those wooden beach tents too, I’d love to check those out.


  3. What a great overview of Cebu, especially for someone like me that’s never even heard of it! The white powdery sand beaches and gorgeous water looks amazing. I especially like Kailina Beach because it is more secluded. The coves look exciting too.


  4. The waters all look so blue and the sunsets so vivid! I would love the chance to one day experience such a serene place – especially the secluded beaches.


  5. I only been to the main city of Cebu but not yet to its many gorgeous islands. I’ll save this recommended place, i am excited to explore it very soon.


  6. I went to the Philippines during the winter and it was still hot for me , so cannot imagine summer. The beach looks perfect, I just love this country!


  7. Never been to that part of the world yet your pictures speak for itself how beautiful Carnaza Island is! Thanks for sharing its complete guide. Would love to visit someday in my life!


  8. I have heard so much about Carnaza Islands from my friends and have seen so many pictures. The water is crystal clear! Would love to visit


  9. Hi. FYI Kuya Eddie of Gwenda Room Rental passed away. You may text or call his wife at 0998 385 9180. Pls update the contact info.

    Please coordinate with her if you want to stay at kailina beach overnight.


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