Cebu Club Fort Med Resort, Boljoon Cebu: Perfectly Nestled Between The Mountain And The Blue Sea

The Cebu Club Fort Med Resort is perfectly snuggled between the mountain and the blue sea. It is sited in the Municipality of Boljoon, Cebu which would only take you around 3 hours of drive from Cebu City. Getting here will grant you a chance of enjoying the panoramic views along the coastal road of Southern Cebu. A perfect place for your next getaway with family, friends and your travel buddies. The place offers you nearly everything that would make you connect with nature again. Whether you come here for fun, adventure or just relaxation, surely there is an activity for you to relish.

How we discovered Cebu Club Fort Med Resort?

There are truly days when you simply want to just go somewhere without any fix plans on which place to visit, as long you’re on a road trip. This is exactly what happened to us with my friends who happens to be like minded people. We decided to travel early in the morning down South of Cebu without any fix plans. What we had in mind that time is just go with whatever our adventurous spirit will lead us. In short, we simply want to go with the flow. Wherever we feel like it’s a good place to visit then we drop by, hence, it goes on.

Our first stop was in the town of Car Car to buy food for our lunch. We bought a kilo of their famous Letchon and of course a perfect pair for that is the local rice wrapped and boiled in a triangular casing made of a woven coconut leaf. And locally known as “Puso” or “Hanging Rice”, since the way they display it is often picturesquely hung in bunches using the long ends of the leaves.
After buying all the things we need for our 2 day road trip, we decided to continue on our trip. We actually used 2 cars, since our friend Ate Melyn, as I fondly call her – is blessed to have the means of making our road trip possible. I was with Ate Melyn, Lilia, Michelle, Nanay, Aldrin, Angelo, Aloysius and the 2 kids, Ayeisha and Zoe during our road trip.

Rightfully, there are places down the southern part of Cebu, which are very familiar to me since I’ve been travelling in the south countless times already. And one of these is the beautiful town of Alcoy, which has a public beach known as Tingko Beach. It boasts an extensive stretch of white sand beach and a perfect place for those who desire to unwind from the bustling City of Cebu. True enough, my friends and I decided to have our lunch before getting to our next destination, which is in the town of Boljoon, Cebu. Actually, a bunch has changed on Tingko Beach. I still recall how beautiful this beach way back during my first visit in 2013. At present, I didn’t find Tingko beach that attractive already, maybe because I’ve had a great share of amazing memories on this beach countless times. Anyway, enough of my throw back memories. Shortly after preparing our lunch, we instantly had our luscious lunch while enjoying the sea breeze kissing our surface. We supposed to swim right after our lunch, simply hearing the frail wave kissing the coast would have been enough to enjoy Tingko beach.

Shortly after our lunch, we resolved to continue on our road trip. However, no fixed plans made where would be our next stop. We saw different Beach Resorts along the way; we even drop by to check some of them, but none of them has caught our attention until we discovered a captivating spot after a bend along the national highway. We first notice the gate, which leads to a hectare of lush gardens and quaint cottages. We immediately went to the reception area; trying to check if the room rates would match to our budget and of course the whole place before making any decision. Truly, after careful deliberation, which is the best part when travelling with friends, we eventually decided to get a room and stay overnight in Cebu Club Fort Med Resort.

Choosing a room from their 23 clean and comfortable rooms of different types, which have scattered all throughout the resort was seemed to be a challenge. Simply, we want to rely on our budget and we chose the Row House Type, which is only PHP 2,000 per night. We got 3 rooms since we are quite a lot during our travel. It was late in the afternoon when we arrived at the Resort. We amble around the Resort and check some of their amenities; the native themed cottages, the restaurant, and their two beautiful swimming pools with a fascinating backdrop view of the lush mountain, while looking at the panoramic view of the Bohol Strait and the Blue Ocean. Truly, it was a piece of heaven that have mollified us from the stressful life we have in the bustling City of Cebu.

The time was seemed to run faster, hence we weren’t able to notice that it was already dark. We were supposed to explore the town of Boljoon to check the Eli Rock, which is known to be the most photographed scenic white limestone cliff located in the center of Boljoon’s town as it peacefully situated in front of the coastal area of Boljoon. And of course, exploring the Boljoon Church and Museum, which has more than 400 years of architectural expression was sound exciting. But sadly, we weren’t able to make it since we all got tired from a long drive from Cebu City and we decided to just relax. At the back of our mind, perhaps we can make it on the following day since we will continue on our road trip around South and Southwest part Cebu.

Truly, we all come to our room and rest, then a few hours passed by, and our stomach was seemed to beg for food. The good thing was, we still have food from our Lunch, and that was the same food we ate for our dinner. We stayed outside of our room after our dinner; listen to a good music, have some beer and of course we’ve talked anything about our life until we decided to get back to our respective room and get a comfortable sleep.

The room is big, clean and almost everything that you see around the room is unique and the room fixtures are made of local/native materials. It looks elegant, homely and yet maintained its low-cost accommodation.

On the following day, we were supposed to see the stunning sunrise that Cebu Club Fort Med Resort has to offer. Only the sky was seemed to be mad; it was gloomy when we woke up, hence we weren’t able to see the beautiful sunrise, which we have been longing to see the moment we wake up. Instead, we had our breakfast at their restaurant, which seems to be romantically amazing since it is situated near the swimming pool.

Shortly after our breakfast, we resolved to have a photo shoot. I was their photographer as it has always been my role whenever we travel. What I like most about that time was that, it wasn’t really crowded. But a few hours have extended; the Resort got crowded since there were people coming in, as the Resort welcomes everyone for an overnight stay and of course, for day use.

Truly, we enjoyed their infinity pool with an astonishing view of the seascape while seeing the Island of Bohol. We want to stay more in the Resort, but we had to pay attention for our Check out time. Hence, after enjoying some of what the Resort has to proffer, we get to bid goodbye and continue on our road trip.

The Resort has a lot to offer that some of it we weren’t able to enjoy because we only had one day. They also own a marine sanctuary if you’d like to go snorkelling or diving. Aside from that, some of the Philippines’ best diving spots like Panglao Bay and Balicasag Island in Bohol are just an hour away. They also offer exciting packages like Whale Shark Encounter since it is just 20 minutes away from the Resort.

Moreover, Cebu Club Fort Med Resort exudes a rustic charm and simplicity, making it comfortable to lose track of time and just enjoy yourselves. Whether you’re a couple of wandering travelers, a group of professional or amateur divers, a vacationing family or Barkada, or a company looking for the next setting to their squad-building activities, there is always something to be found in Cebu Club Fort Med Resort.

Below are the list of packages they offer and the rates; including their room rates, and other information that you might need.

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How to get to Cebu Club Fort Med Resort.

There are daily flights to Cebu from Manila, Davao and other part of the Philippines with Major Airlines (Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia). From the Mactan Cebu International Airport, ride a taxi going to South Bus Terminal.


There’s a MyBus outside the airport near the exit gate on the right side. From the Airport, the drop off point is in SM Cebu. The fare is PHP 50.00. Trip schedules are from 7:00AM to 9:00PM with a 30 minute interval. From SM City Cebu, ride a taxi or Public Jeepney that has a 01K sign board going to Cebu South Bus Terminal.

You can check this article for your commuting guide around Cebu City and nearby Cities

At the South Bus Terminal:

Ride a Bus bound for Boljoon, Cebu or a Bus Bound for Bato via Oslob. Ask the Bus conductor to drop you off at the Cebu Club Fort Med Resort, which is located before reaching the Boljoon, Town proper. Always keep your eyes on the left side, if you are already close to Boljoon since you’ll get to see the Resort name after a bend along the national highway. The Bus fare from the South Bus Terminal going to Cebu Club Fort Med Resort in Boljoon, Cebu is around PHP 150 – PHP 170.


  1. I love the view from the infinity pool and those colourful chairs look so comfy! Thanks for including rates it’s good to get an idea of the total costs of staying!


  2. This resort looks great! I’ll consider this when we visit Cebuana in a few months. I like that it is near the beach.


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