The Road Is Long And Wide: Reality Of Life In A Chaotic World

Your countless good deeds have no value after a single mistake you’ve made. No matter how kind you’re, that won’t even count at the end of the day; the sacrifice, the help, the support, the love, and everything that comes with sincerity. They even judged you in the end, and you’re merely a tiny dot that takes them to wear an eyeglasses (Some might even look for a magnifying glass), for you to be noticed and seen.

Hoist yourself up – you know yourself better than anyone else, because whatever we do, people have always something to say. What counts most is that; in your inmost being, a single mistake doesn’t define who you’re as a person. You simply got to live your life the way you want it, and not because of anyone or everybody’s standard. There’s no such thing as “PERFECTION”, it’s just a “WORD”. Hence, don’t get worried about that because at some point in our life, we make mistakes, and guess what? Nobody can escape and evade from that, no matter how we try to be.

We simply have to recognize our mistakes, regret about it for a while, forgive ourselves, and above all, learn a lesson from it. Considerably, we all deserve to grow, some process might be painful and hard, and that’s really okay.

Everybody meets life’s lesson in different situations, some even deal and handle it differently. Life is a mix of; ups and downs, the tough and the good times, the twists and turns, and as long as you’re still breathing, you’re still ALIVE. Again, you’re still ALIVE, and even if you feel like you’re not OKAY, you’re still okay, because just like the song says, It’s Okay to be not OKAY. Cheer up – the road is long and wide, you haven’t got to the end line. Perchance, you have just started traipsing your feet on the road, and discover all what it has to offer.

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Indeed, some things won’t end the way we want them, that even if we keep trying, it just won’t. Reality might be that painful and tough, and that’s really okay. You barely get to accept that only FEW PEOPLE who’s willing to ACCEPT, UNDERSTAND and LOVE you again after falling off the ground. And some even help to lift you up, and some have already decided to put a PERIOD in your life.

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