Orongan Beach Resort: The Beautiful White Sand Beach Resort In San Remigio, Cebu

The town of San Remigio, Cebu has long been fanning its name for owning a long stretch of powdery white sand beach in Cebu. A lot of travelers have not been to this town, since nearby Islands like the Camotes, Malapascua and Bantayan Island have been pleasing to the ear of many, but this town has so much to offer.

And since this town has been known for having a long stretch of white sand; lapis-hued waters, and a thick subtropical canopy of a coconut tree near the shore, you can find a lot of Beach Resort around. And one of the beautiful Resorts that you’d probably love to experience is the Orongan Beach Resort. It is truly a well-known beach Resort destination in the Northern part of Cebu. And it boasts to own a beautiful white sand shoreline and crystal clear water to enjoy. A great place for a quick getaway with family and friends. And perhaps, a perfect place to distress and experience fun without having to worry about spending too much.

You can spend a lot of activities at the Orongan Beach Resort such as; walking on the shoreline, and swimming in the turquoise water of the sea. During the afternoon when the sun goes down, you’ll get to experience the beautiful view of the sunset. And during the night, you can enjoy the stunning view of the beautiful stars above while listening to the comforting sound of a frail waves kissing the coast.


From the North Bus Terminal, ride a Bus bound for San Remigio, Cebu. The travel time is approximately 3-4hours and fare is around PHP 155 -175, it depends on which kind of bus you will ride (Aircon and Non-airconditioned). Tell the Bus Conductor to drop you off at the San Remigio Public Market where you can buy your food. And from the Public Market, ride a tricycle going to the Orongan Beach Resort. The fare is around Php 30.00 – Php 40.00 each, and a minimum of 5 – 6 person in one tricyle ( So, If you’re going to travel with family and friends, this would be great)


  • Day use is only Php 50.00 (day use hour 7AM to 6:00 PM), and extension hour is Php 10.00 per head.
  • If you’re planning to stay overnight, you can bring your own camping tent and just camp on the beach. They collect PHP 100 per camping tent for tent space ( PHP 100 if your tent is good for 2-3 person. The price will increase if you’re going to bring a bigger tent). The entrance fee is Php 100.00 for every person.
  • They also have an available Rice cooker to use, but they have a correspoding charge for it. (Day use: Php 100 / Night use: Php 150)
  • Tables and chairs are also available for rent (Table – Php 150, Chair – Php 20.00 each)


  • Please remember to practice Leave No Trace (LNT). Just enjoy and be responsible enough.


  1. I wonder how many beaches does Philippines have?! It was amazing seeing lots of them including this one from San Remigio, Cebu. Will add this to our travel list.


  2. I was in the Philippines recently but didn’t go to Cebu you have given me some great ideas for my next trip! The sunsets there look phenomenal


  3. Very nice! We haven’t been to San Remegio yet even if it’s just in our home island. Being situated in the Western coast of Cebu, we believe it has great sites for scuba diving. 🙂 Beach is amazing as well!


  4. The beach looks sooooo inviting. Some great pictures too. I’ll need to add San Remigio to my list of must see place x


  5. That looks like an ultimate place for relaxing. I don’t go to beaches often, here in Finland everything is more about lakes. But damn… at this time I wanna be away from the rainy weather at the place you have pictured.


  6. Camping on the beach sounds amazing, especially when it’s as pretty as this one. I would definitely love to visit here someday


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