Top Tourist Spots In Loon, Bohol Like You’ve Never seen It Before.

Truly, the town of Loon, Bohol is blessed with natural scenery that can pacify every weary soul. I’ve been in this town for about 3 times, and every time I traipse my feet here, I always find something new and interesting. I know that there’s more about Loon, Bohol that it has to proffer, but let me bring you to some of their beautiful tourist spots that I have already been to.

 Danicop Ticugan Spring 

Calmly snuggled in the verdant forest in Ticugan, Loon, Bohol is the inviting cold spring of Danicop Ticugan Spring, and said to be a local natural pool where most locals go here for a family and friends picnic as their way of bonding, especially during weekend. The spring has a waterfall and has a greenish cold water with a small pool formed and carved by a sturdy flowing of water when the rain pours. It is also surrounded with a perfect innate carved limestone where you get to enjoy its cold water. Kindly check the complete travel guide here.

Napo Beach or Naporacay Beach

Candidly, the town of Loon, Bohol has an astonishing list of white sand beaches. They are peacefully located along the coastline part of the town. The Barangay of Napo, Basdacu, Basdio, Mocpoc, Pantudlan, Looc and Cambaquiz, which offers an enticing turquoise waters and sandy beach. On the other hand, these beaches are being disregarded by many and I don’t know why. Probably because it was unknown to many, and these white sand beaches are exclusively enjoyed by many locals who are staying in the said area.

One of these disregard beaches in the town of Loon, is Napo beach and just recently they called it Naporacay. It is located in Brgy. Napo that’s why many locals called it Napo beach. It is alleged to be the playground of many local kids, and many residents of the Napo, Loon have been enjoying this beach since then. Kindly check the complete travel guide here.


Coral Garden

The Coral Garden of Loon, Bohol is considered as nature’s gift after the earthquake that hit Bohol. It looks like a magical haven for every eye to enjoy.
This long stretch of Red Corals is peacefully located in Brgy. Tangnan, Loon, Bohol, and it’s now considered as the rising tourist destination in Loon, Bohol. This Coral Garden has caught the attention of many locals and even travellers from nearby towns and even outside Bohol. When you come close to this coral garden, they actually look like a ground-creeping plant with succulent leaves, which has a thick, heavy leaves or stems that has the ability to store water. They are more likely looks like a lush growth of reddish-orange plants that are believed to belong in the family of Aizoaceae. This long stretch of reddish-orange plant, which are peacefully and freely sprouting in the coastal area of Brgy. Tangnan still need a further research to avoid misleading information across Bohol and in the country. Kindly check the complete travel guide here.


Chasing Sunset in Tulay sa Napo

Tulay – a local term for a bridge, but when you get close to this place, it looks like a sturdy sea wall and a road that gives an access to the vehicles. This spot also offers a perfect place to gaze to the stunning view when the sun rest below the horizon.


Kabantian Falls

Peacefully hidden in the lush scenery green forest with a name that has not yet been truly known to everyone is the astonishing Kabantian Falls. This must be the best and the most stunning waterfalls that you can find in the town of Loon, Bohol. Snuggled in the verdant forest between the Brgy Cantaongon and Canmaag which is only few locals have already recognized this waterfall. Kindly check the complete travel guide here.


Piong Falls

The Piong Falls is the newly discovered waterfalls in the town of Loon, Bohol and only few locals who have already visited this waterfall and have found out about it. It has 4 tiers and peacefully situated in the lush scenery green forest between Brgy. Cantaongon and Canmaag. It’s alleged to be one of the hidden gems of Loon, Bohol with its unique beauty and natural charm to offer. Kindly check the complete travel guide here.


The Inang-angan

The Inang – angan has an estimated 6 meters wide and has a total of of (5) five flights with 212 steps. And what makes this historical site amazing is that, the stairway was made of limestone blocks and was constructed from 1847 to 1849 by the Boholanos to allow quicker and more efficient trading of services between the people of Moto and Napo. In 2010, Inang-angan was declared as the National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum.


The 99 Hugot lines of Tajang Pass causeway

Perhaps, this is the newly favorite spot of many, which showcase the overflowing emotions of Loonanon’s or hugot (A slang word refers to drawing emotions from somewhere deep within). If you’re going through something and wanted to express what you really felt deep within, this is the perfect place for you.



There are two possible ways to get to Loon, Bohol. You can opt via Tubigon and the other one is via Tagbilaran and roughly one hour of travel time.

From Tubigon

There are daily schedule of boat and fast craft trip from Cebu bound for Tubigon. You can take a fast craft for less than 2 hours. From Tubigon Port, ask the locals where is the Tubigon terminal then, take a Bus bound for Loon, Bohol. The fare is around Php 25.00.

From Tagbilaran

There are daily schedule of boat and fast craft trip from Cebu bound for Tagbilaran. You can take a fast craft for 2 hours. From Tagbilaran City port, ask the locals where is the terminal of Jeepney (Cogon Terminal) or Ceres ( Dao Terminal ) going to Loon, Bohol. The fare is around Php 25.00 via Jeepney and Php 35 via Ceres (Bus).


  1. Lai, I love that you have increased your presence in your photos~~ it makes them more personal. I remember the days when you refused to be part of the photos haha. You are sending wanderlust vibes as usual.

    From Paris with love xox


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