Mandahunog Cave And Spring: Swimming In The Enticing Cave Pool Spring In Antequera, Bohol

Have you experienced questions like, should I go back to that same place again, or go somewhere new? Or is it better to see one place many times, or many places once? Personally, I have questions like that whenever I visit one place several times. Only, whenever I go back, I discovered something new and something that aroused my wanderlust soul. Precisely like the beautiful Island of Bohol, whenever I traipse my feet to this beautiful Island, I always find something new that would make me fall in love all over again. And most likely, I will never get tired and bored of exploring this Island.

Visiting the same place repeatedly has many advantages. There’s the comfort of familiarity and the joy of coming to know a place intimately. There’s a deep understanding about the locals way of living. And you get chances to make friends with locals that would definitely take you to the unexplored and unspoiled gem. And this is precisely what happened when I went back to Loon, Bohol last month to attend a wedding of my friend’s cousin. I met the same bunch of happy people who brought me to the hidden gem of Loon Bohol last year. And right after the marriage ceremony, we agreed that they will bring me to the town of Antiquera, Bohol on the following day to explore the unknown Cave Pool Spring and one waterfall, which happened to be my second visit on the said waterfall.

It was actually too hot when we made our way to Mandahunog Cave and Spring since we left Napo, Loon right after we had our lunch. And since Antequera, Bohol is about 28 kilometers away from Napo, Loon, Bohol and about 45 minutes of motorcycle ride, we really have embraced the clinging heat of the sun when went to the Mandahunog Cave and Spring. Though, the road leading to Antequera from the National High way is already concreted and has big trees on both sides, the clinging heat of the sun were able to still bear on our surface.

Shortly enough, after almost an hour of travel from Napo, Loon, Bohol, we were welcomed by the incomparable happiness of the crowd while enjoying the cave spring pool. I’ve heard a strong sound like as if somebody was thrown into the natural pool. And out of my curiosity, I went near the gate and I found out that someone was jumping off from the higher elevation to the turquoise waters of Mandahunog Cave and Spring. My excitement begins when I went closer to the Cave Pool spring. It looks so magical and enticing, which I wanted to take off my shirt right away and douse my body to its cobalt blue water. We were really lucky when we arrived at the Cave Pool spring, since during our visit, it was the last day of a free entrance, which means that on the next day, there’s already an entrance fee to be collected. Isn’t it amazing, right?

Mandahunog Cave and Spring is located in Brgy. Tabuan, Antequera, Bohol which consists of flowing water and a fresh water. It is alleged to be a local favorite place for summer season since the water is cold enough to mollify someone’s body from the clinging heat of the sun. The spring is actually coming from the inner part of the cave that flows down to the river, which appears to be really magical and awe-inspiring sight to behold. Most locals said that the unassuming beauty of Mandahunog Cave and Spring is not recognized as a famous spot in the entire town of Antequera, Bohol and only a few people in neighborhood Brgy who heard about it.

There’s simply something about the Mandahunog Cave Spring and Cave that have made me very excited to douse myself in its cold water. Hence, I took off my shirt right away and even encourage my friends who were with us during our visit to immediately go down to the cave pool spring. Truly, the water is really cold that have rendered me a gratification of relief after our long ride. At first, I thought that the Mandahunog Cave spring pool is not that deep, but I was wrong. It is deep enough to swim, though there were parts of the Cave pool that has rocks, which will grant you a chance to step on it.

In the inner part of the Mandahunog Cave and Spring where the water came from, I personally find it weird, and my friends told me that it seems scary. Yes, it looks weird and scary, but I was brave enough to explore the inner part, and I’m glad I did. My friends were scared, but some of them followed right after I showed them that it is a good place to take a good photo. They were grinning from ear to ear, which marks the fulfillment and joy they had since they accompanied me inside.

The Cave pool spring in Antequera is truly one of a kind natural wonders of Bohol. I swam to the Cave Pools in Anda, Bohol and the Mandahunog Cave and Spring really had satisfied my yearning for a unique adventure. My friends and I were supposed to stay longer, but since we will be travelling to other natural wonders of Antequera, Bohol, which is the Mag-Aso Falls, we decided to leave the Mandahunog Cave and Spring right after we truly have enjoyed its innate state.



  • Adult – Php 20
  • Children – Php 10


How To Get to The Mandahunog Cave And Spring

By Air

The main entry point to the beautiful Island of Bohol is in Tagbilaran City (Tagbilaran City Airport), which is just a one hour-and-15-minute flight from Manila and 20 minutes from Cebu.

By Sea

The most convenient way to go to Bohol from the neighbouring islands is by fast ferry. Fast ferries offer a high-speed passenger service, which means that getting to the Island of Bohol would not take you that long. If you’re from Cebu, there are the daily schedules of boat and fast craft trip from Cebu bound for Tagbilaran that would only take you approximately 2 hours.

It takes an hour from the City proper of Tagbilaran to get to the town of Antequera, Bohol. If you like to travel on your own, you may head to Cogon Terminal, or Dao Terminal, and catch a Bus bound for Antequera. Ask the Bus Conductor to drop you off at the Antequera Public Market and from there, you can ride a Motorcycle or locally known as Habal-Habal to get to the Mandahunog Cave and Spring. The fare from the Public Market to The Mandahunog Cave Spring is ranging from PHP 30 to PHP 50.



  • There’s a cottage for only Php 150.00 (Note: This rate was during our visit last April 2018)
  • Bring your spare clothes if you want to take a dip in the Cave Pool Spring.
  • Always be kind with local people there, and you can constantly ask them for anything if you wish to know them.
  • Always be responsible with your garbage and never leave any garbage anywhere.
  • Please, just enjoy what nature has to offer and always take good care of them. Always remember to practice LEAVE NO TRACE Principle (LNT).


SAMPLE ITINERARY FOR THE WHOLE DAY TRIP IN ANTEQUERA, BOHOL ( Visiting Mandahunog Cave And Spring, and Mag-Aso Falls)

  • 9:00 AM ETA Tagbilaran City
  • 09:30 AM Depart for Antequera10:50 AM ETA Antequera Public Market
  • 11:00 AM Depart for Mandahun
  • og Cave And Spring
  • 11:30 AM ETA Mandahunog Cave And Spring
  • 11:50 AM LUNCH
  • 01:00 PM Enjoying the refreshing water of Mandahunog Cave And Spring
  • 02:00 PM Depart for Mag-Aso Falls
  • 02:30 PM ETA Mag-Aso Falls
  • 03:00 PM Enjoying the innate beauty of Mag-Aso Falls
  • 04:30 PM Depart for Antequera Town Proper
  • 05:00 PM Depart for Tagbilaran City
  • 06:30 PM ETA Tagbilran City


  1. The water in this lagoon looks absolutely magical! I agree, if you maintain curiosity and willingness to explore, you can continue to find wonders in the same places. Glad you got to return to Bohol!


  2. What a great find! I love finding places like this off the beaten track. And really appreciate that you’ve reminded visitors to take their rubbish with them when they leave. This keeps it looking pristine so other travellers can experience its beautiful surroundings and out of respect for locals.


  3. the first sentence speaks volume to me! I am constantly debating between returning to old loves or finding a new city/country to explore! I also LOVE finding things off the beaten path, i think it makes the adventure that much more! Wonderful post & amazing photos!


  4. The Mandahunog Cave looks fascinating with its blue lagoon. It’s my first time hearing about this place but I’ll definitely check it out in the future! Thanks for sharing this recommendation


  5. I can relate to your first sentence. That’s the exact debate I have with myself too! Indeed, it is never an easy decision between returning to places we love or exploring new ones.
    But I am glad you have returned to Loon, Bohol and shared with us your wonderful discovery. The Mandahunog Cave looks so unspoiled. Let’s hope that it will stay clean and pristine in the future too.


  6. It’s such a beauitful area to visit. i can see why you keep returning here! Fingers crossed that the cave stays so clean and pristine


  7. Wow looks nice and its affordable! Seems not crowded which is good, sometimes over tourism will make this place unpleasant. Very inviting 😀


  8. I totally love going back to places more than once! It’s true that there’s always something new to explore. I also love how nice this spring looks with its unique shade of blue-green water.


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