Maravilla Beach: Travel Guide To Tabuelan’s Public White Sand Beach

Truly, Cebu has never run out of places to go and explore. The Island of Cebu has long been known for owning a long list of white sand beaches, stunning waterfalls, challenging mountain to climb and a lot more. Probably, staying a month on the Island of Cebu would never be enough, since it has so much to propose. I’ve explored some of the white sand beaches in the south and southwestern part of Cebu in the last 4 years, since I’ve engaged in my adventurous life. I’ve also been to the Northern beaches of Cebu, but just lately, I’ve explored the town of Tabuelan, which is located in the Northwestern part of Cebu.

Tabuelan is one of the serene towns of Cebu, it has long been quiet, but just recently, this town has started to spread its name around the Island of Cebu for owning a white sand beach. This white sand beach that I’m talking about is the beautiful Maravilla beach. It is likely the most promising tourist destination in the Northwestern part of Cebu. It owns a long stretch of white sand beach and a turquoise water that will surely entice you to drench yourself. Though, this beach does not own the finest and the powdery white sand comparing it to the white sand beaches that I’ve been to. But, Maravilla beach can be a perfect place to distress and experience fun without having to worry about spending too much. You can actually opt to just sit back and relax while gazing into the stunning sunset when the sun rest below the horizon.

It was already 6 PM when my friends and I resolved to get to Tabuelan’s Public White Sand Beach or known for many as Maravilla Beach. We were supposed to take a Bus from the Northern Bus Terminal of Cebu bound for Tabuelan, but since we were quite a lot during that time, we decided to simply rent a Van from Ayala Terminal bound for Maravilla beach in Tabuelan, Cebu. We took the different route that will go through the winding road in Transcentral Highway to Balamban and Tabuelan. Truly, the ride was like riding in a roller coaster, since Transcentral Highway has a curved or spiral road that have instilled the kid in us that night.

After almost 3 hours of drive, we finally arrived at the Maravilla beach. I was actually shocked when we arrived cause the beach was crowded and a lot of beach goers and campers that night. Probably because it was weekends during our sojourn. Thus, we look for a space where we can set up our camping tent. And luckily, there was even enough space to set up our 3 camping tents despite the crowd. We had our dinner along the beach and after our dinner, I decided to amble around the beach while listening to waves kissing the coast. I have run across some friends as well that night who happened to be at the Maravilla beach.

On the next morning after I was lulled into a deep slumber, I resolved to get out of my tent and check the beach. Truly, Maravilla beach has a white sand beach and a turquoise water. Then, I walked around and sadly, I saw some campers who are irresponsible of their garbage. I saw left over plastics on the sand, but my sadness turned to a grin when I saw volunteers who pick up the garbage on the beach. I’ve talked to one of the volunteers and he told me that they actually do this almost every morning as their way of showing their love to their town’s beautiful gem. So, kudos for the volunteers. But I hope that beach goers will practice Leave No Trace to really preserve the innate beauty of Maravilla Beach.

Shortly enough after ambling around the beach, I decided to get a dip in the turquoise waters of Maravilla White Sand Beach. At first, when I stepped on the white sand beach, then I slowly moved to the deeper part, I was stepping along the small rocks. But, as soon as I continue to walk further, I was slowly getting wet and I can actually feel the sandy bed kissing my feet. What I like about Maravilla beach is that, the water is shallow. You really get to walk a bit far to get to the deepest part of the ocean; which I think it’s what makes it a beach friendly, especially for children or for those that are still practicing on how to swim.

I was contriving to go to the deepest part of the beach; and get to see the underneath beauty of the ocean, but I didn’t bring any snorkelling gear that time. Perchance, on my next visit I will surely do it. After truly enjoying swimming, my friends called me as it time to fix our tent since they require to have no camping tent on the beach by 9:30 AM. Hence, we fix our tent, clean the place and took a bath before heading back to Cebu City.

Truly, Maravilla White sand beach is a great place for a quick getaway with family and friends. Aside from its just a 3 hour drive from Cebu City. I love how they manage to maintain the innate beauty of the beach. There’s more to see in Tabuelan actually, but that time, I wasn’t in my adventurous spirit, maybe because I was with a bunch of friends. And I can’t simply leave them to explore the other tourist attractions of Tabuelan. Probably, next time when I get the chance again.


There are daily flights to Cebu from Manila, Davao and other part of the Philippines with Major Airlines (Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia). From the Mactan Cebu International Airport, ride a taxi going to North Bus Terminal.


There’s a MyBus outside the airport near the exit gate on the right side. From the Airport, the drop off point is in SM Cebu. The fare is Php 25.00. Trip schedules are from 7:00AM to 9:00PM with a 30 minute interval.


Ride any Bus/Vhire bound for Tabuelan. Travel time is approximately 3 hours and the fare is around Php 100.00 – Php 120.00 per person. Drop off at Tabuelan Public Market – where you can buy ahead your food. From the Public Market, ride a motorbike or habal2x going to Maravilla Brgy Hall. Motorcycle fare is around Php 40.00 – Php 50.00 per person. And once you arrive at the Barangay Hall, you scarcely have to walk to the beach for about a minute or two.


  • If you’re planning to stay overnight, you can bring your own camping tent and just camp on the beach. And during my visit, there’s no entrance fee yet, but they collect Php 100.00 per camping tent for a tent space.
  • Just in case you didn’t bring your camping tent, there are also Tent for rent, simply ask the locals where to rent.
  • You can spend many activities on Maravilla beach such as walking on the shoreline, swimming and snorkeling.
  • During the afternoon when the sun goes down, experience the stunning view of sunset.
  • There is an available toilet and bathroom near the Brgy. Hall, which operates for 24 hours. They collect Php 5.00 if you urinate and shit, and Php 10.00 if you take a bath.
  • There is a food canteen near the beach, and in the evening, there are also food stalls that sell BBQ.
  • There is also an available parking space just in front of the Brgy. Hall. For Four wheel vehicle they charge Php 20.00 and for motorcycle they charge Php 5.00.
  • Please remember to practice Leave No Trace (LNT) behind. Take good care of our mother nature. Just enjoy and be responsible enough.


Maravilla Beach Club

Contact Numbers: +639478907974
Address: Can-ambay, Tabuelan, Cebu.

Social Media: Facebook Page

• Room Rates: Php 2,000 good for 2pax (max of 3). All rooms are the same.

Sunset Paradise Beach Resort

About The Resort: A beachfront Resort that offers a perfect place for recreational activities. This Resort has the perfect spot to see the stunning sunset.

Contact Number: +639275538419
Address: Tabunok, Tabuelan, Cebu.

Social Media: Facebook Page

Bethlehem De Paradise Resort

About The Resort: It is located just a few metres away from the white sand beach of Tabuelan, Cebu. It’s actually a serene and a homey place that is great for your loved ones. They also own a swimming pool where you can take a dip and relax.

Contact Numbers: +639395354198‬ / +639204570330
Address: Maravilla, Tabuelan

Social Media: Facebook Page 

The Tree Sunset Resort

Contact number: 0995 904 4505
Address: Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu.

Social Media: Facebook Page

– Overnight: Php1,000 per night, good for 4pax
– Day use: Php 700 per day, good for 6pax

– Overnight: Php 1,500 per night, good for 6pax
– Day use: Php 1,200 per day, good for 6pax

– Overnight: Php 3,500 per night, good for 6pax
– Day use: Php 3,000 per day, good for 10pax

Durhan White Beach Resort

About The Resort: It is located near the white sand beach and surrounded by palm trees, this relaxed resort is 4 km from Tabuelan Ferry Port and 46 km from Central Cebu Protected Landscape, a national park.

Basic rooms offer free Wi-Fi and cable TV; some are beachfront, and have air-conditioning and balconies. Houses provide ceiling fans, fridges and gas stoves.

Amenities include open-air huts, and a casual restaurant overlooking the beach. There’s also a chapel. Fees for utilities may apply.

Contact Numbers: +639224035450 / +63932-607-0935 (032) 461 9318 / (032) 512 8870 /
Address: Antonio Y De Pio National Hwy, Tabuelan, Cebu.

Social Media: Facebook Page

• Room Rates: Php 1,000 /night (4 heads), Php 1,800 /night (2 heads), Php 2,000 /night (3 heads), Php 3,000 /night (6 heads), Php 1,800 / night (2 heads)

Hawaiian Beach Resort

About The Resort: It is actually a beachfront Resort that has cottages for a quick getaway and rooms for an overnight stay.

Address: Tabunok, Tabuelan, Cebu.


North Bus Terminal to Tabuelan Public Market – Php 110.00
Tabuelan Public Market to Maravilla Beach (Motorcycle) – Php 50.00
Food (Water, Dinner & Breakfast) – Php 250.00
Tent Space for an overnight stay – Php 100.00
Tabuelan to North Bus Terminal – Php 110.00

OVER ALL TOTAL – Php 620.00


  1. Maravilla beach does look fabulous. A mix of relaxation and fun. And i am impressed it has tree houses too as an option to stay.


  2. I had to search for the location of this beach! It´s not so clear in the post. The beach is amazing… I really want to visit some day


  3. Maravilla Beach in Cebu (Philippines) looks amazing. It’s sad that tourists are throwing away the garbage into the white beaches. Thank God, volunteers are there to clean the mess.


  4. Nope! After reading tons of your posts about the secret gems and secluded pristine beaches of Philippines, this tourist place is not that impressive at all!!! But yeah, being close to the city makes it automatically a weekend getaway for all city people. As usual very detailed post. Thanks Lai!


  5. Although I’m more of a mountain person than the beach, I’m still looking forward to visiting beaches. I’ve visited Southern Cebu almost many times now but I would like to try going to the North.


  6. Hello. Me and my co-workers plan to visit Maravilla beach next week, Monday after work (probably 5pm out) prior for Valor day May 9. Can we set up the tent though we will arrive at 9 to 10pm? Where to pay the space rental? Do you know some homestay too?


  7. I have to admit that when I first came to the Philippines, I did not really like Pinoy food. 5 years later, I am now addicted to adobo, kare-kare and sinigang! Haha


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