2018 Halo-Halo Festival Schedule Of Activities: Beat The Summer Heat

Presently, the town of Esperanza is the rising tourist attractions in the province of Sultan Kudarat. It has all the innate gems that this town can be really proud of. Choosing to douse yourself to a Hot and cold spring to a panoramic view of their stunning mountains while enjoying the trek to their virgin forest, which leads to a breathtaking view of the waterfalls and rivers. This town will surely get you covered. It’s sheer isolation and dramatic scenery beacons every artistic soul and will surely leave you in deep reverence for nature.

Photo Credit: Esperanza, Tourism Office

Aside from all the natural gem that this town has. There’s an exciting event that will certainly make you ask for more. As they celebrate their 2nd Halo-Halo Festival on April 06-08, 2018, it comes with a full packet of exciting activities that will surely satiate every individual that holds a deep kinship with their sweet tooth. So, come and travel to this town in the Province of Sultan Kudarat and indulge yourself in their “Beat the Heat” knack that is uniquely planned.

Photo Credit: Esperanza, Tourism Office

After the successful first Halo-Halo Festival last year 2017, Esperanza is now recognized as the Halo-Halo Capital of the Philippines. This Festival has been fanning it’s name and has earned recognition from National Television Programs. It was recently featured in Jessica Soho last March 04, 2018.

Photo Credit: Esperanza, Tourism Office

So, what is Halo-Halo? It is actually a popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of sheared ice and evaporated milk crowned with a home made various ingredients and served in a bowl. But what makes the Halo-Halo in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat stands out among the other Halo-Halo in the Philippines is the various ingredients, which has a twist that will surely salivate your taste buds to ask for more. To actually prove that they deserved the recognition to be called as the Halo-Halo Capital of the Philippines, they have around 30 Halo-Halo stalls, peacefully situated near the public market of Esperanza.

Photo Credit: Esperanza, Tourism Office

So, here’s a travel guide and a schedule of activities to help you plan your visit and enjoy this year’s Halo-Halo Festival.



April 06, 2018

  • AM
    – Street Parade/Motorcade
    – Opening Program
    – Start of Tricy Cool Treats Contest
    – Start of the Halo-Halo Overload Challenge
  • PM                                                                                                                                               Different Halo-Halo Contest
    – Maria went to Town
    – Brain Freeze Challenge (Solo and Duo)

April 07, 2018

  • AM
    – Bayanihan Race – Sponsored by Gawad Kalinga (06:00 AM).
    – Continuation of Tricy Cool Treats Contest
    – Halo-Halo Overload Challenge
    – Brain Freeze Challenge (Solo and Duo)
    – Maria went to Town
  • PM

          – Body Painting Contest
– Brain Freeze Challenge
– Longest Halo-Halo

April 08, 2018

  • AM

– 08:30 AM – Float Parade, Fruit Parade, Flaot of Sahog Mascots,
– 10:00 AM – Highlights Program
– 11:00 AM – Continuation of Tricy Cool Treats And Halo-Halo Overload Challenge
– Veggie Halo-Halo (Pasarapan) Contests
– Judging of different Contest

  • PM

      – Frozen Delight Challenge
– Eat All You Can
– Giant Halo-Halo
– Beat The Heat – “SHOWERS”
– Declaration and Awarding of winners



From General Santos City:

Major Airlines are flying to General Santos City almost every day. From General Santos City International Airport, ride a van going to SM for only Php 150 fare. As you reach SM, ride a tricycle going to Bulaong Terminal and fare is Php 10. From General Santos City’s Bulaong Terminal, ride a nonstop bus (Yellow Bus Line), bound for Marbel (Koronadal City). The travel time is around 1 hour and Php 75 fare. At Koronadal City Yellow Bus Terminal, there is a direct trip going to Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. The travel time is around 1 hour and Php 70-80 fare. Ask the Bus conductor to drop you off at Esperanza, Municipal Hall and look for Sir Renato Sambrano at the Tourism Office to help you facilitate your trips.


Cotabato City is closer in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat, comparing the distance from General Santos City. From Cotabato City Airport ride a cab going to Husky Terminal. From there, look for a husky bus bound for Tacurong City and ask the Bus conductor to drop you off at Esperanza, Municipal Hall and look for Sir Renato Sambrano at the Tourism Office to help you facilitate your trips.


  1. Hi, this is Chat, producer of Magandang Umaga South Central Mindanao. Asking permission to use the materials of Halo halo festival para sa show. Kanino po namin credit ang photos/ poster? salamat po


  2. All of my Filipino friends RAVE about Halo-Halo. Sadly, I didn’t try it when I was there. I think next year, I’ll just have to go for the entire festival! That’s really the way to jump into this dessert, huh? I love that they have a brain freeze challenge. I think I would sit that one out 😉 Sounds like a fun and tasty festival!


  3. I just wrote a Halo Halo Related post on my blog and my research actually help me discover the town of Esperanza and their famous Halo Halo. I also learned about their Halo halo Festival which was launched last year. I have a question though… since you already tried their Halo Halo.. may I know what is that powder-like ingredients that they put on top? I thought it was a graham crust or something hehe..
    Anyway, I hope I can travel this far someday and explore the province of Sultan Kudarat


  4. This sounds fab – and delicious! I’d never heard of Halo Halo before, but it sounds like a perfect way to beat the heat and taste some interesting flavours. I won’t make it this year but maybe next year!


  5. Oh my! Halo-halo is also one of my ultimate favorite desserts! It really looks delicious even from the photos. Even if I have been doing intermittent fasting for a few weeks now, desserts like this is very hard to avoid. Hoping there’s an event like this in Metro Manila too.


  6. ang kulit naman! do they have extra other ingredients aside from the mainstay lecheflans, ube, sago mais melon langka beans nata kaong? sayang it is at the other end of the philippines, I will have to prepare for such a trip if I want to witness it for myself ❤


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