10 Secrets To Avoid Quarrels On A Romantic Trip

Psychologists claim that the reason for frequent quarrels between partners, who travel together, is stress associated with the trip: the change of the usual way of life, the inevitable changes of plans and inconsistencies. Sometimes, small portions of stress, even strengthen relationships because couples learn to overcome these difficulties together.
Well, that may be true, but the vacation still can be spoiled.

Here Are 10 tips On How To Stay Calm And Avoid Fights During Your Romantic Trip For Two.


Plan A Budget And Stick To It

The fact that you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that you can spend money on useless souvenirs on every corner. When planning your budget, consider visiting attractions and potential meal costs in advance. This way you won’t spend all the money at the very beginning of the vacation, and you won’t have to give up planned activities. Sticking to your budget will reduce stress and give you a pleasant feeling that everything is under control.

Minimum Baggage

Instincts will prompt you to pack all your clothes in a huge suitcase, but be realistic. There’s nothing wrong with putting on some items of clothing more than once. Therefore, limit yourself to a middle-size suitcase and take a small backpack or bag with you. Compact luggage will give you a sense of freedom.

Time To Be Alone

Even if it’s your romantic anniversary trip, each of you still needs time to be alone. Choose a day off for both of you. If you give each other some space during the vacation, your relationship won’t suffer from constant fights. The girls from online dating site need to have some space, just as all the women do!

Remember That Both Of You Have Shortcomings

If your companion doesn’t like traveling by plane and becomes nervous during the flight, learn not to pay attention to their behavior and don’t get angry. Just take it as it is and relax. After all, you also have shortcomings.

Take Some Snacks With You

The fastest and most reliable way to spoil a romantic weekend trip is to stay hungry for a long time or suffer from thirst. Hunger can lead to quarrels, so take care of snacks and water which should always be at hand.

Remember That It’s Impossible To See Everything

The problem of many traveling couples is that they try to do as much ass possible in one day: go to the beach, visit the museum, go shopping, etc. But there are only 24 hours in a day. And if you’re tired, you’ll start to get angry. There’s no need to hurry.

Look For Adventure

Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as of an adventurer, but you should want to become one, especially during a romantic trip for two. Traveling to a new, unknown place is an adventure, and it will make your relationship stronger.

Learn To Compromise

Remember that you’re both on vacation, so learn to compromise. Want to see Sagrada Familia? Okay, but the next day, you should go to that lovely wine cellar your loved one has been dreaming about since last summer.

Be Patient During Shopping

Long walks under the moon can be much more pleasant than endless shopping. Sometimes, the question of going shopping concerns not only women but men as well.
A lot of men love shopping as much as women do. And this shouldn’t become an excuse to start a fight. If one of the partners is a shopaholic, it’s important to discuss this issue in advance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to avoid conflict situations. One of you may relax in a café and wait until the other is done exploring a shopping center. Try to treat this with understanding. For your companion, it’s as important as your hobbies. Therefore, you need to find the balance which will help you avoid quarrels during the trip. Any vacation involves compromises.

Have Fun!

That’s what your romantic trip for two is for. Have fun and let the entertainment be your priority!


  1. So, true. 🙂 We can attest to all of the points above, Padz!

    Considering this post, I guess you are ready to travel with a “special” partner, Padz! We can’t wait to see you traveling with “her”. 🙂

    With love, Ace and Demi.

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  2. Can I add another? Make sure that aside from snacks you also have pabango, toothbrush and toothpaste, extra clothes or shawl/jacket in your mini bag, and a whole lot of patience, not just when shopping pero also when you experience hiccups like naiwan ng airplane ang luggage ninyo hehe. Cause when traveling with your partner, you have to think that you’re traveling with a kid so that in any case of emergency you’re calm and collected and therefore hindi sila mag aaway ni partner hahahaha! One has to be the understanding one pero kung pareho sila understanding and patient while in a trip magiging mas maayos ang roadtrip hehe

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is noted. Hihi. Though wala pa akong partner. Haha. Thanks po for this article. Sa ngayon, solo traveler muna. Free from any quarrels. Yeah. Hihi.

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  4. This is a great post! Every year my husband and I take a 2-3 week motorcycle trip together in the summer to celebrate our anniversary. We seldom argue but he works hard to make sure everything is well planned and I set our budget and make sure we have something we both enjoy doing.


  5. Yes, you need occasional time alone, if you’re going for any length of time! I found that when I spent a whole summer traveling with a friend – we’d go off in different directions about once a week, and it really helped.


  6. Ha ha this is a great piece! I think taking snacks and water is great advice because so many times that my patience is low is when I am hungry. In the future, I think I will allow for more alone time on trips with my partner. Great input!


  7. This is a wonderful post and such practical tips you have mentioned here. I can relate to most of them and I think the time to spend alone even on a romantic trip is very essential. Also being patient on a shopping spree is very important. I usually ask my hubby to chill out at the hotel or cafe while I enjoy shopping. Thanks a lot buddy, enjoyed reading your post.


  8. These are helpful tips for couples to consider. They’re practical but have good intentions. Most couples fight over the smallest thing. It would be helpful if both sides just relaxed and always realized that the other only has the best intentions.


  9. These are such great tips. Learning to compromise is probably one of the challenging ones, but one that is very important. But it goes both ways for sure 🙂


  10. These are some very useful tips here! I never take my partner on shopping, so avoid any conflict there! I wouldn’t think about taking snacks, but it makes sense! Thanks for sharing your insight on this topic!


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