She Told Me That Her Childhood Dream Is To Get Close To An Airplane And Touch It

I can’t even afford to imagine myself flying in a plane; thus, getting closer and touch it would mean a world to me. “This is actually my childhood dream, and at long last, it happened”. I’m now ready to die, at least I’m truly happy before I pass away.

That was precisely the line I heard while she hugged me tight and I caught her eyes controlling the saline fluid that trickles down her face. She smiled and gave me a kiss. I witness the happiness in her eyes. It was priceless.

Her precious smile the moment she arrived in Mactan Cebu International Airport

I saw her standing in a baggage claim area from afar along with other passengers while waiting for her checked-in baggage. She granted me a smile when she saw me, I was about to call her and tell her what to do. But I gave all the instructions at night before her flight from General Santos City bound for Cebu City. It was her first time, and she was alone.

I greeted her with a hug and kiss. I ask her if she was okay, and she was just smiling and seemed very excited to share all her experience. We walked a few meters from the arrival area to ride a Bus bound for SM, Cebu City. After I paid the ticket, we immediately went inside the Bus. A few minutes after we have comfortably seated, she began sharing her first flying experience. She sounded like a child who have simply had her pleas answered. She told me that she didn’t sleep the whole night, she keeps thinking about what she would act when she entered the airport. Though, I had given her instructions, but still, she told me that she can’t deny that she was frightened and at the same time, very excited.

She continued her story, I was just smiling while listening to her. She said that she was confused where to sit, and fortunately, the flight attendant help her until she had her seat. Then, she suddenly asked me a bunch of questions that was left unanswered. Questions like, why do airplane fly? I would love to answer all her questions, but I have limited knowledge.

She then started telling me that when she got into the plane, she was seemed like riding a Bus, only what makes it different was that, inside the plane, the cloud enters. She got my attention and I was like, what? What do you mean of clouds entered inside the airplane? Until I realized, what she actually meant was the quite thick white smoke thing before the take off while loading passengers, which is a common phenomenon.

All her life she thought that she would never have a chance to fulfill her dream. She then hugs and kiss me, I was speechless. The tale continues, then she shared that she realized one thing. All her life she thought that clouds are too far that it reaches the heaven. When she was up there, the cloud was below the plane and she was really amazed. I scarcely want to hug her that moment, and tell her that she would experience more than what she expected in the future.

To my beloved mother,

Whenever I hear people admire me, I invariably think about you. I’m the perfect reflection of your innate determination in life. The person who has taught me to live life independently.

I left home when I was 13 years old and live my life while depending on my own decisions without depending on your help to reach all my aspirations in life. Yes, it took me 12 years to strive, to work hard, and slowly achieving all my goals in life.
For the past 12 years, my friends have been asking about the people behind my existence, but I rarely share about our family because of the dark enigma that we have been through. I will keep striving to slowly change our bad story, and together, we can all face the world while wearing our genuine smile as we embrace change.

Look at you when you wear your big smile, you seem to look like just my older sister. Perhaps because you have given birth to your second child when you were 17 years old and that was me. I can imagine how difficult it was for you at that time, but you still manage to raise me with great values in life.

At this moment, I desire you to know that I left home because of a thousand reasons, and one of those is to let you experience the life you have never imagined. I may have not given you everything as of now, but this is just the beginning of a good life that you will about to experience. I love you so much mother dear.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing mothers and women around the world. Thank you for all your incomparable contributions in the world.

I would like to thank the Cebu Pacific Air for flying my mother from General Santos City bound for Cebu. You have simply helped me fulfill her childhood dream in life.

27 thoughts on “She Told Me That Her Childhood Dream Is To Get Close To An Airplane And Touch It

  1. What an absolutely beautiful tribute to your mother, it sounds like you have been through a lot but have come out the other side. You mother must be so proud of you!


  2. Wow! Such a touching story. I bet this will be one of the highlights of her life. She’s lucky to have you.

    Come to think of it, I should also plan a similar thing to my mom for her birthday. 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Thanks for this heartwarming story! Reminded me of my mom’s first flight when we accompanied her to Dumaguete recently. At age 80! (She then went with us to do whale-shark watching in Oslob.)


  4. Such a lovely story, love the way you appreciate and pay a tribute to your mum. It seems like you guys are close. It must have been such a big step for her. I can’t imagine going on the first plane as an adult.


  5. I think that’s great that you wrote something for your mother for International Women’s Day. I wish more male travel bloggers had done something like that. How amazing that she was able to achieve her dream of getting on a plane! It just shows that dreams can come true at any age.


  6. How thoughtful of you to write something for your mother on International Women’s Day. Some of us take these things for granted when it’s such a huge thing/dream to others. It really puts life into perspective.


  7. This is such a nice post. I also long for the day that I can realixe the promise I made to my mom, which is a 5-country cruise. Definitely made me feel warm inside. The little things we take for granted right now, like riding a plane, could means so big to our parents. Kudos to you for this post.


  8. So cute! I started to travel since I’m a baby due to my parents who were emigrated abroad from Sri Lanka. So I don’t feel the flight anymore but It I can imagine that experiencing it in a later age could give you a different feeling!


  9. Whoa! That’s beautiful! Indeed a fantastic tribute to your mom. You just made her childhood dream come true!!! My mom recently took the first international flight all by herself and traveled to meet me… Moms are just so sweet & adorable, right?!


  10. Omg this melted my heart! Some of us truly take travel and flying for granted — though, I still feel like a little kid every time I hop on a plane. Love the narration of this post. It gave me all the feels!


  11. wow, its so emotional and touching read, and i truly believe mothers are gods greatest gift to us, extremely well written and heartfelt, god bless you and your mom, may god give you enough to make your moms dreams come true


  12. This is such a lovely post. I love reading it again and again and take a glimpse of the pictures. Her eyes show humility and real happiness.

    I am a mother and i am waiting for my boys to do something like that to me too.


  13. This is so sweet! I love your mama and I wish to give her a hug, too! So let her know that a stranger from Detroit Michigan will be sending her good vibes and to you both I wish nothing but adventure and bonding!!


  14. wow, what a wonderful tribute to your mother. Hope she gets to fly more and see the world, along with you of course.


  15. Aw, what a sweet tribute post to your mom! As children, it brings us great joy to be able to give our parents a life of comfort and genuine happiness. Imagining your mom on that plane ride, both ecstatic and anxious, just made me all warm inside. Doesn’t it feel great to see those you love happy?


  16. Wow! Really an amazing write up about your mom. So warm & touching 🙂 Enjoyed reading your personal sharing here & got to know your great bonding with your mom. Really can feel your mom’s happiness from her smiles captured. cheers, siennylovesdrawing


  17. One can’t help but be apprehensive and excited at the same time having a first-time experience flying in a plane. After you’ve undergone the whole process and it’s over, a sense of accomplishment overwhelms you. Nice little story.


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