Pater Al-Kuwait: The House Of Delectable Pater and Palapa In Iligan City

I remember that we only had a hot coffee before we left Manticao, Misamis Oriental as we went straight to visit Tinago Falls and Maria Cristina Falls. After traipsing on a winding staircase when we leave Tinago Falls, our hungry stomach needs to be filled with delicious food. I actually been hearing about Pater while on our way to Tinago Falls that morning, Aloysius my host and his brother told me about the affordable, but delicious Pater in Iligan City, which made me so curious.

Photo Credit: Pater Al-kuwait

As we reached Iligan City proper from Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls, it was already too late to have our lunch. We were actually in a hurry that time since we need to go back to Manticao before 3:00 PM to get our things and we’ll go straight to Cagayan De Oro City to catch our boat trip bound for Tagbilaran City in Bohol. We went first in the Pasalubong Center in Cheding’s Peanuts to hopefully buy for some goodies, but regrettably, the queue was long and we didn’t able to buy.

Then I followed Aloysius as we were heading going to Pater Al-Kuwait. Shortly enough, he opened a small doorway and we entered. The place was actually not that big, but during our visit it was crowded since it was a late lunch. We got to the counter and ordered a beef and Tuna Pater, which we didn’t able to eat inside the beanery because we were in a hurry, instead, we just take it out.

Then, there’s a familiar food as we received our order. It’s really similar to Pastil, which I have tried when I visited Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. But I know Pater seems to be more delicious, since this is really a must try when you visit Iligan. It is definitely one dish wrapped in goodness.

A perfect wrapping material for Pater is the banana leaf, which is meticulously cut and wilted in fire to soften and make it as a supple wrapper. A scoop of cooked rice is being shaped by folding the banana, and before you can finally wrap the rice, it is crowned with sautéed shredded meat, usually a braised beef, fish and chicken. Then the leaf is finally rolled around the topped rice, then sealed by folding both ends. Pater is also considered as affordable combo meal not only for our Muslim brothers in Mindanao, but also for Christians, especially for budget travelers like me.

We also bought a special Palapa. It is known to be a perfect appetizer for all seasons. It is a spicy side dish or sauce made of a concoction of chopped shallots, chili peppers, and ginger. The Palapa is also used as a garnish that has a boatload of secret spices to add more flavor to a cooked food.

Photo Credit: Pater Al-kuwait

Since we didn’t able to dine in at Pater Al-Kuwait. We still truly enjoy our Pater for lunch as we reached Manticao. Truly, it is one of the most inexpensive and satisfying lunch meal I ever had after devouring two wraps of Pater for only PHP 25.00 each. I tried the Tuna Pater and Beef and it was truly a mouth watering food I ever had that day.

For more information, you can check their FB Page for the location map and branches as well. You can as well check their website at 

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By Air

There are daily flights from Manila and Cebu via major Airlines to Cagayan De Oro City. From Laguindingan International Airport, you can take a bus bound for Iligan City, fare is around Php 150. You can also take the Super 5 Bus, their airport shuttle will drop you off at the National Highway where you will transfer to a Superstar Bus bound for Iligan City. Transit Bus also have trips from CDO to Iligan, available 24 hours a day.

You can as well ride a van bound for Iligan City from Laguindingan International Airport such CDO Transco and Lord’s Transport.

There are also yellow taxis (Alphat Airport Taxi) and metered taxis, which are also available at the Laguindingan International Airport.

From City Proper of Iligan, ride a tricycle going to Pater Al-Kuwait, located in Gen. Aguinaldo Street, Poblacion, Iligan City.

By Sea

There are boat trips from Cebu bound for Iligan and from the port area, ride a tricycle going to the City proper of Iligan and look for Pater Al-Kuwait, located in Gen. Aguinaldo Street, Poblacion, Iligan City.



DAY 1 New Year Eve’s Preparation

07:00 AM ETA Cagayan De Oro City
08:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Depart for Manticao
11:30 AM ETA Manticao
12:30 PM Rest (Sleep)
03:00 PM Prepare for New Year’s Eve
07:00 PM Dinner
12:01 AM New Year’s Celebration

DAY 2 Mambuntan Falls & Rito Farm

01:00 PM Depart for Naawan
01:30 PM ETA Naawan
01:35 PM Depart for Mambuntan Falls
02:25 PM ETA Mambuntan Jump Off area
02:30 PM Trek to Mambuntan Falls
02:40 PM ETA Mambuntan Falls (Picture taking & Swimming)
03:30 PM Natural Pool (Picture taking & Swimming)
04:30 PM Depart for Rito’s Farm
05:10 PM ETA Rito’s Farm
05:15 PM Fish Spa
05:45 PM Depart for Manticao
06:00 PM ETA Manticao
08:00 PM Dinner
10:00 PM Lights off (Sleep)

DAY 3 Tinago Falls & Maria Cristina Falls

08:00 AM Depart for Tinago Falls
09:30 AM ETA Tinago Falls (Swimming & Picture taking)
10:40 AM Depart for Maria Cristina Falls
11:10 AM ETA Maria Cristina Falls (Swimming & Picture taking)
11:50 AM Depart for Iligan Proper
12:10 PM Iligan City
12:30 PM Buying Pastel for take out & Pasalubong
01:00 PM Depart for Manticao
02:00 PM ETA Manticao
02:30 PM Late Lunch
03:00 PM Depart for Cagayan De Oro City
05:00 PM ETA Cagayan De Oro City
06:00 PM Dinner
07:00 PM Depart for Tagbilaran, Bohol

DAY 4 Tagbilaran City, Bohol

05:00 AM ETA Tagbilaran City, Bohol
07:00 AM Breakfast
09:00 AM Ambling around Tagbilaran City
02:00 PM Late Lunch
03:30 PM Depart for Cebu
05:30 PM ETA Cebu
06:30 PM Home sweet Home
10:00 PM Rest (Sleep)


  1. I have never heard about pater but from your photos here it seems so inviting and tasty. Also the place seems very cozy, remains certainly something to taste while in the country.


  2. The Pater looks delicious but I am not a fan of spicy foods and I noticed what appears to be some chilis on the cutting board. Is the Pater spicy? I will have to try it when I visit the Philippines.


  3. This dish reminds me of onigiri (rice balls) in Japan. It’s the same concept with rice and usually a protein in the middle that is easy to eat on-the-go. The main difference being that the onigiri is wrapped in seaweed and not a banana leaf. The braised beef sounds so delicious and packed with so much flavor. This sounds like the perfect meal for hiking!


  4. I dunno If I have tried food from the Phillippines before, but it looks delicious. Not heard of Pater. So interesting they are using banana leaf for wrapping it. I would love to visit The Philippines and try this. Donno any places that make this. Thank you for sharing your tips and experiences 😀


  5. Iligan City sounds delightful. It’s nice when there’s a city in amongst the nature as well. It’s a nice break from those waterfall adventures. Those pater wraps look super tasty and confident to take with you.


  6. I think trying new foods is something every traveler loves doing. Pater is something I haven’t heard or seen before. Would love to try.


  7. The restaura looks quite small, but judging from what I read it seems like this humble establishment has a lot of good things to offer.

    Great dicovery. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  8. I had never heard of Pater before reading your blog. But it looks delicious. It also reminded me of packed lunches we used to take to school when we were children, back in Kerala, Rice and curry, inevitably wrapped in a wilted banana leaf 🙂


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