Igniting my Passion by Capturing and Writing my Travel Journey that brought me to BCBA 2017

Exactly like a quote says, life is truly filled with unpredictable and strange surprises, which sometimes bring us to tears and lead us to change how we see and understand the beauty of life.

Being one of the finalists for this year’s Best Cebu Blogs Award was probably the most unexpected recognition I have received. As a blogger that simply began with zero knowledge about blogging and slowly understand the beauty of blogging would never expect this recognition.

Taking a bunch of photos and writing my travel journey is my way of expressing how a struggling person could stand up and shows the world that a chaotic world means nothing if you take your pick and go for it. I bear a humble beginning in the blogosphere world, writing is my first love, but good grammar is my closest enemy. But a heart that is willing to learn is my motivation, and therefore I was patiently crawling like a turtle to slowly reach to where I want to be. It takes time and it requires a challenging process, but if this passion makes you happy, you’ll surely go far.

I’ve seen myself growing in the blogosphere world and I have inspired not just myself to continue my passion, but also the people around me. It has fed me a wider understanding that writing and taking photos is a genuine gift that only rare people have owned it.

It is when we truly understand the meaning of whatever we do in life, the love for our passion that we always bear in mind, then the recognition comes and it motivates us to perform better and improve ourselves as a license to inspire and not the license to boast. Our achievements in life are like an angels voice that appears to be charming in every ear, but we should always be humble to be worthy of any recognition granted to us.

Truly, it is limpidly shown and I can’t deny it, I’m really grateful for this recognition. To everyone who have been supporting my blog, by sharing, reading and have inspired by my travels and my random thoughts while traveling as my personal reflection, thank you so much. I couldn’t get this recognition without the support that you have extended, thus I’ll give back all the honor and glory to everyone, especially to God.

My greatest gratitude for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards as well for organizing an event like this and for giving an opportunity to all the bloggers in Cebu to be recognized. I know that it isn’t about the award after all, but the heart that is full of passion and honesty to whatever we do and how we inspire others in whatever talent that God has given to us and a chance to voice out how we inspire others and carry the change for the goodness of our country, the Philippines.

To all my co-finalists for this year’s Best Cebu Blog Award in all categories, particularly in the Photoblog category. Gly the beautiful lady behind the amazing blog known as Chasing Potatoes. And the man behind the successful travel blog in just a span of two months, no other than, Miguel of Vivomigsgee, which both of them are not just gifted in taking stunning photos, but also gifted with how they love and mold their passion in photography. Congratulations to each and every one of us. May we all give the glory and honor to God! God bless us all and may we continue to inspire others and pursue whatever passion they own.

The 10th Awards Night for Best Cebu Blogs Awards will be held in a glowing blue-colored and very accommodating hotel, Cebu Parklane International Hotel on December 03, 2017 at 6:00 PM. As Co-presented by PLDT Home and Megaworld Corporation, BCBA2017 will reveal the Winners under different Niches such as Best Cebu Technology Blog, Best Cebu Personal Blog, Best Cebu Travel Blog, Best Cebu Food Blog, Best Cebu Style Blog, Best Cebu Photo Blog and Best Cebu Entertainment Blog and the newly added, Best Cebu Video Blog. In the addition, BCBA will also award Best Creative Writing In A Blog by Memoriter Writing Services and Megaworld’s Top Cebu Blogger of 2017 to the best online writers.

BCBA2017 won’t be successful without these big hearted Sponsors and collaborators.

BCBA 2017 Co-Presenters:
















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