Twister Shawarma and Salad: Your New Way Of Enjoying Shawarma

In the fast paced life that we are currently dealing at the moment, we likewise need a healthy food to sustain our daily dose of nutrients, which our body needs everyday. Twister Shawarma and Twister Salad will surely let you experience the different manner of enjoying your Shawarma moment. They make sure to use fresh veggies, and luscious sauce to fulfill your taste buds desire.

Shawarma has been in the market for a long time already, and it has been the favorite snacks of many. But along the way, it becomes drudging, and this is why the Twister Shawarma was created to let you experience the twist. This will certainly satisfy your standard of experiencing what healthy food really is.

Take your cravings to a whole new Twister Shawarma experience. It proffers a unique food experience that will surely satiate your taste buds with its 9 variants of Shawarma and 3 side dishes to choose from. This will certainly change how you think about Shawarma, some would eventually love to try it, but hesitate cause most Shawarma that have been existed in the market only offer one meat and that is beef.

In Twister Shawarma, you won’t just get to try the luscious Beef Angus, but you’ll get to try other meat like the famous Crispy Pork Bagnet of Ilocos Province in the Philippines. They also have Chicken, Seafood and so much more.

Below is the complete list of Twister Shawarma and Salad with its corresponding price. All Twister Shawarma comes with a free side dishes to choose from, you can choose Fries, Nachos or Mojos.

Twister Shawarma 

  • Beef Angus Shawarma – Php 85.00
  • Crispy Pork Shawarma – Php 85.00
  • Chicken Shawarma – Php 70.00
  • Seafood Shawarma – Php 85.00
  • Chicken Liver Shawarma – Php 65.00
  • Beef Meatballs Shawarma – Php 70.00
  • Tuna Shawarma – Php 70.00
  • Meatless Shawarma – Php 65.00
  • Beef Angus Nuggets – Php 75.00


Twister Shawarma Salad

  • Beef Angus Salad – Php 95.00
  • Crispy Pork Salad – Php 95.00
  • Chicken Salad – Php 85.00
  • Seafood Salad – Php 95.00
  • Chicken Liver Salad – Php 75.00
  • Beef Meatballs Salad- Php 80.00
  • Tuna Salad- Php 85.00
  • Meatless Salad – Php 75.00
  • Beef Angus Salad – Php 85.00



How does Twister Shawarma and Salad are being done?

All products are being prepared, cooked and made by the well known Chef cook from the Philippines.

To prepare the Shawarma, a preferred meat of the customer will be steamed or fried, and once the meat is ready, the Pita will be streamed as well, and this would be placed on the Pita Press to make it crispy. Once the pita has been already crispy, this will be put on top of the Baking paper or Shawarma wrapper. The fresh veggies are now being put on top of Pita, which includes the Cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, onion and the chosen meat of the customer. Once everything was perfectly positioned on the pita, including the cheese sauce, special sauce and the garlic sauce, or you can also opt to add a spicy sauce, and this is now ready to wrap in a Shawarma wrapper and put inside the cup. The side dish that the customer have chosen (Fries, Nachos or Mojos), is then being placed along the side of the cup including the sauce for the side dish.

The Twister Salad is actually very easy to prepare, you merely have to follow the same process in preparing the meat for Shawarma. This can be fried or steamed. While frying or steaming the meat, the fresh veggies, boiled egg, and the chosen meat of the customer is slowly being placed on the Twister salad food container that appears to look like a medium size lunch box. And once everything was perfectly positioned including the special sauce and the garlic sauce, this can now be served to the customer.

This is truly the best Shawarma with a twist. So what are you waiting for? Invite your family and friends to visit the nearest branch of Twister Shawarma in your place. For Cebu Shawarma lovers, the newly Twister Shawarma branch is located across USC Talamaban gate 3 beside Cebuana Lhullier from Monday to Saturday at 10:00 am to 9:00 PM.

Business Contact Numbers: +63 995 7193 539 / +63 933 8690 822


  1. I have eaten a lot of Shawarma in my life as it is a very popular snack in my home country as well, especially at 2am after you go back from from a party. Many young people stop and buy Shawarma. However, I haven’t seen any made with more than one type of meat. I would love to try the twister shawarma, it sounds delicious!


  2. I love Shawarma. When the food cart business was so in-demand before, we got a shawarma cart. I always find it a complete meal having your protein and veggies in a wrap. Though I can be quite messy to eat, but I always end up full whenever I order one or two. I love the idea that the Shawarma arent wrapped in a paper alone but is in a cup for added convenience. And there are just so many choices to choose from.


  3. I love Shawarma and this looks interesting. I would love to try this once I am back in Cebu. The cup is a great idea since it’s a bit messy with just the paper wrapper.


  4. The bad thing about fast food is that it’s often hard to find healthy options. These look like fun, affordable, health-friendly meal options for the on the go individual.


  5. I am a big fan of Shawarma especially if the sauce is really good! There is also a shawarma stall near my place and I simply cannot resist buying every time I pass by their shop.. the smell is really tempting and the taste is equally appealing.. these are really great dishes sold in very affordable prices..


  6. Somehow I regret clicking this article because NOW AFTER BROWSING THROUGH i FEEL SUPER hungry. x_X

    Anyway, you are right. Our lives are mostly busy and in that busyness we tend to neglect eating healthy. Good thing Tasty Shawarma provides healthy salad and juicy beef. I’d consider eating this tonight. I am really hungry


  7. I love a shawarma, kebab, souvlaki or whatever the word is for these tasty meat and salad combos and your post made me really want to try one of these. I think I may have to visit my local kebab shop with your post in hand to see what they can do. Thanks for inspiring my Sunday lunch.


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