Ainspired Perfume: A Fascinating Scent That Will Last More Than 24 Hours Without Breaking Your Pocket

Who would not love to attract people because of your fascinating smell that clings on you even after a long hour of an office work? There should be a long lasting scent to stay fresh to boost your appeal and that adds your confidence when you walk on the crowds. Yes, I’m a traveler by blood, but I likewise love to smell good wherever I go. Ainspired perfume is one of my travel essentials whenever I do backpacking. It has become part of my backpacking trip since I started using it last May 2016.

Ainspired Perfume is a product of A&K French Impression, which is an oil based scent that will guarantee a long-lasting scent sticking on the any fabric kind of clothes. It has an array of 26 kinds of scents that will surely be a friend of every nose at a more affordable prices and a quality product that receives a value for your money. There are about 9 variations of Ainspired Perfumes that smell awesome and last all day long for male and 17 for female. Each of these kind of scent is developed ingredients that give everyone’s satisfaction of the best fragrances you could have ever smelled.

Every perfume bottle is holding a boatload of secret ingredients that are based on the principle of integrating high level and quality ingredients to provide the best fragrance for every customer. What Ainspired Perfume is so proud of, is the feedback of satisfaction of their clients. This what makes the company stand out among other perfume brands that we find out in the market today. It maintains the high quality product that keeps innovating without leaving the long lasting fascinating scent while maintaining the affordable price for every bottle.

For girls that loves to smell like a sweet candy to a mild attractive smell that attract guys, and the people around you to a kind of smell that makes you stand out among the crowd. Ainspired Perfume will get you covered. For boys that loves to be spotted because of their fascinating smell that leaves you awesome among others, Ainspired Perfume will have your back. Ainspired Perfume also comes with a different packaging, they have 10 ml, 60 ml and they sometimes have 80 ml. This perfume brand will not merely promise a scent that stays all day long, but it will give you an additional confidence in yourself and becomes the person you desire to be when facing the crowd or being with the crowd.

Have you ever noticed that most perfumes have a different smell when being placed on paper blotters than it does on your skin? That’s why most of us always prefer to try before we buy. You may as well have noticed that a perfume could smell fascinating on a friend, but smells less attractive on you. This somehow becomes a hindrance in choosing the right perfume for us because a certain skin types have certain properties when it comes to fragrance. But with Ainspired Perfume, this has already been addressed because they came up with a comprehensive solution. That’s what makes Ainspired Perfume unique because they proffer a wide range of a different kind of perfume scent to choose from. In this way, this will lead you to savor the freedom of choosing what suits to your nose because what smells good for your nose might not for someone.

Perfumes nowadays becomes essential in our everyday life. It becomes not only our personal need, but becomes a pacifier from a heavy traffic, pollution, and even work stress everyday. As we all know, we are now in a fast paced world. Almost everything that we have in these days are passing so fast. But Ainspired Perfume scent will never run fast, it clings to whatever kind of fabric which makes you smell the same from the moment you spray it during morning before leaving your house up until you reach home after your long day at work.

I have been personally using Ainspired Perfume for more than a year now and truly, it has become my personal favorite brand when it comes to choosing a perfume. The appreciation I received whenever I received good complements like I smell great, I own a good sense of choosing a right scent has somewhat had made me confident enough in facing with different kind of people everyday. It becomes not just a brand I love, but it became like a kind of thing that I can’t hold out without spraying the fascinating smell on my clothes before I leave my room.


A&K French Impression is actually looking for a direct distributor. This can be a potential business on your end, especially if you love perfumes. It proposes a huge discount if you want to become part of A&K and become a direct distributor. What makes it great is the “no hard selling” innate state. You just have to let your prospect customers to smell the different scents by buying a vial, which can be purchased at the A&K Office. And from there, they will surely order and it can be a good start if you want to venture into a perfume business.

These are the advantages if you choose to become a direct distributor

  • Free training

    This will help you understand more about the business and how you can make a good income as a distributor.

  • Free Online Monitoring or Website

          This will make it easy for you to trace all the transaction under your account or                   under your name. This serves as your virtual inventory system.

  • Enjoy the 40% discount on all the 26 kind of scents of Ainspired Perfume.


If you desire to become part of A&K French Impression you can send your queries to the following numbers:

  • 09957193539 – Globe
  • 09331562536 – Sun
  • Or you can mail your queries at


A&K French Impression

Business Location: 1550 Sitio Ponce, Brgy. Capitol Site, Cebu City, Philippines


  1. This is an interesting article and I honestly congratulate you for writing it. Ainspired Perfume is already in my house and I am trying to imagine how it smells. A&K French Impression is an renowned company and I will google it to see where they have offices in Romania (if they have).


  2. I’ve never heard of this brand and it sounds like a great one. I love that they listen to the customer and the variety of options that they offer. Being long lasting is a huge plus! I prefer a powdery type of scent 🙂


  3. I haven’t heard about this perfume brand. It sounds really good. I have been sticking to my same perfume for years and haven’t been very open to change haha. It is therefore so good to read reviews like this. Especially the fact that it lasts longer.


  4. Interesting read. I’m afraid I tend to stick to my favorite 1 or 2 fragrances but I’d enjoy seeing what the base notes are for their fragrances here. Maybe I could find a new favorite 🙂


  5. Ainspired Perfume sounds really great for travel, and I love that it’s a long lasting stick. Especially for when you’re in transit, and actually traveling on long haul flights, I smell horrible by the end! It would be nice to have something on hand to freshen up quickly, and something which would mask having been on a plane for 24 hours! Thanks for the tip – I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but love that they have a wide range of scents depending on what you like, and if you’ve been getting compliments on how you smell, that’s what I need to aim for!

    Appreciate the post.


  6. This perfume looks like the perfect gift for a frequent traveler because it stays for 24 hours. Good to know about this brand. 🙂 It’s good to know that they have a lot of different choices for men and women both.


  7. Ainspired Perfume sounds like a really great product. I know I always carry body mist with me when backpacking, but it certainly doesn’t last 24 hours. It’s good to know that you receive compliments when you wear yours and I also like that they have multiple choices for men and women.


  8. This sounds like a great product! Perfumes never last for me, so it’s great to read about one that does. As a traveler, this seems like something that is easy to pack and keep my scent fresh and lasting through the day.


  9. I have my own perfume business so I’m gonna say no to being a distributor. But I do want to smell it at least. I haven’t heard of this perfume before. When I travel I wear something light so I usually use a cologne. But I am currently in search of a perfume that has a lasting power. So yeah, definitely curious to know if Ainspired can do it.


  10. I got real curious of this brand and would want to try it. I, too, would love to check on a bottle or two of perfume that isn’t too expensive but still gives the scent that’s both pleasing and lasting.


  11. Ainspired Perfume is really good product for an affordable price. I am one of their member. I start as a subdealer and as of now I’m already a member of Ainspired Family. Thank you so much.


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