Mountain: I OWE You A LOT 

Why I am asking myself to climb to your peak? Perhaps because you’re serene and calm and that’s something I want to embrace. You tempted me once and I flirted with you not just once. I told myself to stop, but you told me to rest. I don’t know that much about you, but you have allowed your challenging track to let me know that you’re not just merely an alp. You never promise me anything, but you have divulge me many things. You never told me anything so I will love being with you, but I slowly saw the real you after several tries of attempting to know you.

Photo Credit: Arnold of Wandering Soul Scamper

I remember how I have struggled. I find my way out. I find my way through. It is by suffering from pain means I’ve struggled, it pushes me to evade, run and flee, hide and ignore. Through escaping and denial, I was able to alleviate the burdens of struggle. However, the struggle remains hidden in my deepest thought and it grows freely without bothering of being fought. But all of those were fought by the mountain I once have thought was just a mere mountain without bringing the healing touch that I have sought. I owe you the hidden healing, the mysterious touch of your innate beauty that even up to this time, you remain silent and you haven’t told me the reason behind.

Photo Credit: James of ASANASADSIJAMES

Some might not like you, because you’re far to reach and you’re tough. Some actually like you because you’re what you are. Honestly, I like you, the idea of traipsing my feet on your highest point is the result of my imagination of liking you. It is just part of me confirming to the idea of liking you. It is simply a plain idea, the feeling of being satiated and the fulfillment of being able to tell to the world, I have touched the highest you. Those were merely an idea that kept playing in my mind because you’re tough and you’re not easy to reach. Now that I’m telling you that you were formerly just an idea and far from the reality of truly loving to embrace the genuine you.

Will you tell me that I don’t actually deserve to love you? I am now slowly taking away the plain idea about who you really are. I have started appreciating you, the tough trail you have provided, the panoramic view that unfolds before my eyes. The strength you required, the challenge you offer, the life lessons you divulge on every trail that are far from the scope of my school tuition fees. You’re truly an eminent beyond compare.

Photo Credit: James of ASANASADSIJAMES

I saw you standing on your own, silently embracing the life of being far from being known. There are times, you’re being disturbed of fame you never imagined you could own, and yet you remain calm and silent without bothering to embrace the fame you never expected to have shown. This is what I’ve I told you before, you never promise me anything, but you have imparted me the lesson I have stumbled upon and that is to be humble because I have nothing to own. Someday, the fame will be gone, but keeping my feet on the ground will give me the name that will never break down.

Photo Credit: Sean of His Hidden Letters

Yes, you’re tough that’s why you’re not being enjoyed by many of us. You pluck up our nerve, and we must cleverly search for passes that straddle it, caves that burrow through it, paths that wind around it. Perhaps we grit our teeth, and grimly detonate our way across it, or slowly and laboriously telling ourselves that we can traverse through it. Despite the struggle on the trail you have provided, and though we may succeed to reach your peak. But the truth is, we will never get tired of reaching your peak because you’re like a gem we can never own, but leaves us lesson that we can all bring home.

Photo Credit: James of ASANASADSIJAMES

You have rescued and help not only one burden heart and soul. You as well have encountered a lot of lost heart and soul. They scream out to your face everything that have made their heart heavy, the struggles they face because deep within them, they can find the solace of release. Everything you’ve known you keep it in your throne and this is how you care and understand the people that has a painful life’s thorn.

Photo Credit: Arnold of Wandering Soul Scamper

We’re not going to stay on the summit forever and that’s the reality. Then why do we keep climbing the mountain after all?  There are different reasons why we keep climbing the mountain, but one thing that always remind me of, is the feeling of recognizing what is below and what is above, because staying below will never give you the idea of knowing what is above. This is I guess where we acquire the idea of fulfillment, something that makes us happy whenever we see what’s on the summit, something that we can’t explain that even words can’t truly convey.


  1. Wow, this is nicely written. I’m a newbie mountaineer (don’t even know if I’m qualified to be called one) and like you at first, my first mountain was just that. A mountain I needed to climb. But upon retrospect, it’s so much more. For me, it’s a realization that I’m more that what I expect myself to be, that I can do things I’ve always told myself impossible. Hope that my love affair with the mountains would be as deep as yours one day.


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