Unexpectedly Discovering the Astounding Beauty of KABANTIAN FALLS in Loon, BOHOL

Surprises happen frequently and unexpectedly, such as finding and discovering the cloistered waterfalls in the Province of Bohol that is far from expected. How it all happened? This is what I’m dying to share.

I went to Bohol again for the seventh times since I still have so much to visit and have stayed in a local house that I haven’t met yet, but they have widely opened their house to let me stay and even have made me feel I belong to their family. Truly, kindness is sprouting to the genuine heart of those who owns it.

Peacefully hidden in the lush scenery green forest with a name that has not yet been truly known to everyone is the astonishing Kabantian Falls. This must be the best and the most stunning waterfalls that you can find in the town of Loon, Bohol. Snuggled in the verdant forest  between the Brgy Cantaongon and Canmaag which is only few locals have already recognized this waterfall.

My inner wanderlust self speaks again, once I begin to explore, my appetite for adventure and discovery always grows whenever I am traipsing my feet to the place that I have never  been to.  A half of my morning break leaves  me fresh and looking forward to discovering another spot by my itchy feet is what brought me to this hidden Waterfalls.

Truly, I was with the local people whom I thought would have visited the waterfalls and familiar about it, but expectations versus reality speaks once more. We were saving the photo taken from the internet and proceeded straight to the waterfalls, but just like what I said, the person we’d thought who have been to the Falls was not even have heard anything about it yet. Yes, we were riding on the motorcycle together with my newly found local friends. There were three motorcycles going to the waterfall, but we keep asking while passing on the street whenever we get the chance. The good thing was, we were able to ask the right person and he pointed his fingers on the road while giving us the description of the landmark going to the Falls. We’ve come across a guy whom we thought who have been to the Falls, but he has never been to the Falls, but he was kind enough to bring us to the right local tour guide.

I was then smiling the moment we met the only key going to the waterfall that we are searching for. A comforting smile on Kuya’s Eric face was what welcomed us, and we of course asked him if the Inambacan waterfalls is located in their place and he nodded his head and said yes. He told us that the waterfall has a tough trail, I was smiling cause I thought it wasn’t that hard. I was not geared up during this sojourn and so the other local friends who were with me. We were all wearing slippers and shorts cause we thought that the waterfall is located barely a few meters away from the Highway.

Truly, the moment we got into the forest, the trail was starting to divulge it’s tough trail as we all have experienced falling off the ground and even have bruises. I’m into trekking and have climbed mountains several times, but that time, I was really struggling like as if I have never done trekking before, perhaps because we’re all wearing slippers. We made it to the river after overcoming the backbreaking trail and we thought that we are already close to the waterfalls, but were not yet half way. Who would have thought that we have to cross to the immense crevices rocks while doing a river trekking downstream with only slippers as our comfort. Yes, it was very challenging, but it was fun.

I’ve seen Kuya Eric took the other route and so he told us that we have to climb to the big rocks and trek just a few meters away from the river to get to the Falls. Truly, soon enough, we heard the gushing water from above as we were thinking that it must be the waterfall that we are looking for.

The Kabantian Falls has two tiers, the first tier is standing around 8 feet and it bears a wide brink that looks like a small version of Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, Surigao Del Sur in Mindanao. The waterfall is still left in its innate state, very natural as you can still see and spot the big rocks and trees that surrounds it and it doesn’t seem to have a deep catching basin where you can swim, but the water is really cold.

The first level of Kabantian Falls

Going up to the second tier was very challenging since you get to overcome the immense rocks. We were truly surprised the moment we got to the second tier, since it was limpidly far from how it looks like from the waterfalls that we have discovered on the internet. The Kabantian falls was truly not the waterfall the we are longing to see, but truthfully, it is more astonishing than the waterfalls that we have seen on the internet. We then told Kuya Eric that this is not the waterfalls that we supposed to see, but we are so glad that we were able to get here.

All the bruises and wounds we’ve got just to get here has been paid off. The Kabantian Falls look like a water stairway as it freely drops six times before reaching the catching basin. The water also flows from springs in some upland Barangays. Some of the local makes use of this by developing their own bathing and washing areas.

The second level of Kabantian Falls

The photo of the waterfalls that I have saved in my phone was Inambacan Falls and I showed it to Kuya Eric and he then told me that he truly don’t know what’s really the name of this falls. I was really bothered on our way home until I’ve made out further research and I’ve found out that this is Kabantian Falls.

And because of Kuya’s Eric curiosity, he told us that there have been another waterfall just a few meters away from the Kabantian Falls and maybe that’s the Inambacan Falls, but it was again not the Inambacan Falls that we are expecting to see, but granting to my further research it is called Piong Falls. On my next blog, I’ll be sharing about the Piong Falls and how we struggle on our way back after seeing Piong Falls.

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There are two possible ways to get to Kabantian Falls and Piong Falls in Loon, Bohol, since this is located near Tubigon and Tagbilaran and roughly one hour of travel time.

From Tubigon 

There are daily schedule of boat and fast craft trip from Cebu to Tubigon. You can take a fast craft for less than 2 hours. From Tubigon Port, ask the locals where is the Tubigon terminal and ride a Bus going to Loon, Bohol. The fare is Php 25.00. From Loon, near the public market, hire a Motorcycle going to the boundary of Cantaongon and Canmaag. The fare is Php 50.00 to Php 75.00 depending on your haggling skills. The landmark is the bridge that served as the boundary of Cantaongon and Canmaag. On the right side, you’ll see a Sari-Sari store and from there you can ask where is the house of Eric Rubio or you can contact him through this mobile number  +63 907 7621 662. He was our guide during our visit to Kabantian Falls.

From Tagbilaran 

There are daily schedule of boat and fast craft trip from Cebu to Tagbilaran. You can take a fast craft for 2 hours. From Tagbilaran City port,  ask the locals where is the terminal of Jeepney ( Cogon Terminal) or Ceres ( Dao Terminal) going to Loon, Bohol. The fare is Php 25.00 if you ride Jeepney. From Loon, near the public market, hire a Motorcycle going to the boundary of Cantaongon and Canmaag. The fare is Php 50.00 to Php 75.00 depending on your haggling skills.   The landmark is the bridge that served as the boundary of Cantaongon and Canmaag. On the right side, you’ll see a Sari-Sari store and from there you can ask where is the house of Eric Rubio or you can reach him through this mobile number  +63 907 7621 662. He was our guide during our visit to Kabantian Falls and Piong Falls.



  • Going to Kabantian Falls and Piong Falls is only for those who have a brave heart. Believe me the trail was really tough.
  • The trek from the main road going to Kuya’s Eric house is around 20 minutes. From Kuya’s Eric house, you’ll trek going to Kabantian Falls and Piong Falls for 2 hours depending on the pacing.
  • Don’t ever go trekking alone. Wrong direction of your feet could lead to bruises or anything that would cause you regret.
  • Make sure you stick to your guide’s instruction. Don’t create your own system, then follow.
  • Better halt the activities when the sudden rain arrives because the water can create fast currents that would result to dangerous situation.
  • Hypothermia can be a real risk. If you’re the person who’s  not used of staying long in a cold water for too long, then you better wear wet-suits and pay attention to your body’s response.
  • Wear your comfortable river trekking shoes for you have to intersect over the crevice rocks and the river.
  • Bring enough water, and make certain to have your stomach filled before going to Kabantian Falls.
  • Bring your waterproof camera, Go Pro, or any gadgets that are waterproof. Bringing your DSLR is okay as long as you have a durable dry bag with you.
  • Please remember to leave no trace behind. Take good care of our mother nature. Just enjoy and be responsible enough.
  • Above all PRAY before going to Kabantian Falls and Piong Falls for God’s guidance and protection.



  • Fare from Tagbilaran to Loon – Php 25.00
  • Fare from Loon to Cantaongon and Canmaag boundary ( back & forth) – Php 150.00
  • Tour Guide fee – Php 200.00
  • Food (water and snacks ) – Php 200.00

         Total – Php 575.00 



I would like to thank Aloysius, Daryl, Raul, Glenn and to those other guys who have joined me during this sojourn. They have made our adventure really awesome cause they are naturally very fun to be with. I as well would like to thank Kuya Eric, our guide, who really spare his time to guide us going to the beautiful Kabantian Falls and Piong Falls. I’ll surely go back in your town before long. To Miranda’s family in Napo, Loon, Bohol, thank you for adopting me for 4 days and 3 nights in your house. A backpacker like me who constantly go to a different place and meet new people, I’m more than blessed. I have just met them, but they open their home to welcome a stranger like me. God had truly blessed your family and you extend it to me! Thank you so much guys for everything.

Truly, Boholano’s are really kind.


  1. I haven’t been to Bohol yet. Haha. So I’ll probably just add this to my already long list of places to do in Bohol. Hopefully when we get to visit Kabantian Falls it’s still secluded. 🙂 Can’t believe the many treasures that are still undiscovered in the Philippines, ‘no?


  2. I have been to Kabantian and Piong but … alas! I was not able to take good photos. Your blog on Kabantian is the very first and only one that I have read on this natural attraction. Aside from Piong Falls the town of Loon also has Pisik Falls and Salamanoy Falls. These, however, are very accessible, unlike going to Kabantian and Piong which is physically demanding. I suggest that you also visit Cabilao Island which has two lakes, one of them having latu, the seaweed, as its lakebed. If you like caving, the barangay of Cantam-is Baslay reportedly has about 30 caves. That’s one cave a day in a month ! Good luck in your future adventures !!!


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