You Owe A Vibrant Space Of Owning YOURSELF Once On Your Birthday.

The moon has to shine in its own time while the clouds have to establish a motion of drifting as a sign of a genuine space for the moon. In the presence of darkness the  light rescued the barriers between the distance that you can’t see and touch, like how humility save the pride. It is when you visualize the wave kissing the coast, the sand moves like no one owns them. You have seen two feet treading on the stranger land, giving space for each other to move freely in their own comfort. You’ve seen how the devastating mother nature begs for a space to get back to a life she was used to own.

I heard the voice that echoes back while you were lulled into a deep slumber just to remind you that you step out of your way, refrain from letting people know that your day has to be filled with different food on your table. Thus, you took your not so hefty bag filled with excitement just like how you used to carry the plastic bag from a supermarket going home. You ran out from what you used to know that there’s a happiness on that day when you see your family and friends picking the food you have dished out. You have preferred to tread on a different road of life on that day. You’ve made yourself the widest space to flirt with a new perspective about celebration. You owe a vibrant place of owning yourself once on your birthday.

You have finally been given a chance and  the universe granted your wish to spend your day fribbling and playing around without thinking about anything except yourself. You were so selfish that day, you just own yourself with a freedom of pleasure. I saw you grinning from ear to ear as if you have long been disconnected with the reality of your life. I simply want to remind you that you really deserve it after all what you have been through in life.

Dear myself,

Happy birthday! I know that you’ve been through a lot before you have become the person you are today. I know that you’ve fought many battles and you’re sturdy enough to have overcome all those. You are really competitive and always wanted to achieve something since, grade school and even until now. Some people consider you the best, but behind all that, you were still struggling like a 3 year old trying to learn to write and read. Some would have probably thought you had a good life because they seemed to see you traveling around, but they didn’t recognize that you had a countless sleep just to earn an extra money for your travel funds.

You hold a lot of dreams in life and when you feel like you can’t reach them, you motivate yourself that you can do reach and make it at the right time for as long as you keep moving ahead. Remember how many times you witnessed your saline fluid freely rolling down as it try to clean your dirty face? Remember how sad and lonely you were when somebody trying to steal your innate state and drag you to a place you never have imagined you could even traipse your feet? Those were just days that you have proven people wrong about you.

You ran across different people, some were good and some have become your friend. You met bad people, but you were still straining to show them kindness because you know that there are still kindness within them. You’ve fared so much greatness in life and keep moving because you’re awesome as you are. Above all, always thank God for all the blessings you have experienced.

To all my friends who were so excited to send their greetings, some sent it 3 and 2 days before my birthday, thank you so much. To those who have sent their greetings yesterday and today, thank you so much guys. I’m so blessed and elated to have you all.
I’ll certainly be writing about my experience in Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort during my birthday. I’ve been gone for nearly 2 months and I miss you all.


  1. Ah, Bluewater Sumilon Resort! One of the best, most scenic, and most relaxing resort we’ve ever visited! We once joined a reef cleanup and coral transplantation program here thanks to Project BLUE. We want to go back there again to scuba dive.

    Happy birthday, Little Lai!

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  2. Bluewater Sumilon Resort sounds amazing! I’m sure your friends miss you especially since you have been gone for 2 months! Happy Birthday and may all your bday wishes come true this year.


  3. This is a wonderful idea! I love the thought of reflecting by writing to yourself, especially on your birthday! I think you should be proud of all you’ve seen and done. I’m sorry I didn’t travel more when I was well. The sacrifices you had to make will all be worth it! Happy birthday!


  4. I look forward to reading your post about Bluewater Sumilon! Whenever I read your posts, I can feel how free-spirited and adventurous you are. So I wish you’d stay the same as you enter a new year in your life. Happy birthday and more travels to come! 😀


  5. Great to know about your birthday treat to yourself. The place looks amazingly blue. I would like to read about the Bluewater Sumilon Resort and keen to see more pictures of that place. And hey, Happy Birthday and have fun traveling. 🙂


  6. Happy Birthday! What a great letter to yourself and a day of adventure is exactly what I call a great birthday! Bluewater Sumilon sounds like a beautiful place to stay!


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