Eli Rock Viewdeck: Your IDEAL spot to ENJOY the SUNRISE in Boljoon, Cebu  

There’s simply something about the sunrise that always leave me speechless. It’s an unusual scenery to witness as this will invariably remind me of so much to thank for. Genuinely, we all marveled at the beautiful red and orange colors of a sunrise and sometimes experiencing a very rare glaring hues means embracing a new day and what’s more to offer until it finally rest below the horizon while forming a stunning twilight hue. There are eye-catching sunrises, but there are also places where we can have a perfect spot to stare to a spectacular morning sun-hues, and this is what Eli Rock View-deck is something to offer.

Photo Credit: Sean of His Hidden Letters

Boljoon, Cebu is another town in the province of Cebu that offers rich historical places and heritage structures in the Poblacion area that will certainly bring you back to a genuine memory of the past and natural wonders that will amaze you. I’ve been to this town several times, but  Eli Rock View-deck was not yet constructed that time.


What is Eli Rock Viewdeck?

This has been the most photographed scenic white limestone cliff located in the center of Boljoon’s town as it peacefully situated in front of the coastal area of Boljoon. It was simply a mere white limestone cliff before, but right after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hits Cebu and Bohol last 2013, that was the time when Eli Rock has become an idea until it finally constructed by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), which is still on-going up to this time. Because of the strong earthquake, some portions of the mountain has collapsed and to evade future landslide, Eli Rock Viewdeck was then constructed and become an instant tourist spot in the town of Boljoon. Most of the travelers who are traveling the southern part of Cebu, they usually drop by and climb to the View-deck to experience the panoramic vista of Boljoon’s town in which from there you’ll see the old Church of Boljoon and the beautiful vast ocean while facing to the Island of Bohol.

Enduring to the viewing deck will require you to take the well constructed sturdy stairs which seemed to be looking like a roller coaster ride. The white limestone on the left side and the overlooking view on the right side will surely amaze you while you’re working your way to the viewing deck. The place was not yet completed and they’re still developing it, but you can actually climb up there and enjoy what Eli Rock View-deck can offer.

A night of strong winds, rain and driving through a very thick fog and dark road to reach the town of Boljoon with my friends was what I remembered during our chasing sunrise in the southern part of Cebu way back 2 years ago. It’s an unusual scenery while experiencing the morning sky with a large gray clouds and that moment was a frustration because the sunrise wasn’t turned to be anything special. But precisely like what most people say, don’t give up on chasing sunrise and try again another day, which I did, but after 2 years already. Yes, it has been 2 years then, and finally another set of friends and I decided to catch the morning sunrise in Eli Rock View-deck in Boljoon as this is an on-going tourist spot destination in the town of Boljoon.

Photo Credit: Sean of His Hidden Letters

But precisely like every valuable thing in this world, you have to work hard, sacrifice something for you to get your reward and so we did. We didn’t have sleep the whole night so we can take an early bus ride from the South Bus terminal going to Boljoon, Cebu around 2:45 am to catch the sunrise on top of the Eli Rock viewing deck. While we were approaching Boljoon, we we were welcomed by a stunning preparation of the king sun to ascend, the sky was dramatically perfect while it reflects to a peaceful wide ocean on our left side. I couldn’t refrain myself from moving the window curtain of the bus and just gazing in awe at the sky. So just before the sunrise, we were able to reach the Eli Rock viewing-deck and we truly enjoyed the sunrise.

Photo Credit: Sean of His Hidden Letters

Actually, we almost didn’t witness the sunrise, since we were a bit late leaving from the South Bus Terminal cause were waiting for a friend and unfortunately she didn’t able to join us. She might be in the middle of her peaceful slumber that time and then we decided to just leave her. The minute we reach the Boljoon, Eli Rock View-deck, the sun was almost coming out of the mountains where he peacefully hides the whole night. We immediately go up to the viewing deck so we won’t miss it. Yes, truly the sun waited for us, he makes sure that we arrive at the viewing deck before saying hello to us. That time, there were clouds dotting the sky, which added a unique dimension to it and definitely made the photos more dramatic. That time was truly perfect, the sunrise was truly beautiful. Everyone of us was filled with joy since we’ve received our reward after sacrificing our sleep.

Photo Credit: Mike Laagan of Traveling Panda

Our sunrise viewing was actually just part of our Boljoon’s escapade since our actual purpose is to climb the windy atmosphere of Ablyan Peak, which you can read our full experience here. But before we trek to Ablayan Peak, we had our breakfast in the town of Boljoon and we amble around the heritage structures just a few meters away from Eli Rock View-deck. Sincerely, we started our day right and exciting.


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Take a Bus bound for Boljoon from the South Bus Terminal. Ask the Bus conductor to drop you off at the foot of Eli Rock Viewdeck. This is located on the right side when you’re on your way to Boljoon. The fare is Php 146.00 for one way.



  • Leave early as much as possible from the South Bus Terminal. I suggest you take the first trip by 1:00am or 2:00am so you won’t miss the sunrise.
  • Travel time from Cebu City going to Boljoon is roughly 3 hours or more.
  • Chasing sunrise in Eli Rock View-deck during summer like months of March, April and May will require you to leave early from the South Bus Terminal because during summer, sunrise is earlier than rainy season.
  • Chasing sunrise in Eli Rock View-deck is your perfect side trip before going to Ablayan Peak and Dayhag Falls.
  • Make sure to prepare your tripod, camera and phone so you won’t miss capturing the sunrise.
  • The Eli Rock View-deck doesn’t require you to pay for an entrance fee for now since it is still an ongoing project.
  • Be extra careful when taking photos near the cliff area  for you might have a wrong step and will lead to accidents.



  • Cebu – Boljoon(back&forth )-Php 292.00
  • Boljoon to Ablayan Peak – Php 150.00
  • Food(Lunch,water & snacks)– Php 200.00
  • Dayhag Falls Entrance Fee – Php 20.00

         TOTAL – Php 662.00    


  • 02:00 AM- Meet-up at the South Bus Terminal
  • 02:30 AM- Depart from Cebu City
  • 05:30 AM- ETA ( Sunrise viewing at Eli Rock Viewing Deck).
  • 06:30 AM- Breakfast
  • 07:30 AM- Ambling around Boljoon’s Church and heritage structures.
  • 9:30 AM – Depart for Ablayan Peak
  • 10:15 AM- ETA (Jump Off area and trek to Ablayan Peak)
  • 11:00 AM – ETA (Ablayan Peak, Lunch & Picture taking)
  • 01:30 PM – Depart form Albayan Peak and trek to Dayhag Falls
  • 02:30 PM – ETA (Dayhag Falls, Picture taking and swimming)
  • 05:00 PM – Deaprt from Dayhag Falls
  • 05:30 PM – ETA at Boljoon market
  • 06:00 PM – Depart from Boljoon
  • 09:30 PM – ETA in Cebu City



I would like to thank Arnold of Wandering Soul Scamper for inviting me along with other trekkers I’ve met. To Sean of His Hidden Letters for taking some of my photos. To Miss Catherine and Sir Harold for the food. To Miss Lanz, Sir Leowil and to Gelai who is truly fun to be with and to RJ as well. To Sir Mike of Traveling Panda who joined us as well. Thank you so much guys for all of you, until our next adventure.


  1. 2am call time is too early for my kind. But if these would be the scenery that I’d be getting after waking up early, this’d be worth the effort. Such nice photos you got there. 😍😍😍


  2. Thanks for the comprehensive details about Boljoon…The blue waters are breathtaking. It reminded me of Goa, India…beautiful!


  3. The view looks amazing from the top! I’m going to Cebu this August and I will definitely see if I can include this in my itinerary. 🙂


  4. You were lucky to catch the sun just as it was going up, shame your friend didn’t let you know that she wasn’t coming anymore. I bet you were very excited while watching the sunrise prepare to come out of the clouds, thinking that you might miss it. Your photos are very beautiful and the Eli rock viewdeck is definitely a perfect spot to start your day at, with the sunrise.


  5. Somebody essentially help to make severely posts I might state. That is the first time I frequented your web page and so far? I surprised with the research you made to make this particular put up incredible. Excellent job!


  6. I must say that Cebu has so much to offer the eager adventurer that one could spend many months enjoying them. Your photos to date have done justice to the beauty of the area.


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