ABLAYAN Peak: BOLJOON’S Natural Park in the SKY

When we picture ourselves standing on top of the mountain with nowhere else to go and do, but enjoying the stunning views that unfold before our eyes. We begin to appreciate that climbing mountains can really convey a lot of positive emotions to the most refined connoisseurs of adventures, maybe because there’s so much to learn when we climb mountain. Individually, we believed in our ability to do anything we put our minds to because we are destined to defeat any challenge even the hottest trek to the mountains just like what I’ve experienced during our trek to Ablayan Peak in Barangay Upper Bacerril, Boljoon, Cebu.

Photo Credit: Melanie Lanz Vivas

Boljoon, Cebu is another town in the province of Cebu that offers rich historical places and heritage structures that will certainly bring you back to a genuine memory of the past and natural wonders that will amaze you. I’ve been to this town several times, but I didn’t know that they have beautiful spots that has been kept on the mountainous terrain to explore and enjoy.

But precisely like every valuable thing in this world, you have to work hard, sacrifice something for you to get your reward and so we did. We didn’t have sleep the whole night so we can take an early bus ride from the South Bus terminal going to Boljoon, Cebu around 2:45 am to catch the sunrise on top of the Eli Rock viewing deck. While we were approaching Boljoon, we we were welcomed by a stunning preparation of the king sun to ascend, the sky was dramatically perfect while it reflects to a peaceful wide ocean on our left side. I couldn’t refrain myself from moving the window curtain of the bus and just gazing in awe at the sky. So just before the sunrise, we were able to reach the Eli Rock viewing deck and we truly enjoyed the sunrise.

Photo Credit: Sean of His Hidden Letters ( Sunrise viewing in Eli Rock Viewing deck.)

After truly letting ourselves owning the freedom to flirt with the sunrise, we went down from the Eli Rock Viewing deck to look for an eatery near the Public Market of Boljoon, as travelers favorite respite for a quick food service in a peaceful morning crossroads scene. After our breakfast, we amble around the heritage structures near Boljoon’s Church, while waiting for other trekkers. Our climb was actually set around 9:00 AM, but we resolved to leave early from Cebu to catch the sunrise which we truly have made it.

Boljoon’s Old Church

Going to Ablayan Peak is very easy, in fact the only challenge we experienced was the clinging heat of the sun as it truly not just touching our surface, but penetrating deeply into our skin. We had a motorcycle ride from Boljoon’s public market after buying our food for our lunch going to the jump off area of Ablayan Peak. Yes, exactly like any other mountains that we have climbed, you’ll get to experience the cold mountain breeze while riding a motorcycle. The motorcycle can actually reach directly up to the Ablayan Peak, since getting there is really accessible by motorcycle and by four wheels. But since we are into trekking, we decided to simply walk from the jump off area going to the Peak for almost 1 hour.

While on our way to the Peak, I have noticed the green terrains that surround me and it was windy, but very hot, since the concreted road going to the Ablayan Peak doesn’t have trees near the route that gives shade. It was purely a field of green grass that mostly your hands can even reach and you scarcely can see big trees like any verdant forest that I’ve climbed to. I’ve likewise seen a wide plantation of tomatoes and they’re just so lovely. From afar, I get to see the benches that mark a landmark of Ablayan Peak and that means we are simply so close to our destination.

Along the shoulder of Ablayan Peak, we started to appreciate the stunning panoramic view and the windy atmosphere is slowly divulging it to us. Most of us, slowly comparing the beautiful vistas of Ablayan Peak to the other mountain that we have already climbed, and for me it was one of the most astounding Peaks that I have been to. We took some photographs before we decided to finally go to the Peak.

Photo Credit: Miss Catherine

Traipsing my two little itchy feet around 12 noon on the Peak of Ablayan with a warm welcome of a breezy atmosphere was truly one of a kind experience. I began seeing the Island of Negros, Bohol, There was an old man who happens to give us a trivia about the Peak while cleaning the surroundings to maintain the cleanliness and the natural beauty of Ablayan Peak. There was a lone stone standing with a semi flat edge and a  perfect spot to step your feet and have your photos taken was said to be a boundary of Boljoon and Malabuyoc. Who would have believed that we have stepped on the two towns at the same time. Isn’t it simply amazing?  The summit looks like a park in the sky where you can play and enjoy its beauty.

A lone stone standing on the peak as it serves to be a boundary of Boljoon and Malabuyoc.
This was exactly the scene during our lunch.

The Ablayan Peak is a perfect place for an overnight camping, in fact, we are contriving to go back soon to experience the windy atmosphere at night time. Along the surface of the Peak where you can see green grass is truly a perfect spot to set off your tent and camp. After our photo shoots we decided to have our lunch in the midriff of the hot noon with no shades of trees to shelter us from the clinging heat of the sunlight. Good thing it was really windy.

After enjoying a windy and relaxing atmosphere on top of Ablayan Peak, we descended from a platform while following the unfamiliar trail going to Dayhag Falls. We were not sure of the track though, but we’d ask the locals so we won’t take the long road trail going to Dayhag Falls. I think almost half of the trail was really rocky, and you need to have a good trekking shoes that would really grip so you won’t fall down. The trek going to Dayhag Falls from Ablayan Peak was not really that far, I guess it would only take around 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the pacing.

Seeing the green rice fields from afar was what welcomed us before we could ultimately reach the Falls. It was a beautiful scene that we barely can’t see in the bustling City of Cebu. I went down and I can’t simply elude the chance to get closer to the rice field and take a photo of it. I’ve seen a Carabao as well who happens to be so friendly and we had our photo as well.

The rice fields near the Dayhag Falls.

The Dayhag Falls was indeed a perfect side trip after our Ablayan Peak trek. It is also the sweetest summer swim spot. Gushing waterfalls, small rock pools, small cliff sides to jump off and a wide pool to drench your tiring muscles or share a picnic lunch and snacks with your family, friends and travel buddies.

The fifth level of Dayhag Falls

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Take a Bus bound for Boljoon from the South Bus Terminal. Ask the Bus conductor to drop you off at the Boljoon public market. From there, you’ll be seeing a bunch of motorcycle drivers just in front of the market. Hire a motorcycle going to jump off area of the Ablayan Peak for only PHP 150.00  for every motorcycle and good for 2 people.

Note: If you will decide to directly reach the Ablayan Peak, you’ll be paying PHP 250.00 instead of PHP 150.00 good for two people as well.



  • If you’re not into trekking, the motorcycle can actually reach directly up to the Ablayan Peak, since getting there is really accessible by motorcycle and by four wheels. But you’ll be charged PHP 250.00 for every motorcycle instead of PHP 150 good for two people already.
  • The trekking time from the jump off area going to the Peak is roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the pacing.
  • The travel time from the National Highway of Boljoon going to Ablayan Peak is roughly 30-45 minutes.
  • Most motorcycle drivers will ask if they would wait for you or they will just come back to fetch you back. If they wait, they’ll ask for an extra cost. What we did, we ask them to pick us up around the time that we have agreed. And since we traverse to the Dayhag Falls from the Ablayan Peak we ask them to just pick us up in Dayhag Falls around 5PM.
  • The Ablayan Peak is very windy and at the same time very hot, especially between 11 AM to 3 PM, make sure to bring adequate water so you won’t be dehydrated.
  • Bring some food if you decide to stay longer, since you can’t find a Sari-Sari store nearby.
  • You can as well put some sun block on your skin if happen you don’t want to get sunburned like me.
  • If you decide to stay overnight, make sure to bring all the necessary things you needed for an overnight stay.
  • There’s a trail leading to the Dayhag Falls, just ask the locals for they will surely help you.
  • Leave only footprints, take only pictures, no graffiti, no litter.


  • Cebu – Boljoon(back&forth )-Php 292.00
  • Boljoon to Ablayan Peak – Php 150.00
  • Food(Lunch,water & snacks)– Php 200.00
  • Dayhag Falls Entrance Fee – Php 20.00

         TOTAL – Php 662.00    


  • 02:00 AM- Meet-up at the South Bus Terminal
  • 02:30 AM- Depart from Cebu City
  • 05:30 AM- ETA ( Sunrise viewing at Eli Rock Viewing Deck).
  • 06:30 AM- Breakfast
  • 07:30 AM- Ambling around Boljoon’s Church and heritage structures.
  • 9:30 AM – Depart for Ablayan Peak
  • 10:15 AM- ETA (Jump Off area and trek to Ablayan Peak)
  • 11:00 AM – ETA (Ablayan Peak, Lunch & Picture taking)
  • 01:30 PM – Depart form Albayan Peak and trek to Dayhag Falls
  • 02:30 PM – ETA (Dayhag Falls, Picture taking and swimming)
  • 05:00 PM – Deaprt from Dayhag Falls
  • 05:30 PM – ETA at Boljoon market
  • 06:00 PM – Depart from Boljoon
  • 09:30 PM – ETA in Cebu City


I would like to thank Arnold of Wandering Soul Scamper for inviting me along with other trekkers I’ve met. To Sean of His Hidden Letters for taking some of my pictures. To Miss Catherine and Sir Harold for the food. To Miss Lanz, Sir Leowil and to Gilai who is really fun to be with and to RJ as well. To Sir Mike of Traveling Panda who joined us as well. Thank you so much guys for all of you, until our next adventure.

NOTE: All photos were taken using the Huawei P9 Lite. 


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