Tinubdan Falls: A perfect HAVEN For Your Next RIVER TREKKING Adventure

Life moves the way it suppose to be leading and sometimes we see ourselves standing in awe while enjoying the God’s gift of nature peacefully hiding in their own innate state before our eyes. I was honored for the unwonted courage I have experienced during our river trekking in Tabili, Catmon, Cebu. I wasn’t expecting much about the place, since I actually haven’t heard much about the Tinubadan Falls.

From the horrible traffic jam we’ve experienced from Cebu City going to  Catmon, I try to stay calm and just enjoy the ride. But I can’t deny the fact that I was vexed about how the time run faster than the movement of the bus on the road. Things like this is truly unforeseen and instead of attempting to be irritated by the unexpected situation, I try to close my eyes and have a nap while trying to get a good rest for the coming adventure that has long been waiting ahead of me.

While the sun is busy and excited to move slowly below the skyline. We were in a hurry to have our late lunch. We were supposed to have our lunch at Catmon Native Chicken and try their distinctive native chicken soup, only we were not lucky enough to taste it since we arrived late. Hence, we decided to go to Duko-Duko Restaurant, which is just close to Catmon Native Chicken and we had our lunch there.

Our kind of Lunch at Duko-Duko Restaurant

We need to take a jouncy motorcycle ride for about 30 minutes in order for us to get to the jump off area where we had to trek going to the enticing river. At the jump off area, we had our group briefing regarding the adventure that we are about to experience and our guide discussed about the do’s and Don’ts or things that should or should not be done during our river trekking and we had our short prayer.

From the jump off area, the trek leading to the enticing river wasn’t really that far which I thought was challenging, but it wasn’t. While getting closer to the river, I heard the sound of the splashing stream water like as if struggling enough, while hitting the huge rocks which makes the sound soothing in my ears. Soon enough, I was in awe while viewing the beautiful cascades on the huge rock. Our tour guide told us that it has been just sampled of the many waterfalls that we will be seeing on our river trekking adventure. We thought to have our upstream river trekking, but since we made it late, then we decided to just trek downstream.

Photo Credit: Aloysius John

There’s a calm and astounding haven I found and my two little itchy feet couldn’t keep the excitement to traipse along the huge rocks with the enticing sound of a water downstream. I have once again reminded that freely flirting to its innate state is like owning the freedom I have long been fighting to finally feel it in my hands. I recognize that I can’t be selfish to keep you from people who wanted to try your backbreaking nature and would love to commune to your beauty. Hence, I’m sharing you to everyone and hopefully they would love and take care of you as they start traipsing their feet to your awesome world.

Photo Credit: Aloysius John

So while trekking down, I found myself struggling enough with all the immense rocks and limestone that has all the sharp edges that I have to conquer. I have to be extra careful with all the steps I made, so I won’t end up bringing the bruises home.  Cause by just a slight mistake of misleading your feet, you’ll be hitting the sharp edges of rocks. I saw the thick green foliage of the jungle while enjoying the shades that it gives like as if I was on the other side of the universe, trying to explore all the hidden treasures with only my eyes as my witness and my two little feet as my guide.

I discovered a wide open space leveling my eyes while wondering what kind of scenery is waiting me down there. My curiosity dragged me to the border of the cliff while staring down like I was on the edge of the tree with a panoramic view from afar. The water freely flows down while creating stunning cascades with an enticing catching basin that calls you to require a dip in its cold and refreshing water.

I heard the wind blowing the leaves of the trees above me while I was embracing the creation that I’m currently in. Yes, I was left in awe while gazing at the sensational beauty of the Tinubdan Falls, like how I seriously stare my long time crush in High School. I was straining to capture beautiful photos, but my photos won’t give justice to the innate beauty of the Tinubdan Falls.

Photo Credit: Aloysius John
Photo Credit: Aloysius John

I hate to bid goodbye, but our guide told us that we have to move faster, since we are also planning to end our day, witnessing the spectacular sunset at Sagay Peak, which we were not lucky enough to see it cause we were a bit late. Going downstream was really arduous and there are immense rocks and limestone that we have to conquer.

There was the last waterfalls that we have found out just before we ended our river trekking. Truly, it was stunning and we can’t simply leave the Falls without taking a good photo of ourselves with the Falls. Before departing the last Falls, there’s a part of the river where we have to swim to get to the other side and good thing I can swim. There’s an alternative way though if you can’t swim, but you have to ask someone or your guide to help you since it is a bit difficult.

Everyone was elated after our river trekking adventure, but our adventure has not ended so far. We trek going to the Sagay Peak for a sunset scene, but we were not granted a leisure time to make it to the peak. What we did, we stop at the mini store where we inquired if we can still make it to the peak, but according to them we really can’t make it. Hence, we ended up being offered a place where we can change our wet clothes before going back to the City. Truly, there’s always kindness everywhere.




  • Don’t ever go River trekking alone. Wrong direction of your feet could lead to bruises or anything that would cause you regret.
  • Make sure you stick to your guide’s instruction. Don’t create your own system, then follow.
  • Better halt the activities when the sudden rain arrives because the water can create fast currents that would result to dangerous situation.
  • Hypothermia can be a real risk. If you’re the person who’s  not used of staying long in a cold water for too long, then you better wear wet-suits and pay attention to your body’s response.
  • Wear your comfortable river trekking shoes for you have to intersect over the crevice rocks and the river.
  • Bring enough water, and make certain to have your stomach filled before doing River trekking.
  • Bring your waterproof camera, Go Pro, or any gadgets that are waterproof. Bringing your DSLR is okay as long as you have a durable dry bag with you.
  • Please remember to leave no trace behind. Take good care of our mother nature. Just enjoy and be responsible enough.
  • Above all PRAY before doing River trekking for God’s guidance and protection.


Go to North Bus Terminal in Mandaue City and ride any bus bound for Bogo or Bantayan or any Bus going to the Northern Part of Cebu and ask the Bus Conductor to drop you off at the Corner of Katambisan, Catmon. You can as well tell the Bus Conductor to drop you off at the Catmon Native Chicken. From there, you can ride a motorcycle going to the drop off area. I highly advice to hire a tour guide going there for safety. You can contact our Guide master with this phone number:  +63 999 325 9621. His name is Kyno Lim Dumlao, He is not just responsible and assure your safety, but you’ll be entertained with all his “HUGOT LINES”.


  • North Bus – Catmon (Fare) – Php 78.00
  • Catmon – North Bus(Fare) – Php 78.00
  • Tour Guide Fee – Php 200.00
  • Habal-Habal (Back&Forth) – Php 100
  • Food (Lunch, Snacks & Dinner) – Php 250

         TOTAL – Php 706.00     



I would like to thank Nhagz of Nhagzventures for inviting me. I’m so happy to finally meet Ace and Demi of Ace and Demi Travel Stories and for joining us during this trip. I’m as well happy to share another travel memories with Glyster of Chasing Potatoes and for Lovely whom I find her funny, resilient and beautiful. I would wish to say thanks to my friend Aloysius John as well for joining us on this trip. To our master guide  Kyno and to his two friends for helping us to experience the memorable and fun river trekking adventure and to the other group who have joined us, thank you so much as well




  1. Hi, Lai. I’m so glad and honored to be with you in this adventure. Hope that this will not be the first and last. Looking forward to doing more adventures with you and as what you always mentioned, just keep going and follow your heart 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. This was one awesome adventure, Master Lai! How I wish I was able to visit Tinubdan Falls but it’s like I’m already in the place upon reading this.

    We were supposed to visit Tinubdan around last year but time was playful that we had our calendars filled with other activities thus we weren’t able to push thru. And we still hope to visit this place sooner.

    Thanks for the tips and a peek of what to expect in Tinubdan Falls!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great photos, Lai! I was able to visit this waterfall when my friends and I also did a river trek at Esoy Hotspring. Nakahapit mi kdiyot diri. Looking forward to go back to this place one day. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello Hanna,
    Wow, great to know that you had your quick visit here. During my visit in Esoy Spring way back 2012, I heard about this waterfall as well, only we didn’t able to visit it. Yes, let’s go back here next time.
    Thank you so much for dropping by.


  5. Great shots, Padz. 😀

    Hubby and I were also glad to have finally met you. And we look forward to going to more adventures with you, too. Cheers!

    Love, Ace and Demi


  6. Sounds like quite the adventure, and WOW, Tinubdan Falls is one of the most stunning areas I’ve seen!! I’ve not done river trekking before, but I imagine it would be pretty fun – I’m glad that you covered tips for safety like not trekking alone, because yes, I can imagine how easy it would be to make one wrong move, or fall off balance and slip. But definitely worth the risk for being immersed in such stunning nature 🙂


  7. That’s amazing! I didn’t even know that there was something called river trekking. Thanks for this article. I would definitely love to go on this adventure, but will definitely go with a group of people as you suggested. And I love those long exposure shots you have taken.


  8. The view of Tinubdan Falls looks like it has been photoshopped! It looks mesmerizing. Looks like such a wonderful experience, I am totally tempted to see this wonderful sight for myself.


  9. What beautiful photos! I would love to go and see Tinuban Falls myself. And your tips are very useful. Good to know to bring the right shoes and not to go alone. Also I’m glad that the trek to the river wasn’t that bad.


  10. You know what I loved about this post? It wasn’t just the detailed hints or information, it was your ability to take photographs of the waterfalls using a long exposure with people in the image! It’s quite a challenging technique. I am so impressed! I’m looking forward to more of your work and in seeing where your travels take you! 🙂


  11. What an adventure! Looking at the costs , it is absolutely inexpensive ….Under US$ 15… This is exactly what I like about Philippines. There are so many beautiful places such as Catmon and it does not take much money to explore them .


  12. This is a unique type of adventure that I haven’t heard of before. I had no idea you could trek inside a river, that’s amazing! I can imagine how though it was due to the slippery rocks and how if you don’t follow your guide’s advice you may end up hurting yourself. Even if the day started a bit late due to the traffic jam you still seem to have had a great time and some amazing beautiful views on the way.


  13. Looks like a fantastic adventure. The pictures are stunning…I’m sure being there was even better. River Trekking seems like it would be a great experience and it looks like it’s also very affordable. Glad you had a great time, and I will definitely have to keep this in mind as I’m planning future adventures.


  14. How long have you been practicing photography? Your photos scream excitement and adventure! I love how the momentum of the falls are captured! Seems like it’s not an expensive trip or activitiy to do. Plus, you can still be in sync with Mother Nature!


  15. The mention of Catmon brought back positive memories of the past. I used to travel to Cebu a lot and was fortunate to have been to Catmon a number of times. Sadly, wasnt able to visit those places as my trips were mostly business. Perhaps someday when I visit Cebu again.


  16. I lived in Cebu for about a year but I have never been to Catmon. I have only been to Kawasan and Malapascua. Haha! We also trekked going to Kawasan Falls. I loved the photos you used here especially those where you used shutter priority. Keep sharing your travel stories/adventures.


  17. Always love your photos sharing in your post, all very stunning & great! Especially your great use of shutter speed to capture the waterfall, really amazing! Have not been to this place, but I love waterfalls so much! Hope I will travel to this place one day to enjoy the nature & the beautiful waterfall too 😉 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


  18. When I first read Catmon, I remembered our town in Leyte so at first I thought the place was in Leyte. We will be visiting Leyte on vacation and we’re planning on adding in our itinerary Cebu because of Kalanggaman Island. If this is near my husband’s relatives place, we’ll try to visit this as well.


  19. I have been in and out of cebu but boy, I have never been in Catmon! though I have heard of it several times already, I am just not sure of where it lies. Anyhoo, thanks for putting a detailed information here. At least, if I’ll be able to visit Cebu and hit the northern part, I know where to go then.


  20. WOW! Such a great adventure you had! The place is so majestic and stunning, indeed. If only Cebu was near me, but it’s too far! But if ever I get the chance to visit Cebu I’ll make sure to see this very beautiful destination~ Thank you for sharing! I’m sure all the pagod in trekking was worth it.


  21. I am stunned by, and appreciate the beauty you afford us…but, even more than that, I am captivated by the glorious way you communicate…I love the feel of the words you use…your vocabulary is melodic, evocative, authentic, and generous,,,it speaks to who you are….thanks for sharing!!! 🙂


  22. Cebu is so beautiful! Love your photos! Let’s be friends! Im a Filipina but living in California now! I just posted my Italy trip and my monthly $50 giftcard of your choice international giveaway! I’m so excited for everyone! Hope to hear from you soon! XOXO http://herlostmango.com/


  23. Hey there! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Is it very hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Many thanks


  24. This place is beautiful, and seeing it and bathing in its cool waters make the effort it takes going to and out of there all worth it. Thank you for bringing me to this place which most likely I will never reach for myself.


  25. I just had to laugh at that part where you compared staring at the beauty of the falls to your longtime crush in high school. Haha. It really does look nice and I hope to be able to visit soon


  26. Wow, you always surprise me with your wanderings. I dream of experiencing the travels you have done and shared in your blog. And I like that you feature a lot of nature’s best in the Philippines.


  27. I was just about to ask before seeing your travel tips, I saw some people wear sandles but you wore covered shoes. Which is better? Is your shoes waterproofed? Will it be hard to dry if you wear shoes?


  28. To begin with the food looks so yummmm… Good to know that the initial part of the trek wasn’t too challenging. Indeed a hidden treasure! The place looks so beautiful!


  29. wow i’ve been planning on doing some nature trip supposedly this week.. to bad i had to cancel it due to a sudden change in my sched… nevertheless, i’ll be pushing it through nextmonth.. and this article gave me an idea where to go.. Your shots here are really amazing.. hope i can visit this place soon


  30. The water looks milky and the place so beautiful! It’s always good to fill up your tummy with yummy food like you had. Hope to go river trekking sometime soon/


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