WHERE I’ve been AND What I’ve LEARNED in 2016.

It was a peaceful morning in the first week of January 2016 while moving the curtains on both sides of the windowpane. The touch of a sheeny morning cascaded in through curtains, heralding another picture perfect day to plan and imagine about what kind of life it would be in 2016. I took my small notebook and I write “2016 will be a year full of adventure and learning”. Yes, it was genuinely a year full of an amazing adventure and a boat load of learning.

I would be very happy to share the glimpse of my life in the year 2016 like where I’ve been and what I’ve learned. I’m going to share about the amazing destinations that I’ve traveled to this year. I will too be sharing about the learning I’ve learned in the whole year of 2016. There’s a saying I have made that I forever wanted to embrace “Experiences from other people is also a good source of lessons and learning”. People’s experiences are also a way to educate ourselves without putting ourselves into a certain situation just to learn a lesson. Sometimes, we simply have to be keen enough in other people’s experiences that boils down to their reflection as it for us as well.



This year was a year where I’ve journeyed to different destinations in Cebu Province. The very first destination I’ve visited was the Flower Farm in Sirao or also known as The Little Amsterdam. I’ve visited TOP’s of Cebu, Cebu Taoist Temple and the Temple of Leah. Chasing waterfalls in Cebu were what Cebu really have known for. I’ve visited the Mantayupan Falls, Aguinid Falls, Tumalog Falls and the Kawasan Falls. Cebu is also really known for a beautiful and yet challenging peaks to climb. I’ve climbed Mount Lanaya, Sirao Peak and Osmeña Peak. But Cebu is not only about the temples, mountains, Peaks, and the stunning waterfalls, it is also a home of a pristine and white dust sand beach. I was able to visit the Tingko Beach Resort situated in the southern part of Cebu, Lambug beach in the Southwestern part of Cebu and Basdaku Beach Resort in Moalboal, Cebu. I’ve also tried the challenging Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu where so far was the most adrenaline kicking outdoor activities I’ve done in my life.

The Sirao Flower Farm or locally known as “The Little Amsterdam”
The TOPS view of Cebu
Tumalog Waterfall in Oslob, Cebu
Kawasan Waterfall in Badian, Cebu
Osmena Peak Dalaguete, Cebu
Lambug Beach Badian, Cebu


The Province of Negros Oriental is a neighboring Island of Cebu, and just like Cebu Province, this Island has so much to offer as well. The first destination I’ve visited was the stunning beauty of Casaroro Falls that really have got my attention. The Pulangbato Falls is also a unique innate kind of the beauty of a certain Falls, and this Pulangbato Falls is what it speaks about. In the Province of Negros Oriental is also the house of a stunning Twin Lakes or locally recognized as the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes. I was as well granted a chance to visit the St. Augustine of Hippo Church in Bacong that keeps the Pipe Organ from Zaragoza Spain.

Pulangbato Waterfall
Balinsasayao Twin Lakes


It was a trip to Negros Occidental that I’ve  slumbered in the bus just to save my one night accommodation and it was an awesome experience. The first destination I’ve visited was the panoramic view of a group of islands in Sipalay. I as well have visited the cunning little cave of Pulo Cave. Who would even dare to escape visiting the Taj Mahal of Negros or locally known “The Ruins” when you visit Negros Occidental?, of course no one would dare. I may have not climbed the well known Mt. Kanlaon, but I was given a chance to see it with my naked eyes. I was likewise able to traipse my two little itchy feet in the forest breeze of the Mambukal Beach Resort.

Sipalay, Negros Occidental
Pulo Cave, Negros Occidental
The Ruins in Talisay, Bacolod , Negros Occidental



Bohol has been one of my favorite Provinces in the Philippines because it offers a bunch of beautiful and unique kind of landscapes. I’ve explored Bohol way back 2014 where I stayed there for 5 days just to explore the whole Island and it was an amazing experience. Only this year, I travelled back to Bohol to explore the unknown white sandbar beach located in Getafe, Bohol. The Pandao Island is really a beautiful Island that has not been visited yet of many traveler’s. It holds a crystal clear water and a white sandbar beach that will surely meet your longing for a tropical island paradise.

Pandao Island in Bohol
Pandao Island in Bohol


One of the memorable adventures I have done in my life is visiting the Kalanggaman Island for twice this year. My first sojourn was  in March, but I wasn’t able to enjoy due to my butterfingered inner self. I resolved to go back just last November of this year and I finally have enjoyed. The Kalanggaman Island is from the base word (langam is a Visayan term which means bird). It is said to be the resemblance to the wings of a flying fowl when you view it from atop.

The two polar sides of the island have its own sand bar, but a long reach sand bar is on its southern part. On my second visit in the Province of Leyte this year. I was able to visit the iconic and historical MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park. It was also a blessing to visit the beautiful Palo Cathedral Church. It has long been my dream to traipse my two little itchy feet to the longest bridge in the Philippines the San Juanico Bridge that links the Province of Leyte and Samar Province.

Kalanggaman Island
MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park
San Juanico Bridge


This was an escapade that I never thought I could have done this year. I consider my visit to Palawan as an unexpected blessing. I know that 2 days in Palawan will never be enough, but it was nevertheless an adventure that I really treasured. Visiting the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River named as 7 wonders of the world several times were truly a blessing I have experienced this year. I was likewise able to visit the Puerto Princesa Cathedral, Plaza Cuartel, Baker’s Hill, Mitra’s Ranch and the Crocodile Farm.

Puerto Princesa Underground River



Among the beautiful spots that this province has to offer, there are some places that I always wanted to visit and would always love to come back. The 7 falls and the Zip line is what pulls in my whole experience awesome. I also visited one of the cleanest Cold Spring in Lake Sebu, the Sepacca Spring. I too have checked some of their amazing Lakes and the only Divine Mercy Shrine located in Brgy. Lamdalag, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

Sepacca Cold Spring

One of the amazing nature’s wonders that really made me speechless in the Province of South Cotabato is the Lake Holon, it is located in the Municipality of Tboli. I was also able to find out the most prominent scenic view of Mount Matutum with a 12,000 hectares of purely pineapple fruits that are peacefully nestled at the foot of Mt. Matutum.

Lake Holon in Tboli, South Cotabato
Mt. Matutum in Tupi, South Cotabato


Visiting this Province have opened my naked eyes with awe, taking me so deeply while hearing myself saying wow and my inner self remain muted with just an amazement marking my thoughts. It was an adventure that really have made me strong. These places I’ve visited was really amazing. The Panigan Underground River and WaterfallMarguez Hot and Cold Spring, Marawir Peak and Quetuban Waterfall.

Panigan Underground River and Waterfall in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat
Marawir Peak in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat


I was not granted a leisure time during my sojourn in the Sarangani Province, hence I only visited Gumasa beach, but hopefully I can go back and explore this Province. Gumasa Beach is near one kilometer of a long stretch of powdery white sand beach with turquoise waters and known to be a Small Boracay of the Southern Mindanao.

Gumasa Beach in Glan, Sarangani
Gumasa Beach in Glan, Sarangani


This was the last Province I have traveled to this year and it was an awesome adventure as I end my 2016. I’ve traveled to the beautiful sandbar of the Higatangan Island, Dalutan Island and the Sambawan Island. Biliran also owned a lot of waterfalls and it has long been my dream to explore all its stunning waterfalls. Simply because I don’t own a leisure time during my visit I have only had a chance to visit Tinago Falls and it was truly a jaw-dropping at its own innate state.

Higatangan Island in Biliran
Sambawan Island in Biliran


It was also this year that I had my first out of the country trip and I’m so glad that I’ve made it. I really find myself speechless and always in awe the minute I arrived in their airport until I explore some of the well known tourist destinations in Hong Kong. From the concrete jungle to how advance their country is, have really wowed me and made me so glad. I was able to visit Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Victoria Peak and Ocean Park. It was also my first time to feel like I really had a lot of money cause I had my serious shopping moment for the first time and it was an experience that I’m genuinely so happy about. It was one of my travels that I experienced a great deal of first time and I’ll surely go back if I get the chance again.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Ocean Park, Hong Kong


I truly learned a great deal of lessons this year. One lesson I learned was fighting for somebody you love doesn’t always mean you won in the end, sometimes yes, but most of the time it won’t end the way you wanted it to be. Your greatest failure in life is what brings the best out of you and that leads to something you have never expected to whatever you are now cause you’re at once landed at the  best version of yourself.

Traveling can really heal the pain of the past and along the way you’ll appreciate yourself and discover more about you that you didn’t even see yourself become the person you’re today. Being single doesn’t mean you’re sad and lonely, it is your chance to flirt with the things you have always wanted to do and experience.

Forging against all odds on my journey that absolutely maddens, strengthen and ultimately heals me from all the pains of the past, until I realize that I’ve got an ace up my sleeve and that brought me to where I am now.

I have now determined to decide independently about my own fate, the things I want, the things I enjoy, the learning that I want to treasure, the memories that I want to keep, the people I meet along the way and lock them in my vivid memories and bring them always wherever I go.

My 2016 was a year full of good memories of my travels and learning that I’ll forever be thankful for.

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My 2016 was really a year full of fun filled  adventure as I was able to visit 10 Provinces in the Philippines and one South East Asian country with a total figure of 55 astounding tourist destination. I too learned a countless learning while I’m traveling. To all the readers, viewers, supporters, and my friends who keep supporting this blog, you all deserve a big hug from me and would love to thank you all for being part of my 2016. Happy New Year to all of us, may we all have a prosperous 2017 and the years to come.



  1. Wow! I am in awe of the many provinces that you have been to. I am from Cebu and I have not explored Cebu the way you have. I’m also going to be in HK in about a month so I’m excited about that. I hope I get to see more of it and capture a lot of great moments the way you did.


  2. Loved the pictures and places you visit. Really awesome. Little Amsterdam, Pandao island, Osmena Peak and Sipalay go straight to my favorites. I love visiting beaches with my family and have been looking for places to go. This information is going to help me a lot.


  3. Looks like you had an awesome year of travel. With all the beautiful islands dotting the Philippines I’m sure one could easily spend well over a year exploring them all. Congratulations on your first international trip as well.
    At the end of the day, we don’t always win that fight for someone we love…but perhaps it prepares us for an even stronger live in the future.


  4. wow, you really had a fulfilling 2016! and i fully agree with learning our lessons through others’ experiences. we really need not be in the midst of everything to gain valuable insights. many times, we observe better and learn more by being outside of all the hoo-haa! And I totally envy you for being able to visit so many beautiful places!


  5. OMG!! You guys are impossible. I think I need atleast a month long stay in Philippines to see atleast few of the places. Its all just too beautiful. Wishing you a much more adventurous and travel filled 2017.


  6. 10 provinces + HK in a year? I envy you so much! How’d you have the time to travel so much? For the year 2016, the only place I’ve been to was El Nido!

    Also, while reading you blog post, you seem to have had a wonderful time in each place you’ve been to; but out of the ten provinces, which one was the best place to go to? I’m trying to plan an out of town trip with my friends but we currently still don’t have a destination. There are just too many wonderful provinces in the Philippines!


  7. I agree with you that travelling alleviates pain. One of my friends had emerged from a divorce and had taken to travelling to get over the attendant mental scars. Thankfully, I have not yet experienced a pain strong enough that has forced me to travel.
    To sign off, the picture of General MacArthur is surreal.For a moment, I thought the image was of live soldiers!


  8. Wow! A full year of traveling. That must have surely alleviated your pain including writing out your feelings. I love how you said that “being single doesn’t mean you’re sad and lonely, it is your chance to flirt with the things you have always wanted to do and experience.” I hope more people will realize that they do not need to look for love. Love will truly come at the right time with the right person.


  9. What an incredible year you have had! Reading this makes me feel so inspired to go out and travel more in 2017. Thank you for this wonderful post and I wish you all the best for 2017


  10. Pandau and Palawan are on my to-go list this year!!! 😀 You always take such amazing photos! You’re well-traveled, and I admire that about you. I’d love to go on a little trip but there’s always something going on, haha. More trips to you this year I hope! Would love to see more photos and read more tales of your adventures. Happy New Year!


  11. Lingaaw kaayo ko tan-aw sa imong mga pictures lai. hehehe. Mayta ako pud maka travel ug ing-ana kadaghan hahaha. ug mayu unta mahurot na nimo ang 81 provinces heheh


  12. Wow! It looks like you have been all over the place last year. I wish I can visit some of the places you have been. If I were single with no child, I don’t think I can resist the itch to pack my bags and see the world. Wishing you more travel adventures this year!


  13. I travelled to the Philippines this year but I missed out on Bohol and Palawan. I would love to get back there in 2017 if possible and see some more. It is such a beautiful country!


  14. Wow! It looks like you had an incredible year! I’m going back to the Philippines next year and I saw a lot of places that you visited last year that I want to visit when I go back! I loved your recap of lessons and you’re so very right about travel healing pain. Cheers to a great 2017!


  15. I envy people like you that are able to travel so much! Your writing is smooth and easy to read and your photos have the ability to take you there! I hope 2017 is so productive as 2016 was!


  16. You chose some truly breathtaking places to visit in 2016. Here’s to seeing more amazing places in 2017! Having read your blog for a bit now, I know you’ll have no problem doing that. ^^


  17. Congratulations on a year of great adventures. The Philippines is like an endless wonderland of natural beauty and magical experiences. We’ve been several times but have only scratched the surface. Thanks for highlighting so many great locations.


  18. I really regret that I did not find my blog when I was in the Philippines. If there is a person in the world who knows how to travel around the islands,it is you!
    I regret that I did not explore Cebu … I spent 2 months in Panglao (Bohol)


  19. Your trips for 2016 look awesome! Looks like you did and learned a lot. I really like the MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park image. I’m going to google more about it. Thanks for your round up of 2016! Best wishes to 2017! 🙂


  20. What an amazing year of travel for you! I am so very envious about all those waterfalls and beaches – the water is such a beautiful blue! I must say I have never heard of a lot of these places but I’d love to visit a white dust sand beach. Here in England we only have pebble beaches really 😦


  21. Wow you had a jam packed year! Loved the round trip. It’s cute that I’ve visited the Flower Farm in Sirao is also known as The Little Amsterdam. Is it because of all the flowers? I’m from Amsterdam!


  22. Good day,

    I am the owner of Go To Tops Shuttle Services. We are a company that brings people from Dessert Factory, SSY Center (across JY Square) to Tops and Temple of Leah, Cebu City.

    I’m not sure if you’ve covered those places already but we would like to ask if you can feature us in your blog? We can offer you free trips if you haven’t tried our service yet or if you already have a blog about it, we are hoping that you can include our details in it.

    We can check more about us at facebook.com/gototops

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. WOW man !
    I just found your blog. Between the Puerto Princesa Underground River article and the guy above me, (paulgo20002000) trying to get your recommendation for business you live very well.
    I followed you. You write well.
    And I like you say the ‘Country’ of Hong Kong. Good you respect other cultures sovereignty.



  24. Almost all of the things you say happens to be astonishingly accurate and it makes me wonder why I had not looked at this with this light before. This piece truly did turn the light on for me as far as this topic goes. But at this time there is actually just one point I am not necessarily too cozy with so while I attempt to reconcile that with the actual main idea of the point, let me observe what the rest of the subscribers have to say.Well done.


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