A TRAVELER’S open letter to a future PARTNER 

What if our path will cross in the most unexpected moment, but favorably at the peaceful scene of your comfort zone. You’re dealing at your own present life in which I find that you’re simply happy with the life that you already hold. We both fell in love with each other after deeply knowing our weaknesses and strength and we both decided to set about our intimate story. But will you still love a traveler after discovering that you’ll mostly not be at home and that you’ll be deprived of the solace of your own wish to have a house when you marry? To literally experience a life of being married like what you have mostly seen with other couples, but you can’t have it that way. Will you still listen to the whisper of a traveler’s life after that?

Photo Credit: @thevoyager7482

I wanted to tell you that I have nothing to offer that would create your memories with me an extra special through the touch of material affairs. Yes, I’m struggling with my own financial status and that means I can’t buy your home that you’d always dreamed to have, a car that you’d always wanted to ride. I only possess the courage and strong will that our feet will traipse to a different land, our eyes will see a different scenic views, we’ll delve ourselves into a different culture and that we both learn to whatever our travel experience will teach us. I hope you’ll be okay with all these things that are forming in my head.

One night you’ll get to experience a rush packing of our stuff and squeeze them all in our backpack, then you’ll get to leave the comfort of your bed that instead you’ll rest, but you ended up taking a long hour of a land travel to save a one night accommodation. You’ll supposed to feel the presence of my sturdy arms hugging you tight the whole night with an only presence of our comforting bed, pillows and my snores, but everyone in the bus will get to witness it. We supposed to have an intimate moment, but we can’t because we are inside of a public transportation. Will that be fine if you lose your privacy by only having me around at night?

There will be a moment when you’ll experience a life of sleeping in a small tent near the sea shore cause I want to save our Hotel accommodation. You’ll start to listen to a sturdy wind lashing our tent instead of experiencing the cold air from an air conditioned room. The music at the four corners of our room that you used to hear is no longer what you’ll get to hear, but the sound of a frail wave as it is gently kissing the coast. You’ll get to lull into a deep slumber not because of the comfort of our house, but by a sea breeze hugging us tight with a music of peace the whole night.

There will be morning when you still wanted to sleep cause you’re just so freaking tired of a life you don’t like, but I have to wake you up to see the beautiful sunrise. The morning that you used to have, busy preparing for a breakfast and make yourself ready for your work, but here you are waiting for the sunrise that you’ll never be roused to see before.

You’ll as well experience a long hour of climbing a mountain where you never see yourself doing it. Along the way, you’ll start to experience the different world, the clinging heat of the sun touching your surface, the heavy sweat that freely came out of your skin, the moment that you’re about to surrender, but you don’t have a choice cause I eagerly want to reach the peak of the mountain. You’ll feel the muscle pain, your longing to freely just let your body kiss your comforting bed after a backbreaking climbed, only you can’t cause I only brought a tent for us.

At night you’ll get to deprive from the presence of light as you used to have it way back at your home, but I only have a flashlight, emergency light and the stunning stars above us, as our light. You’ll go to sleep without being secure since we have no gate to lock and door to close, but squeezing ourselves to the small tent I brought.

There will be weekends that you simply wish to rest in your room watching your favorite movies and listening to the song of your admired singers, but I asked you to come with me and we’ll have a walk in a park or an out of town adventure. Your dream of going to the malls every weekend and buy another new dress and jeans, or just simply amble around the mall as what you have used to practice, only now has altered to a weekend full of exciting adventure.

There will be a moment in your life that you get to also learn chasing the beautiful waterfalls and not just your dream of being a loyal and faithful wife to your hubby. You’ll start to see the different panoramic view, the natural scenery that you’ve seen somewhere is no longer something that painted in your mind, but you’ll to get to see them slowly. You’re slowly appreciating Gods wonderful creation and have open your mind that God is indeed amazing because of what he has created.

You’ll see yourself in one place and you don’t know of anyone except me. You’ll get lost in a place, no phone signal, no internet service, everything is completely void of your interests, a life you never wish to experience and have imagined to experience. You started to know new things, get to delve into a new culture, you started to open your eyes and discover the beauty of our world.

And then you get to realize that just like everyone said, never marry a traveler because traveler’s really don’t stay, yes, it’s true. They won’t be staying in one place, but they truly stay with you as long as you spread out your eyes and join them in discovering the genuine beauty of our world in a different perspective. In every place they have been to, is a home that they get to embrace and for a new opportunity that allows them to travel is their car to drive and just enjoy the ride with them towards a beautiful journey.


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