TINAGO FALLS: Is it still a HIDDEN stunning WATERFALL in Naval, Biliran?  

While the serried multitude of the stars were busy in their circuitous course peacefully spreading above me, I was on my little bed squeezing myself and my stuff with a cold tourist room in a Roble Shipping line, pacifying myself by the exciting memories that I’m about to make on the following day. I saw a bunch of passengers as we all have the same port of destination, but eventually with a different reason. The waves touches the coast of Ormoc City port early in the morning after 6 hours of travel from Cebu City. As I went straight outside of the port, I heard loud voices saying “Tacloban” “Naval”. The last thing I know I’m already inside the Van and trying to have a catnapping moment while traveling to Naval.

Yes, it was really dark outside the Van like as if being deprived of the presence of light like a tiring heart been barred in the darkness of hate and have been longing to be touched by the lights of a wondrous happiness. I was wakened up by the dissemination of a morning light touching my surface, then I checked my watch and I didn’t noticed  that I’ve traveled more than 2 hours with a comfort of my excitement. Hence, I was left in the Van all alone thinking of where did other passengers go, then a comforting message coming from a driver saying, we are now in Naval, Biliran Sir. Then I smile and said Yes, I have finally tread my feet in the Province of Biliran.

Upon reaching Naval, I heard a sound coming from my stomach reminding me to have my breakfast before I begin my sojourn and so I did. The comforting smiled of a Habal-Habal driver caught my attention as he saw me with my backpack while asking, Sir where are you going? I asked him with a sly smile. Any waterfalls that you can recommend for me? He smiled back and said, Tinago waterfall Sir. Then I asked him how much will you charge and he said Php 300 Sir, but I was able to haggle it to Php 250 and then he agreed.

Photo Credit: Kuya William (My Habal-Habal driver)

I like how proud he is about his land as he started telling me about the many waterfalls that he wanted me to see, but since I only have 2 hours of time for this, I told him I’ll surely go back here and I’ll check all those waterfalls. The real reason why I was in Biliran Province is to visit some of their beautiful Islands, the Dalutan Island, Higatangana Island and the Sambawan Island. I’m joining with a group of jaunty travelers from Luzon, so I won’t be spending much on the boat rentals and I’ve just met them during this trip. Since I arrived early at Naval, Biliran I want to make use of my 2 hours since they will be arriving at 10:00 am that time.

Tinago Falls is located in Brgy. Cabibihan, Caibiran Biliran. Roughly 20 kilometers away from the town of Naval, Biliran and 30-45 minutes of travel time with a stunning scenery of rice fields and beautiful mountains. Going there was an easy ride since the road is concreted and very accessible. The cold fresh winds peacefully kissing my surface and the beautiful scenery along the way is truly what makes a journey to Tinago Falls more amazing. The word “Tinago” is a Visayan word that means “hidden” in English. Isn’t it so ironic that the name itself is not what it really means? It is because the Tinago Falls is very accessible to many travelers since it is one of the must visit waterfalls in the entire Province of Biliran.

Soon enough we arrived at the entrance area where I didn’t see anyone there, maybe because it was too early, and then instead of waiting for the in charge of the entrance fee, my motorcycle (Habal-Habal) driver decided that we go to the falls and we’ll just pay when the in charge is around. There’s a concrete stairway leading to the falls and I heard the inviting sound of the falls to its basin as if calling my name and embrace its nature. I was so lucky that time cause I seemed to owned the falls the whole time I was at that place.

To finally traipsing my feet to the viewing deck of the falls is to finally answer my question what the waterfall look like cause I didn’t bother to check it on the internet and didn’t see any picture of the Tinago Falls before going here. To my surprise, it was truly beautiful just like many waterfalls in the Philippines, only what seemed Tinago waterfall unique from others is a slanting direction to its catching basin. Astoundingly standing at the height of 90 feet, freely flowing from a rock ridge to its innate catchment basin with a lush scenery green mountains and rocks that surrounds it’s beauty.

I was standing at the viewing deck with an amazement marking my face. The water is freely flowing and moving into the big rocks going to the first cascade that has a wide catching basin. I would love to jump and swim that time since it appeared to be very tempting, but I resolve not to due to time constraints and the water is really cold.

The place is actually being developed by the Government. You’ll see a big space for cottages where you can put down your things when you get there. There are trees that surrounded the place that maintain the cool weather. I as well see a grilling station. This must be a place where people of Caibiran get themselves during summer since the  place maintain the cool conditions even during the summertime season.




You can get a direct flight to Tacloban City via major airlines like Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia. The moment you arrived at the airport ask the locals where to ride a Van that travels directly to Naval. The travel time from Tacloban to Naval is around 2 hours and 30 minutes.


There are daily schedule of boat and fast craft trip from Cebu to Ormoc. You can take a fast craft for 2 hours or a boat via Roble Shipping Line and travel by night for 6 hours. The moment you arrived at the port area, simply walk a bit to the outside of the port and you’ll see Vans there that travel directly to Naval starting at 4:00 am.

Upon reaching Naval, Biliran, near the Van terminal, there are motorcycle drivers that would be happy to bring you to Tinago Waterfall and some other waterfalls in Naval. You can contact this very kind motorcycle driver who happened to be my driver during my sojourn through this mobile number +639107008168, his name is William Nagarino.



  • ADULT – Php 20
  • CHILDREN- Php 10

NOTE: Price is subject to change without prior notice. 


  • If you’re planning to get wet, make sure to bring your extra T-shirt and necessary things.
  • Be careful when walking on some rocks cause it’s slippery.
  • Kindly take your own food and water since there is no store nearby.
  • There is no mobile signal in this location. Make sure your phone and camera is fully charged for photo purposes.
  • Be extra careful when traveling here during rainy days since there is always a possible flash floods.
  • Always take good care of our mother nature.
  • Please don’t leave your things unattended and don’t throw your garbage anywhere.



  • Motorcycle (Haba-Habal) Naval- Tinago back and forth – Php 250
  • Tips for the guide (My guide was my driver)  Php 100 
  • Entrance Fee – Php 20
  • Food – Php 100

         TOTAL – PHP470


  1. Gorgeous views! There’s so much to discover in Phils. My husband is from Manila, so I’ve been back with him once and to El Nido. The next time we revisit, I’ll tell him about Tinago Falls. 🙂


  2. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! I missed these falls when I was on Cebu, but I’m dying to visit that island again to show my husband the things I loved, but I think this might just need to be an addition to the list of stops. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Mary, thank you so much for dropping by. Yes, I was planning to visit Iligan long before, but I have not got the right time yet, possibly next year. I heard a great deal of good things about Tinago Falls and I can’t wait to see and experience it myself. I’ll surely visit it very shortly.


  3. Great tips for a little waterfall escapade. My kids love waterfalls but then are always too scared to get in! Silly buggers. I like doing a little trek to a nice waterfall, it’s like “what will we find?”


  4. I haven’t visited any Tinago falls in the Philippines or maybe I really liked waterfalls that are still unknown no matter how hard nor how scary the place would be. I’ve never been to Eastern Part of the Philippines yet, and I’ve been thinking of Biliran to add to my list, for sure when I get the chance to travel this part, Tinago will be recommended by the local.


  5. Very lovely. I love how clean the place is. And I’m feeling the cold water from your photos. 😀 Clearly, it’s well-maintained. I can understand why it’s so tempting to jump right ahead to the clear waters. Another great adventure from you Lai.


  6. Wow! I love waterfalls, despite me having a serious case of thalassophobia. I simply prefer them over the beach. I would love to visit this place one day. Crossing my fingers. 🙂


  7. The Tinago Falls that I know and have been to is the one in Iligan City so this a new “Tinago Falls” that I have found. Thanks for sharing the guide including the costs to visit the place. I’m glad to know that the government is actively maintaining the place and sharing it to local and foreign tourists alike. The stairs look slippery though. Was it?


  8. I guess it was called Tinago because it is hidden within the jungle or you need to trek for a few minutes to arrive at the waterfall. It’s like in Tinago in Iligan where it is actually hidden amidst the forest. The 90 feet tall waterfall is amazingly stunning and I wonder if you can swim at the basin?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wonderful post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Bless you!


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