My Heartfelt THANKS to EVERYONE: 3rd Place for 2016 Philippines’ Best Travel and Leisure Blogs.

It is when we truly understand the meaning of whatever we do in life, the love for our passion that we always bear in mind, then the recognition comes and it motivates us to perform better and improve ourselves as a license to inspire and not the license to boast. Our achievements in life are like an angels voice that appears to be charming in every ear, but we should always be humble to be worthy of any recognition granted to us.

Photo Credit: My Cebu Blogging Community Family

When we do things out of kindness and our love for our passion without focusing on the recognition, it is what makes our achievement whole and complete. I remember my grandma who never fails to remind me that, sharing your talent is like giving and helping, never expect anything in return because kindness will find its way back as long as you’re honest to whatever God has entrusted to you. Always learn to appreciate every good in any bad writing when you read it, even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your brain behind what is comfortable because out of giving your appreciation, it will make you proud of what they have achieved as well.

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Accepting this award without giving credits to the people who have inspired me, who keep motivating me and those who have supported me is like a balloon loaded with an air and floating above without any direction. So allow me to thank you all for the support and love for whatever I do.

To everyone who have been supporting my blog, by sharing, reading and have inspired by my travels and my random thoughts while traveling as my personal reflection, thank you so much. I couldn’t get this award without the support that you have extended, thus I’ll give back all the honor and glory to everyone, especially to God. I may didn’t able to get the first place for the travel and leisure category, but I’m so glad to be one of the finalists and have made it as a 3rd place and ranked 12 out of 37 finalists for this year “2016 Philippines Best Blogger”.

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My greatest gratitude for the for organizing an event like this and for giving an opportunity to all bloggers in the Philippines to be recognized. I know it isn’t about the award after all, but the heart that is full of passion and honesty to whatever we do and how we inspire others in whatever talent that God has given to us and a chance to voice out how we carry the change for the goodness of our country, the Philippines.
To all the nominees, finalists and those who have received the award, congratulations to each of us. May we all give the glory and honor to God! God bless us all and may we continue to write and inspire others as well.

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Exactly like what my last paragraph of my article for a change for this award. ” As a travel blogger, my word is my sword to inspire, my creativity is my power to let people smile, my ability to explore is my way of showing how beautiful our world is, my photo is my way of saying there is still reason to think beautifully, my travel story is my way of touching people’s lives to let them know that we should always be excited because we can enfold change by pushing ourselves to the limits, get out of our comfort zone and see how big our world is with a heart full of hope for a better change.”
You can check my article for a change as my entry for this award here.

For the complete list of winners you can check the Facebook page of Lagawan org. Here.


  1. Wow! What an awesome accomplishment! I agree and i should’ve vited for you if i knew about this earlier then. I always admire how extensive your travel posts are. Even the photos are amazing. And you never fail to give full details of the travel..there’s more to come! Congratulations! 🙂

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  2. You deserve this Ariel, you have a winning attitude and great communication skills, this is just the beginning to tell you you are headed in the right direction. God Bless Nanny.


  3. Congratulations! I really like your blog because you have been informing people, travelers and enthusiasts about places you have already been too. Other than that, you have given details of your adventures and share them. Your success is really hard-earned! You deserve it!

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  4. Congratulations Lai! You really deserves it! I’ve been into blogging for 10 years now but I’m new into travel niche (finally i found a niche that I really enjoy the most). Travel bloggers like you really inspired to step out of my comfort zone and do things beyond my expectations. Traveling has never been easy and it requires a lot of passion and hard work so this award is really something you definitely deserve!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations! i am happy for people who gets recognized for all their hardwork on improving their blogs and of sharing their experiences thru blogging. You deserve it!


  6. Congrats Master Lai. You are a true master. I never expected to even be part of this too. Then I told myself, hala naapil pajud tawon ko ani, haha so I’m just thankful for their recognition. Continue to keep the blogging fire burning. Cheers!


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