The veil of a REALITY in TRAVEL: Paddle your OWN canoe. 

It’s probably not merely by chance that you’re alone sometimes and considering yourself selfish and being boastful as your source of pride if you think that you’re not a run-of-the-mill individual that almost married to your comfort zone. You may have had your catnapping moment while forming your dreams in your mind, but you’re trying to wake up because you’re excited to make your own reality to whatever your thoughts life is shaping.

Have you ever questioned why some people are being blessed to do what they love and love what they do and some are just there trying to love what they do and run out dry at the end of the day? Perhaps because they run out of choice or maybe because they don’t open their eyes that the world where we live is big enough to wander and get lost to whatever God has intended for us to enjoy and savor while we are still in good shape and in a good physical condition.

Yes, there is way better beyond the walls of your comfort zone and you’ll be astonished by God’s wonderful creation if you’re willing to take the risk and fight your love of bed and stop the plea of your considered jaded body that always kiss your bed and seemed to be like a sticking glue until it run dry and stay at its comfort. If you dream while sleeping, then don’t get your dreams in life sleeping as well. Hey, wake up, go, move, take an action and establish them into reality.

It’s okay that once in our life we loved our comfort zone cause I’ve been there and I thought it was the only life I have until the end, but I was completely wrong until I was forced by my sheer determination without bothering to think about my empty room of experience in traveling. Forging against all odds on my journey that absolutely maddens, strengthen and ultimately heals me from all the pains of the past, until I realize that I’ve got an ace up my sleeve and that brought me to where I am now.

Photo Credit: @foureyedlaagan

I’ve been backpacking and traveling solo in the Philippines for almost 3 years now and it taught me a lot in life. One of the lessons I have learned is to “PADDLE MY OWN CANOE” It is deciding independently and decide my own fate, the things I want, the things I enjoy, the learning that I want to treasure, the memories that I want to keep, the people I meet along the way and lock them in my vivid memories and bring them always wherever I go. Yes, I failed sometimes, I fell off the ground like a toddler who have just learned the process of walking, he got wounded and kept bawling, but he begins to hoist himself and begin to take another step until he masters the equilibrium in walking.

Lessons I learned I had never gotten a chance to learn from school and the four corners of my office. I’m still learning a whole lot and I will never get tired of embracing whatever life challenges thrown to me. It is when I open my eyes to the place where nobody knows and recognize me, when I able to smile to people whom I didn’t know without expecting in return. When I walk to a street with crowded people, I learned to observe. When I get lost in a place with no one to rely, but the stillness and peace is sturdy enough to trust myself.

This is what I always love when I travel, the unending random people I talked with and have inspired me as well, the different culture I get to delve into, the natural experiences that will surely mold me, the infinite excitement whenever I start to see new things, the awkwardness I get whenever I experience new things and the learning I acquired along my journey. It is the happiness that money can’t buy, after all, it is the life I want to live and the road I want to take with the determination to get to a destination with the assurance of lessons, peace, happiness, love and memories to treasure forever.


THE VEIL OF A REALITY IN TRAVEL is my series blog posts that tackles about my journey in life, especially my personal reflection in my travels expresses in an idiomatic expression. You’ll get to know me more by sharing my random thoughts in life and deem to inspire others through my story with the strong motivation to encourage others and the dictation of my inspiring prompted words base on a personal experience.


  1. I was able to read one of your post in social media about how you come up with blogging and it tells us the story of your experiences before you became a travel blogger.This figurative speech really described your Personality Lai. You stand in your own and decide your own fate. Great read!


  2. Wow Master Lai! This article is so inspiring. I prefer to have a buddy when traveling, I love to travel with someone I know wherein I can talk to anytime and do crazy stuffs with, but this post made me think that I will probably try to travel solo again. Maybe not always but I have to do it once in a while.


  3. No one else can paddle your canoe but you..that’s true. In the same way that no one can change the way you think. No matter how much people try to convince you about something, you still have the last say. Haha. Sorry may pinaghuhugutan 😛


  4. Paddle your own canoe because it’s only you who knows where to go and where you want to go. Just keep moving forward and you’ll see better places than before.


  5. Cheers for going outside the comfort zone! Which is really a struggle at first but it’s just a matter of getting used to. And yes, paddling your own canoe is best done by no one but yourself! And it’s really interesting to travel not just because of the destination you are going to but also the experiences and learning you get from the people you meet along the way. 🙂


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