A story behind a full blood Filipino with her BLUE EYES, but she’s completely DEAF. 

The eyelids that cover her eyes, like a shy turtle slowly wanting to keep her head when you’re straining to touch her. The minute she opened her eyes, it was as though a pair of curtains had been moved away on both sides of the window slowly revealing the view of the crystal blue sea from outside. She smiled, she noticed that John had been giving her an astonishing kind of face like a forlorn man losing himself for a while. The girl slowly covering her eyes once more, trying to be egoistic as what her inner timid self made her for a moment. John smiled and greet her with a comforting hello, but kept his baffling state for a moment at the back of his head.


Meet Jopai with her mysterious blue eyes

The girl didn’t pay attention to John’s friendly greeting. John’s heart, beat a little bit faster while talking to himself with an only silent voice echoes to his head, he wanted to steal it, grab a piece of paper to draw what he saw with an intent to paint it and he would love to hang it as his decoration to his room. John gained his way and he finally had gotten Jopai’s attention.  She had these eyes that only an expert could explain. They were crystal blue and beautiful, but because she had a brown like strands of hair on her head, her eyes looked bluer like as if her eyes are telling you to come and take chances of dipping to her crystal clear liquid blue eyes like an ocean under the burning heat of the sun. They were soulful, in some way; they seemed to say things that I knew she’s probably never say out loud.




This girl I’m sharing with you belongs to a Teduray tribe from Sitio Kuhanen Brgy. Pamantigan, Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. A daughter of Rodolfo G. Ventura and Lorena O. Ventura. Her name is Jhopai O. Ventura, 8 years old and a Grade 3 student. She’s the second child and her older sister is Kaithcel, her younger sister is Wendy and the youngest in their family and the only boy is Lester Jun. She has the beautiful blue eyes, but she doesn’t have any foreign blood. She’s living in a mountain area of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat and she’s completely deaf.



The family of Jopai

If only I have the power, I would probably have helped her hearing cause she deserved to hear the sound that surrounded her world since she is simply mysterious. The people have been a bit bewildered since she’s the lone girl in their community who have these beautiful blue eyes. She was a product of pregnancy craving of her mother with a beautiful and well dressed doll as she wanted to have a beautiful daughter which is indeed Jopai is really pretty.

Jopai and Michael John Genilla

Jopai is completely inscrutable and appearing to be mysterious that even until now I couldn’t think that there’s such a thing exist even you don’t have a foreign blood. I would be really happy if there would be an expert on a medical side to explain this kind of mystery. But for today, I am thanking God for her life, truly God does things that we human can’t understand and explain.


I would like to thank Michael John Genilla for helping me with this. I was supposed to visit Jopai during my visit in Sultan, Kudarat, but since we weren’t able to make it due to the time constraints. I asked Michael to go to Jopai’s place again and send my regards to Jopai. He’s just kind enough to help Jopai and we hope this would be our means to help Jopai’s condition on her deaf problem.


  1. Incredible. I’ve heard about how we’re all born with blue eyes, and how they become darker (depending on your melanin count) after birth upon exposure to light. Jhopai’s case is indeed mysterious as it is beautiful.


  2. She really has beautiful eyes. It might be odd at first, a filipina with blue eyes. But that is one thing that differs her from others. That’ll be the long lasting impression of her, not her deafness. =)


  3. The little girl Jopai’s eyes are really mesmerizing. The innocent face with those deep blue eyes make her as beautiful as a little goddess. It is a strange travesty of fate that for her the world is silent, as if the world is speechless in front of her pure beauty.


  4. Her genetic mutation is quite a stunning one, although her other conditions make me pity her. Like another person in the comments said, maybe you or someone could start a sort of campaign to raise some money to aid her in case she has a chance of regaining her hearing through surgery. I would definitely be up for supporting that.


  5. You know what, this is truly msyteriously amazing. Nindot kaayo iyang mga mata but yet she’s deaf. I want to personally meet her pero when pa kaha. Dako na tingae siya.


  6. she’s indeed a mystery…even if she has a foriegn blood, it’s almost impossible to inheret blue eyes…blue eye is recessive…so beautiful!


  7. What a unique, gorgeous little girl. Her eyes are one of the bluest I’ve seen, they’re amazing. I wonder why her eyes are blue, but I do know there are cases, albeit rare, of Asians having blue eyes. It’s sad to hear that she is deaf, but I hope that she gets to achieve her dreams in life whatever that is.


  8. I saw a man he’s actually a vegetable vendor “I forgot the place” he’s actually a full blooded filipino with the same eyes…at first I thought he’s wearing contact lens but when I looked up close he’s not…I really mesmerized with he’s eyes…I never thought that a full blooded filipino can have a blue eyes although I already saw a lot of filipino without Caucasian blood as far as I know unless they have a descendant…. with colored eyes…
    I’m not boasting but I saw a girl with green eyes and a man with grey eyes… And a lot of filipino with dark and light brown eyes. Maybe it is something to do with genes??? It’s just where not aware that such thing existed until now because of internet…. Come to think about it…. even african and middle east have the situation without having a Caucasian blood…anyway she’s a beautiful child… Thank’s a lot for the information… God bless ^_^


  9. Hello,
    I just saw a brief video about this little girl recently. I was touched by her story. I am a Canadian/Filipino and was born in the Philippines. Soon i will be moving back to the Philippines. From my understanding that she is from sultan kudarat? My parents and some families lived in sultan kudarat and I believe some of them still live there. I was probably 2 yrs old when I was in sultan kudarat before my parents moved to Manila. I plan to visit sultan kudarat and hope to meet this girl and her family maybe I can do something to help.


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