P/Y JOKAI 1:  The YACHT, SEA BREEZE and the SUNSET have united to complete my DAY. 

I wonder how the indistinguishable waves are being formed just like how I marvel how the sunset rest on its throne. There are wondrous things in life that are already existing, but made us still question, bewildering on the side what made them exist or they just exist for the mere fact of just knowing that they truly exist? Have you ever wondered why people chase after sunrise and the sunset? Why do people challenge themselves to climb mountains just to witness the sunset and dawn? Truly the genuine things in life were being questioned because that’s where the authenticity starting to delve into.

Photo Credit: Paul Kiener

I opened my eyes in one afternoon questioning myself while I got my feet traipsing as I was like floating on an ocean with a staunchly oppugn looming overhead while inside the  beautiful Yacht. I was on the other side of the world, considering the situation I’m presently in. A moment I had never thought I would see myself into. Thinking I was dreaming, but a sudden sea breeze clothing me and my sawed-off hair was dancing while I was on the upper deck of the yacht, then that moment I was convinced enough that I’m faced with reality.

Photo Credit: Paul Kiener

I began hearing the unfamiliar sound, but  soothing to my ears brought by the engine of the yacht. I was sitting on a comforting quilt, placed along the tough elastic synthetic polyamide material kind of chair in a light color state while facing to the stunning islands of Mactan. The Yacht started moving, trying to ruin the calming state of the ocean during that time while the sea breeze filling and providing the real heart of cruising on a yacht.

I couldn’t elucidate how exactly do I feel that moment, who would have imagined Cebu has this sort of experience? I started ambling around the yacht while talking to some familiar faces, make some friends with other people, asking some information from the crew of the yacht which they definitely know how to spew off some answers to my friendly questions which I’ll be sharing to you in a while.

There was another familiar sound I discovered  which was enticing coming from the other side of an open corner with a shining baluster behind the davenport sofa. The sound is like bidding to fill my stomach and feast my eyes. There is a cracker served and peanuts on a table while cruising along the Mactan Island. If my stomach would have talked, he would surely say thank you for paying attention to what I’ve been asking. Then another food being served, an Italian kind of pizza topping with a taste of an Italian style that appears to be freshly arrived from Italy and paired with a glass of wine while enjoying the tropical bliss of Mactan Island. A leisure moment that everyone must experience before the sun decided to bid adieu.

As I was gazing to the vividness of the clear firmament above me, safe in mind and sealed my positive drawn perspective about the dramatic scenery of the sunset while begging it to connive to my expectation. The law of attraction proved itself at that time. I sluggishly witness how the sun moving below the horizon as if waving its light and bid goodbye. The genuine innate beauty of the sunset is inimitable that even an artist can’t paint how genuine it was at that moment.

I was at that place, it was another exquisite moment as I’ve seen the atmospheric effects scattering around the sky. The glistening of  dramatic scenery reflected on a surface of the calming water of the sea, it’s like witnessing a couple kissing on their wedding day, romantic as it is and an authentic moment one has long been waiting to experience. It’s like committing a sin that you can’t repay if you would never pay attention to your camera and forget to capture every precious second.

The sun has finally rested on its comfortable paradise and left us in awe. I can’t thank God enough for offering such  stunning scenery that rarely happen. The presence of light gone and the darkness happily filling the space to remind us that we have ended our day with such a treasured experience that we’ll keep forever. Nothing compares to the sunset cruise experience that Jokai Marine International Incorporated has to extend to everyone, incomparable and one of a kind experience that everyone should try and enjoy.

Photo Credit: John of @foureyedlaagan
Photo Credit: John of @foureyedlaagan


Jokai Marine International Incorporated was founded by Mr. Arne Johansen and Mr. Marcel Kaiser. They aim to provide the best party scene in Cebu as this is the newest way of enjoying what a party should be like in another dimension while maintaining a perfect platform to cater a genuine kind of parties. The only Cebu’s first every party yacht. Designed in France and owned by Jokai Marine International, The Jokai-1 is the single and only vessel that is duly registered as the pleasure yacht in Cebu.

The pleasure yacht of Jokai can carry a maximum of 50 people as this can be a perfect Yacht to partner with event organizer that would like to build a solid reputable portfolio on the party scene. Jokai has its own bar where you can house those mouth-watering drinks, weather proof furniture for the guests, and a built-in generator set that can power the loudest decibel that a human ear can ever endure. Pioneering the yacht party and sunset cruise of Cebu, Philippines, Jokai Marine International is open to collaborate with event organizers to form a Cebu’s first authentic beach and a yacht party weekend on the island.

Take part of the “Drink, Rave, Cruise Movement” in Cebu. After all, you’ve got to fight for your right – to party!


ADDRESS : Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines. PHONE: +63 920 9516 315.  E-MAIL: info@jokai.com.ph

For more information and details on their prices, you can contact them through their website at Jokai Marine International Incorporated. You can as well check their Facebook page for more interesting news at Jokai Marine International Incorporated. 


I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to Ma’am, Jannette Clasen Amahit for inviting me to experience this one of a kind sunset cruise in Cebu with the newly and improved P/Y Jokai 1 Yacht by Jokai Marine International Incorporated.


  1. Wow, I thought sa gawas and then after finally done reading your post, lo! It’s just in Cebu. Makasuyaaaa. I want to give it a try. DO you have any idea how much does it cost per head to try it? Is it open everyday pud? Quite curious here. hehehe


  2. Saw this yacht during our recent trip down the Cebu Yacht Club a couple of weeks back. I think we were even asking ourselves how much were the rates to avail its sunset cruise. And then I see a few days later that you guys actually ended up going there! Looks pretty awesome!


  3. Wow! I’ve always wanted to board a yatch and enjoy something like this! Sunset, nice breeze of the wind, and good company, us wearing our comfiest white getup! Soon! Amazing photos Lai!


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