AZALEA RESTAURANT: Where everything is refreshing from the FOOD to the stunning VISTA.

I was as if seeing a street performance doing an amazing formation by bending their back fronting their feet as the leaves of the trees bending wherever the wind brings them. The clouds were dominant trying to overcome the power of the sun just like how my kiddos inside my stomach subordinating my inner self to control on my eating habits. I can’t seem to evade, but give way to what they desire so they won’t irritate me until the sun crawling  below the horizon.

Heading to this restaurant after visiting and enjoying the innate beauty of Balinsasayao Twin Lakes. Arnold of wanderingsoulscamper is checking our itinerary where to go next and while mentioning Azalea Restaurant he seemed to bear a blank face as it limpidly expressing that he don’t know where that restaurant is.

I remember about this restaurant way back during our last visit in Balinsasayao Twin Lakes together with my cousin, which we supposed to shoot the breeze, but it didn’t  happen due to the time constraints. Then I told Arnold confidently, I think I can able to locate that restaurant. Soon enough we arrived at the door with a loud bark of a dog as I was expecting that I was right, but the dog is barking again, then accompanied by an old man who owned the house while I asked, is this Azalea Restaurant?  He was kind enough to tell us, that it is situated on the other side while pointing his index finger to the other side.

I can already see from afar how the restaurant looks like since the whole area was encompassed by a wall glass. We entered with a comforting smile from a beautiful young lady with her uniform adorned with a stunning color combination as it appears to be colorful. What wowed me was the set up of the table, organized, clean and the interior design is really welcoming and beautiful.

But to fully experience the whole essence of Azalea Restaurant, we opted to sit on a table as it peacefully place on the terrace with an amazing view of the mountain range of San Jose Negros Oriental which is very relaxing. The rain suddenly arrived as if like he desired to join us on our lunch with an intention to ruin our wonderful moment, we then decided to transfer inside the restaurant.

The overlooking view of Azalea Restaurant
Arnold Jerodiaz of wanderingsoulscamper and our driver

The defining moment came as the food we have ordered was carefully laid on our table. I ordered a Chicken Adobo, a well known Filipino food cooked with herbs and spices until it becomes tender and luscious. Their food served with a complimentary fiddleheads green salad with spicy fermented vinegar and mixed with mince onion, garlic and ginger. Arnold ordered a Pork Steak. A scrumptious lunch will never be complete without pairing it with drinks, so I had a Marang shake which was what caught my attention cause I never had a chance hearing a shake with that kind of flavor. Anyway, the shake tasted so good, it wasn’t really that sweet, just enough to what my taste buds like. I was really enjoying it until the last sip I had.

The luscious Chicken Adobo and the fiddleheads green salad with soup and Marang Shake
The refreshing Marang Shake

They have a boat load of entree to choose from with soup, salad & rice good for one serving with a price of Php 240 and vat is excluded. They also have dessert with a cost ranging from Php 85 – Php 110,  Appetizer ranges from Php 65 – Php 155, Sandwiches ranging from Php 185 – Php 195,  Vegetarian ranging from Php 100 – Php 180 and drinks ranging from Php 45 – Php 100. The food is good, but just don’t expect much. The service is also good, their crews are all friendly. The place is romantic and beautiful as this what makes the food a bit pricey. This restaurant place is worth your visit, if happen you’re heading to Balinsasayao Twin Lakes and on your way back you can check this restaurant. This is situated on the right side from Balinsasayao Twin Lakes and on the left side, there’s a signage that says Azalea Restaurant.



I would wish to thank the Province of Negros Oriental Tourism Office and NOCCI for sponsoring this trip as part of the celebration of Buglasan Festival 2016. The Buglasan Festival will run from October 14-23,2016. For more updates regarding their colorful festival, you can visit their Facebook page at Buglasan Festival. My greatest gratitude for Arnold M Jerodiaz of wanderingsoulscamper for bringing me here and become part of this event.




You can book a flight going to Dumaguete City, since Dumaguete City is the entry point. The minute you arrived in Dumaguete City go straight to the jeepney terminal. Ride a PUJ (Public Utility Jeep) going to Amlan and get off at the juncture in La-laan in San Jose. The fare is PHP 15 and may take 15-20 minutes of road travel time. Simply keep your eyes on the left side of the road as you made your way because you’ll see a signage that says” This way to Balinsasayao Twin Lakes”.  From there hire a motorcycle (Habal-Habal). They charge you PHP 200 each person that’s good for back and forth.  If you won’t go directly to the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes and you only wish to visit the Azalea Restaurant, the price for a motorcycle will no longer PHP200. You can always haggle the price. Be careful as some local drivers offer high price. You can as well rent a motorcycle if you have your drivers license with you at Dumaguete City. A day rental can cost PHP300- PHP350 and can already take you to places you wish to travel to.


  1. The wall glass restaurants reminds me of the siesta room I have imagined for myself. It’s where I go to read a book, sip hot tea, lay around and take a siesta every day. It’s going to be built in the future and you are welcome to check it out in the future.

    Si Mamang Driver pala ang ka-date ni AJ. Baka mag selos si John. Naku! Hahahahaha!

    The view is super nice! It makes me want to take a siesta asap! I can imagine myself sipping on sikwati with no sugar tapos muni-muni sa kawalan. Perfect afternoon!

    I wonder how marang shake tastes like! Geez!


  2. This is an eye-opener for me. The only time we can visit Dumaguete is only when it’s Christmas. Dumaguete City is the only place I ever explore when I step on Negros Oriental. THE NEXT TIME I’LL BE VISITING MY FATHER’S BIRTHPLACE IT’S DEFINITELY GOING TO BE BECAUSE I’LL VISIT AMAZING PLACES LIKE THIS! 😀 Caps lock para intense and serious. 😀


  3. my friends and i went there when we visited the Twin Lakes, but for some reason they were closed that day. hmmm. anyway, i hope i can go explore this restaurant one day. 🙂


  4. Azalea sounds interesting! Kanindot nalang tawn mukaon ka with such a nice view. Plus, the ambience is relaxing, just like you said. Just looking at the pictures kay ma feel na nimo ang kanindot.


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