BUGLASAN FESTIVAL 2016: Showcasing Arts, Culture, Beauty and History. 

The Buglasan Festival is a celebration of Islands history, progress, and multifariousness of a cultural richness of the people of Negros Oriental. This is usually celebrated every second week of October as an annual week long festival.

How do they able to come up with the Buglasan Festival? Way back before, Negros Island was covered by a tall and stout perennial grass or locally recognized as a Napier-grass that resembles to a sugar cane.

We arrived in Dumaguete City together with Arnold Jerodiaz of wanderingsoulscamper early in the morning on Friday, October 14, 2016 to celebrate Buglasan Festival 2016 together with the people of Negros Oriental as a mark of the opening day. The rain has been antagonistic as we arrived, but the celebration continues as this has been what everyone waiting and every person of Negros Oriental has long been waiting for this festival annually.

What I love about the people of Negros Oriental was their veneration to the Festival that even it was raining the activities continues. At 2:00 PM they started the PARADA NEGORENSE w/ Intercollegiate Marching Band Competition and Buglasan Education Environment Tourism (BEET) Day Parada  Negrense with Local and Global Beauties. The Parade started in the street from Quezon Park to Capitol forecourt. It was a parade offers fun, colors of happiness, unique concept of every participant from different schools and municipalities as a sign of their devotion to their town.

The rain continues as the activities will remain as well. The opening was started with a fellowship by giving a word of God with praises and worship to bless the whole week of celebration and followed by the giving of awards to recognize the talent of Negros Oriental people as they have competed locally, nationally and internationally.

Then the most awaited part was the fireworks display, we would love to witness it that time, but we were having our dinner so we just hear the rumbling sound of fireworks. There were likewise a lot of booths near the capitol area and freedom park, from your favorite local food, street food, local products and everything your eyes would love to see was all there.

The most colorful highlights of Buglasan Festival are the  booths from different cities and municipalities of the Province of Negros Oriental as they showcase their own creativity in their diverse adorn of arts, culture, local cuisine even their different form of fruits and vegetables. So I and Arnold were ambling around to experience the deep culture and what every municipality has to offer. It was a bit crowded even it was still raining, but everyone just so charged up and happy.

The energy of people is still so high, the next program was the final competition of Negros Oriental Tourism Jingle. There were 6 finalists and they’re all talented, each participant has their own style and theme of the lyrics that signifies the beauty of their Province, how rich their culture is and how happy and hospital the people of Negros Oriental are.

I was standing there  while listening to each contestant with their  beautiful voice, truly Negros Oriental has so much to offer with the talents that will surely spring up and be heard locally and Internationally. After the competition there were still activities going on, showcasing the natural endowments of the young generation, youth and even the old ones. They presented their talent in singing and dancing. It was a night full of fun and entertainments as I’m taking it with me wherever I am.



I would wish to thank the Province of Negros Oriental Tourism Office and NEGROS ORIENTAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (NOCCI) for sponsoring this trip as part of the celebration of Buglasan Festival 2016. The Buglasan Festival will run from October 14-23,2016. For more updates regarding their colorful festival, you can visit their Facebook page at Buglasan Festival. My greatest gratitude for Arnold M Jerodiazof wanderingsoulscamper for bringing me here and become part of this event.




Take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal. Ceres Buses leaves on an early basis, consider the earliest trip as much as possible because the travel time from the terminal to Liloan Port is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. The fare is Php 180 pesos for air-conditioned buses. At the Liloan port, you need to pay Php 62 for the Terminal fee and ferry ticket to Sibulan, Negros Oriental. Travel time will only get less than 30 minutes. From Sibulan port, ride a Public Utility Jeepney (PUV), bound for Dumaguete City.


There is a flight from Manila or from other Cities in the Philippines to Dumaguete City Airport via major airline companies, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air.


  1. I love celebrations. This festival reminds me of our very own Kadayawan Festival. I love it when despite the rain, they are still able to push through. It’s obvious that they have rich and colorful history.


  2. This is what I love about us Filipinos: resilient. Even if it rains, the show must go on. No stopping the fun when we can have fun in the rain!

    I also miss Panaad sa Negros in Bacolod which is the same as Buglasan where provinces in Negros Occidental showcase their creativity and represent their provinces in style.


  3. You are so lucky to have experienced this. This is super interesting for sure. Loved that everything went on despite the rain!


  4. This sounds like a wonderful event that was enjoyable despite the rain! I love the colors and the costumes of the festival! Great tips on how to reach Negros Oriental from Cebu.


  5. I’ve never heard of the festival, but I can say I’m intrigued. The array of colours and the dresses are so pretty! I love how it mixes art and culture into a unique showcase! The fireworks also sound like they would have been fantastic to see!


  6. I always love to hear about festivals. Every festival is so unique in its own way. I had never heard of the Buglasan festival. But it looks awesome. I love parades. It’s a pity you didn’t see the fireworks. But at least you heard it. The tourism jingle competition sounds nice to listen to!


  7. I hope you had fun while your stay in our place. Were you able to witness the Miss Negros Oriental as well? Sure that we have beautiful faces, eh? hahaha but really, it is so nice to see your post about our festival. It makes me proud here. 🙂


  8. Their festival is so colorful and vibrant. With a festival like that, even the rain has no say. I wish to visit Dumaguete again soon. 🙂


  9. Lai! Question! Buglasan is the name of thegrass? I’m happy that both you and AJ still had fun even if there’s rain. I am imagining you saying, “Kiss my bum rain!”

    Hahahaha! Peace!


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