LEMOBUNG LODGE: PHP60 accommodation in LAKE SEBU with a stunning SCENE as a BACKDROP. 

Oh well, I would love to share how my face looks like when a sudden suggestion that sound like someone who sing in out of tune tone of voice. If only I could draw I will surely do it, but hey, I’m not as talented as you believe I am. I was eventually shocked when my pretty cousin Evelyn Wanan suggested to check Lemobung Lodge in Lake Sebu for only Php 60 a day that’s around 1.2 USD. Who would have not shocked by that? I don’t even think that there’s an accommodation that really cost so cheap as cheap as Php 60.

The stunning view of Mount Matutum and the Lake from Lemobung Lodge

It was already dark when I reach Lake Sebu while marking my number of visits to this beautiful place. I remember that I took my pen and marked my notes as a 4th visit in Lake Sebu and every time I go back here I discover more of an interesting thing that this place offers.

The town proper of Lake Sebu

By the price itself, I was expecting that this might not as a good as I’m anticipating it to be. I was proven wrong though, the minute I step in its door, I was greeted with a limpid smile of a caretaker as it appears to be so comforting.  The place is quite big, they have a space for their guests while waiting, a conference room and they also served catering services.

Lemubong Lodge

I was with my cousins during my stay here, we had the big room with 5 individual beds and we were four, so there was a vacant bed where we have placed our things. The room is quite big, there’s also a toilet room where I see it really clean. The room is built from a bamboo and the walls were adorned with a traditional mat used as a sleeping mat of Tboli. The ceiling is truly a well designed, unique and beautifully created from a bamboo slat. The room doesn’t have an air conditioned since Lake Sebu is really a cold place. I wasn’t truly expecting that Lemobung Lodge offers a panoramic view until the morning comes.

I was lulled to a deep slumber until I heated up the next morning with an astounding view waiting for me. I open my window and I was left in awe as I have viewed the stunning lake greeting me calmly. The environmental essence with a natural beauty from outside have called  me peacefully, so I went out the room and ran outside to witness the panoramic view. I was greeted by the morning breeze kissing my surface while the jaw-dropping scene of Mount Matutum is simply amazing. It was as if, I am gazing at the beautiful edited photo with a magnificent view of the lake and the Mount Matutum as a backdrop.

This is what Lemobung Lodge can offer to every guest, aside from experiencing the traditional backpacker stay, you’ll be captured to the stunning scenery that have merely waited and resting outside of your room. You can never experience a cheap accommodation with an amazing view from another place, but only here at Lemobung Lodge.

The Lemobung lodge is under the management of Local Government Unit of Lake Sebu South Cotabato.
Address: Purok Pag-Asa, Poblacion Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.



  • Catering Services
  •  Weddings
  •  Trainings and Seminars
  •  Birthdays
  •  Debuts
  • Conferences and Meetings
  • Baptism
  •  Anniversary
  •  Rooms for overnight


Conference Room and Function Hall




  • (Good for 2 person) – Php 60/pax
  • (Good for 3 person) – Php 60/pax
  • (Good for 5 person) – Php 60/pax



  • (Good for 2 person) – Php 300
  • Rooms are not air-conditioned


VISION:  A tourist destination with a competitive market and providing quality facilities for client satisfaction.

MISSION: To accommodate its clientele system with a core value of utmost respect with best and quick acting services for customer benefits and satisfaction.



General Santos City is the usual jump off point to Lake Sebu. From General Santos City’s Bulaong Terminal, ride a nonstop bus (Yellow Bus Line), bound to Marbel (Koronadal City). The travel time is around 1 hour and Php 75 fare. Upon arriving at Marbel terminal, ride a bus going to Surallah with a Php 35 fare and half an hour of travel time. At Surallah terminal, ride a Van going to Lake Sebu and has a 45 minutes of travel and Php 45 of fare.



Habal-Habal or motorbike is the primary mode of transportation around the town, minimum fare is Php 15 or you can rent a motorbike for your convenience that’s roughly around Php 200-300, depend on the places you want to visit.



  • Mobile signal of a major network is safe.
  • No ATM in the town, bring cash with you.
  • Big Hotels/Resorts accept Debit/Credit card.
  • People are good and very kind.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich culture of T’boli and learn their history as well. I advise you to learn some basic T’boli words.
  • Please don’t leave your garbage anywhere, be responsible enough.
  • There’s more to visit in Lake Sebu, if only you have time, I suggest you to ask the Locals and explore some of their hidden paradise.



I would like to offer my thanks to my cousin Evelyn Wong and his husband for helping me a lot on this sojourn. I as well would like to thank my cousin, Miss Genelyn Wanan for the fellowship. Thank you also to Panoy, Dodoy, CJ and Princess for allowing me to bond with you guys. I am so glad to be able to meet you all again.


  1. PHP60?! For real?! Whoa! I really want to go now! What a scenic view! And thanks for letting us know how to get there via public transport. 🙂 I’m going to look back on this blog post when I’m in need of a quick getaway. 🙂

    Nadine | ScenesFromNadine.com


  2. 60 PHP is super crazy!! That dormitory looks really cozy. With all the activities and the location, it is an amazing deal. A place hard to give a miss


  3. You sure of the Php60 per head? Or you have used coupons with you? Whoah, if it is literally they are offering Php60 per head in a dormitory type of accommodation, then that is totally a jaw-dropping news, indeed! I was expecting that the Php60 you were referring to is an entrance fee but boy, I was wrong. Pasok na pasok to sa Php1000 challenge. hahahha


  4. Nice deal! Talk about being able to maximize your budget and get deals like this for 60php! Thats like how much lunch costs in eateries and just 3days load! Nice discovery! 🙂 And I especially liked how you also included the ways we could get to the place!


  5. When you posted this on FB, I couldn’t really believe that it’s just for P60!!! That’s definitely a steal! Plus, the surrounding area is really beautiful. The place could definitely pass up for, maybe, 2-star accommodation? You bet that this is my kind of travel! 😉


  6. I’ve been waiting for this post ever since I learned about this lodge when you posted it on Facebook. My partner and I are planning to go South Cotabato sometime next year. Someone already offered us free accommodation, but I would love to stay at this lodge too. Haha!


  7. Quite decent accommodation I would say. For PHP 60 it is very very affordable and with such a stunning view of the Sebu lake. I think this arrangement is by Government unit so must be cheaper.


  8. The price + the view = priceless!! Nothing could ever top this. I honestly this is outside Philippine territory, and I was mistaken! Our country is such an amazing place because it has so many wonders that may still be unknown to us all this time!


  9. Reminds me of similar lodging houses back in the province with similar prices. Only difference is, that this one has that spectacular view. Which definitely makes staying there super worth it for the value!


  10. Super cheap and good for its price range. It’s beautiful out there. I’ll take note of this. Thanks for sharing Lai.


  11. Are you freakin’ joking about the Php 60 accommodation Lai? Because if you are, I’m going to beat you when I’ll see you! Hahahahaha!

    Been wanting to go to Lake Sebu for the effin’ longest time but I keep on postponing it! Just like Carlo, I am wondering what your job is because we want to have your job para makalaag mi pareho nimo.Hahahaha!

    Your photos here are so beautiful, I can already smell the place! I am currently imagining the sweet gentle breeze of South Cotabato caressing my bleeding heart.

    Your travel blogs actually serve a great purpose Lai. It makes people travel without even leaving home! You make me feel that I’ve been already there!

    But I’m still going to Lake Sebu though. Hahahahaha!


  12. It’s so amazing how detailed your travel posts are! No wonder you’re a finalist for best Philippine travel blogger! Hehe.

    Anyway, I was shocked to know that there’s an accommodation that costs just P60! Wow! 🙂


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