GABBY’S BISTRO: A must try beanery in Dumaguete City 

What would you think the best way to beat the coldness brought by the unending rain like as if comfortably pouring it’s anger the whole day? The dark is filling the whole space as it marks another sign to fill my famished stomach. What else you can do when your little adopted kiddos inside your stomach is demanding for food? It’s like they don’t beg for it, but it is their plea that I should conform to.

Arnold of wanderingsoulscamper carefully holding his phone while using a GPS and look for Gabby’s Bistro as this was a suggested restaurant for us to visit in our itinerary. I didn’t know that there’s a disadvantage of relying so much for the internet. Since we are not familiar with Gabby’s Bistro we were anticipating that maybe the tricycle driver might able to know where is Gabby’s Bistro located.

We were confidently asking the tricycle driver to take us to Gabby’s Bistro, but unfortunately he’s not familiar of the place, we thought it was a bit near and would only take a few minutes to get us there. Good thing Arnold is smart enough to use his GPS and it truly brought us to a place. There’s actually another branch located just very close to where we have stayed and just along Dumaguete boulevard where we supposed to dine in, but we weren’t able to make it due to an over relying to the internet.

What captured my attention when we arrived at the place was the comforting and welcoming ambiance of the place. From the lights in the exterior design of the restaurant and the relaxing interior design of the place, it was really a wow experience. I was really expecting that this must be an expensive restaurant just by considering the whole concept of the place.

We waited for a while until we have noticed that there wasn’t any crew who would render us a menu, so I went to the counter and asked for the menu. (I was just too small and so as Arnold that they didn’t even recognize of our arrival, they might as well didn’t see us entering into their beanery).

Everything in their restaurant is unique, as I was expecting the food as well. Their menu has a marker of Gabby’s Bistro on the left side that stands for, it is their specialty and their best seller food. I ordered for Oriental fish and shrimps and Arnold ordered for Golden Fried Chicken marinated with mixed spices and deep fried until crispy.

What I had on my plate was eventually a good choice that fits to the coldness of the weather and just perfectly rhyme to what I truly crave for. The oriental fish and shrimps is a grilled Tarugho basted with Cajun spices topped with sauteed shrimps and clothed with fresh and spicy oriental sauce. I genuinely like the texture of the fish and the shrimps is perfectly cooked. Their main menu holds a complimentary smashed potato with gravy and a sesame seeds on top. I was also captured with their drinks, they have mixed ice tea and lemonade that became a Teamonade and that was what we have ordered for our drinks.

They served a quality food with a unique twist and delectable to satisfy every taste buds of their customers. They also serve, Burgers, Pizza, Pasta, Dessert and a boat load of their entrees to choose from. The serving is big where it can truly fill your hungry stomach. The prices are ranging from Php 150-Php 250 for their entree and for the drinks they have a bottomless ice tea, lemonade and teamonade for Php 50. The Gabby’s Bistro is a perfect place if you desire to spend a quality time with your love ones, family, friends, schoolmates over the palatable food and a good place for a business meeting as well.

I find the place welcoming and friendly because of the amazing wall painting decors, the colors and the complete set up and the exterior design of the place. It’s actually like you are on the other side of the world where your eyes can play with all their beautiful decors. Everything is merely a place where everyone would love to end their day before going to sleep. Gabby’s Bistro also serves breakfast from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM and offers Filipino Silogs and American Platters. Their breakfast is ranging from Php 150-Php 200.

They have also a branch in Paseo Perdices just along the Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City proper. For more updates and exciting surprises for their customers, you can follow their Facebook page at Gabby’s Bistro.


There are actually tricycle drivers who can get you to this place, but some are not familiar of this beanery. When you go there, tell the driver to take you to Gabby’s Bistro and don’t forget to mention Florentina Homes at Cimafranca Subdivision. The fare is around 20PHP. I’m not that sure since we ride twice going there.


I would wish to thank the Province of Negros Oriental Tourism Office and NOCCI for sponsoring this trip as part of the celebration of Buglasan Festival 2016. The Buglasan Festival will run from October 14-23,2016. For more updates regarding their colorful festival, you can visit their Facebook page at Buglasan Festival. My greatest gratitude for Arnold M Jerodiaz of wanderingsoulscamper for bringing me here and become part of this event.



  1. And yet another Dumaguete post! One more post and I think I just might book a flight there already! Gabby’s looks so homey, by the way. Although you took photos during the night time, I believe you captured the ambiance pretty well. The shrimp looks delicious but I won’t be able to order that anyway (I’m allergic to shrimp). Was the chicken really good?


  2. I’ve been to Gabby’s Bistro’s branch at the Dumaguete Boulevard. I personally knew Chef Gabby since we were invited to talk together at a convention last February. Anyway, I missed eating the foods there! 😦 It was one of the top restaurants that I visited during my stay in Dumaguete. Also, I miss life in that small city!


  3. This place is cool. I love the ambiance of this resto. It’s very homey and has a warm feel. The prices even made it more appealing! Those were really affordable set of foods! Looks yummy! Will have this in mind for our future visit to Dumaguete 🙂


  4. Thanks for posting this. Will be in Dumaguete next week. I’ve read about Gabby’s for quite some time now but haven’t tried it yet so next week is a good time to finally try it out. You’ve convinced me 🙂


  5. 2 Dumaguete posts that I’ve read today. something about Dumaguete these days? I have tried this place too and I was trying to remember if it was the right one because on the decorations. (Lai, I’m only seeing 2 photos though, I’m not sure if your photos are too big for my internet connection right now. 😦 ) I then realized it’s almost Halloween, thus explaining why it’s different from the time we went there. Haha! Yes, I agree to this post, the food is great in Gabby’s bistro and for me the serving are big enough for the prices. 🙂


  6. Haven’t been to Dumaguete but have heard a lot of good things about this province. I wish to go there someday, and when I do i’d definitely put this one in mind. I like the interior design of the resto, and the food looks good too.


  7. Yes, Gabby’s has 2 stores in the island! The new one resides in Boulevard. So far, the best services offered is the latter. I have visited the old branch and I am just quite dissatisfied there. Good thing the new one’s staff are very approachable and friendly. But nonetheless, I love their food there. 🙂


  8. I have tried finding restaurants via gps and it really is hard especially when the internet keeps on getting on and off. But the good thing is you still arrived at the place. It would have been frustrating not be able to find the place after all the drive. Anyway, the place looks nice and the food is really affordable too! I would like to try dining at the said place when I get the chance to do so.

    xoxo, G


  9. Dumaguete is my second home. I can’t wait to be back there this weekend. Anyway, I haven’t been to Gabby’s, there’s only one food place I’d always want to go back to, it’s Panis located at the back of Super Lee Plaza near Cangs. It has Dumaguete’s famous Lechon Carahay. I always passed at Gabby’s, though. We’ll see if mom would like to try there. 🙂


  10. I have not been to Dumaguete before but I will keep this in mind if we travel there. The ambience and the food looks very good from your photos.


  11. I’ve been to Dumaguete twice this year, but only as a jump off point to Siquijor or Cebu Island. I only stayed for less than an hour in this city during those trips. In my previous travels to Dumaguete, I have only eaten at Jo’s Inato. My friends and I are planning to travel to the other side of our island anytime soon and I’ll surely keep this in mind. -Claire Algarme


  12. OMG OMG OMG! I lived in Dumaguete from March – Sept 2015 but I never saw this place!!! To think I’m a foodie and I was pregnant then always looking for a nice place to dine at. Arrrgh!! When we go back there I will really check out this place. The food looks yummy! Thanks for sharing!


  13. Wow. Didn’t know a place like this exists in Dumagueti. Definitely visiting this place although I would prefer the Perdices branch cause it’s closer from my uncle’s place. Haha


  14. We relied on GPS most of the time when we were traveling last week. It was a great help. Asking questions from the locals also helped us although challenging because they don’t speak English.

    You surely had a great time. The food looks really fulfilling too. 🙂


  15. The pumpkin paint on the wall reminds me of Mexico. Hahahaha! This blog made me realize I should go back to Dumaguete and stay for a few days, lakaw lakaw on the streets and enjoy the city. I went there only for a very short stopover.

    I like their servings. Looks like there are lots of shrimps in your plate. Looks yummy too! Is that a big plate or the photo made it look like a big plate?

    The rates are not bad ha! Php 150 to Php 250. Swak na swak sa mga nagba-budget during traveling.

    Huhuhuhu! Bad ka Lai! You make me want to go to Dumaguete now! I’m stuck here in the office writing comments for about 80 blogs! Hahahahahaahahaha!


  16. This is a good read Lai. I have been to Dumaguete but I failed to have a food-hopping trip there. Hopefully I’d get a chance next time. I will include this to my trip the next time around in Dumaguete and will take your word for it. Keep it up Lai. =)


  17. Aside from the minimal aesthetics that I always like in cafes, I also consider interiors and ambiance such as this. It’s natural looking and it feels like home. Looking forward to visiting this beanery soon once I’m able to go to Duma! 🙂


  18. Wow, the place is so cozy! I want to go there and have a cup of coffee. I can barely smell the aroma of this place.


  19. Wow, the place is so cozy! I want to go there and have a cup of coffee. I can barely smell the aroma of this place!


  20. Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it. Look advanced to more added agreeable from you! However, how can we communicate?


  21. I’m sad because I just read this now. Last year, we were in Dumaguete. My friends stayed longer there but I just stayed overnight. DGT is such a beautiful place, right? I wished I went there with my friends so I could’ve stayed longer and explored the place. The place looks homey and comfortable. And the food, it looks so yummy!!


  22. Good thing you had the gps to find the place. I like the vintagey homey feel to it, kinda like going to someone’s home. Unfortunately I have never been to Dumaguete and I’m still not sure when will I be able to go there. If ever I do I might just find this place myself. What do you call that chicken meal with yellow rice because it’s what I want to try.


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