How TREES embrace CHANGE and why we HUMAN should as well? 

When trees drop their leaves does it always mean the end of their natural beauty? When winter approaches toward them and they barely receive sunlight accompanied by the growing coldness of the space that surrounds them, does it always mean trees worried as well? We human are like trees, when we get old we leave the things that make us whole, our outside appearance and what makes us confident are slowly fading like a thousand bubbles floating in the air while tardily losing their natural and distinctive beauty.

Do we really need to worry about that? Don’t you know that trees prepare for winter? That’s how they embrace change and human as we are, we incline to  forget that. Change has been dressing themselves with freedom, they arrive at their own comfort without begging a kind of confirmation from us. They will live and never demand a yes from us. They will certainly knock on every door even in the middle of the night and if we are not ready enough, we won’t be like trees fighting their lives and remain firm no matter how fading they look like.

Don’t you know that trees prepare for change? We human seldom do that, we often cling to something especially if that has been our life, the moment they are about to leave, here we are confidently begging them to stay, why do we do that? Is it because we are afraid that we might not look whole, and that we may look like a fading tree tardily losing its leaves? No, it is because we don’t know the value of change, we don’t embrace change, we don’t realize why there is a presence of change. We can’t constantly have the things we want, we can’t always own something, the time will come, they will leave us and bid them goodbye or they bid us goodbye for a remarkable reason.

Why not seal the spot? Why not heal the wounds by understanding that change will arrive without knocking on your door?  Why not let the wounds freely transforming itself to scar? Why are you still sticking to the wounds, where in fact the trees were busy sealing the spot of the leaves that falls. Is it because that’s the way they should? No, it is because they protect their life and willing to let go because they know, change is coming. If they keep holding on to every piece of the leaves attaching to their beautiful bough, they will surely die. They bear to sacrifice their beauty to live, they have to look like an abandoned tree in order for them to survive.

During a warm time of year, leaves use sunlight, water, and air to make food. In that process, the tree loses a good deal of water through tiny holes in the leaves. In wintertime, the tree does not get enough water to replace what it would lose through the leaves. If the tree did not seal the spots where the leaves grow, it would die. Sometimes, we need to give something in order for us to live, in order for us to live the life we have long been dreaming to have, we need to sacrifice because in every good thing there’s always a price that covered with it.

Precisely like the saying goes “Sacrifice oneself so others can live”. I’m not saying you’ll become a hero if you do that, what I’m attempting to point out here, in life we really have to sacrifice and we should always willing to embrace the change if it comes our way.


  1. The trees reminds me of the movie harry potter when harry and the gangs are trying to get inside. Hahaha cant say about your blogs lai


  2. Change is not pleasant most of the time not unless it is for the better.
    But change is the constant in this world. it is in change that we grow.
    Only then when we embrace change that we’ll see the world with in a new perspective.
    We will be amazed to see a new world that we never know and we thought did not exist!


  3. Ah we really do have to sacrifice sometimes, if we want to grow. There are other lessons we could learn from trees too, I’m sure. 🙂


  4. Allow me to share my experience back in elementary. There’s a narra tree sa atubangan sa among school. We often wonder why sometime ma-wither gyod tanan nga dahon then mura na siya og patay. After sometime, mabuhi og balik as green as it was before.

    PS – Good observations, Lai. 😀

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  5. you just dont blog about your travel but you also blog about your curiosity and observation. good thoughts lai. 🙂


  6. food for thought! I’ve never thought of trees in this way and it’s really insightful! I always think trees are stagnant because they are stationary. Yes, I’m glad I’ve read your article and it changed my perspective!


  7. As they say nothing is permanent in this world than change so I agree, as time changes, so do we. That’s how it should be. People who are uncomfortable to embrace change are the ones who don’t grow and never realize their full potential. It’s a shame really.


  8. Yeah, wonderful post. I like your perspective, we cannot hinder changes so all we need to do is to embrace it and be part of it.


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