GUMASA BEACH: The relaxing GLIMPSE of PARADISE in the Province of SARANGANI 

The dramatic scenery as the sun resting below the horizon have been so kind to have let it exists and slowly passing off as darkness slowly covering the whole area of space. It was already dark when I left the Province of Sultan Kudarat and went straight to General Santos City as I’m going to visit the Province of Sarangani early in the morning on the succeeding day.

The busy street of General Santos City was setting forth to make noise early in the morning as it speaks about the busy life of people in the City. I was kind of confused on which part of Sarangani Province should I travel to. Baffling on the suggestions of local to whom I have asked with. I was about to visit Tuka Marine Park in Kiamba, but ended up visiting Gumasa Beach which was my original plan.

I’m not a beach lover and never been in love with beaches, but I can’t elude the fact the I love how the sea breeze kissing my surface while the wave gently splashing on my feet bringing a soothing sound of peace. There’s always something a beach can offer that I can’t elucidate and perhaps that’s something makes me end up visiting white sand beaches in the Philippines. I usually don’t drench myself to the turquoise water, whenever I visit the white sand beach. I know it sounds weird and confusing reading this, but I like the notion of being at the beach.

I took the early trip from General Santos City going to Glan. I ride a van near the KCC Mall and went straight to Glan for another exciting day. At the terminal of Glan, there were tricycle drivers that surely welcome you with their negotiating skills and would make you say YES at the end of the conversation. Then I made a deal with one of the drivers to bring me to Gumasa beach.

The road going to Gumasa Beach is like you’re being draped with a sea breeze and the fresh air from the lush scenery green forest on the other side. They seem to come across in the middle while I was their boundary and I enjoy them both as they bore upon my surface.

Gumasa Beach is near one kilometer of a long stretch of powdery white sand beach with turquoise waters and known to be a Small Boracay of the Southern Mindanao. In order for me to arrive to the Gumasa Beach, I have to enter to the Resort which I have to choose which Resort should I visit. Since I’m not literally familiar of the place, I asked the driver which one he could recommend where I could get a glimpse of the Gumasa beach. He then told me to visit Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort, which is sited at the almost end part of the Gumasa Beach.

The beach area of Isla Jardin Del Mar Beach Resort

The minute I arrived at the Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort, I paid for an entrance fee around PHP 50 and went to Gumasa beach, it is truly a piece of paradise. It was early in the morning when I arrived like around 9:00 in the morning and as expected it wasn’t crowded, in fact It seemed to be  like I own the whole beach during my sojourn.

I was eventually not satisfied with what I saw, maybe because I’m not a beach buff. After a few photos I captured, I resolved to visit another Resort to see what Gumasa beach can really offer and eventually, I demanded another suggestion from my driver as he smiled and said let’s go to the Coco Beach Resort.

At the Coco Beach Resort, I went straight to the reception area where I was able to speak to the receptionist asking of favor.  My driver told me that I can actually enter to the Resort without paying an entrance fee if I resolved to just stay there for around 10-15 minutes and so I did. The receptionist was kind enough to allow me and I ran straight to the beach. The moment I got there, I was welcomed by a lulling sound of sea breeze kissing my surface, and right that moment I feel the essence of the beach.

The place is shrouded by a wide powdery white sand, very clean, and I truly appreciate the beauty of Gumasa. I was really glad seeing the waves kissing the shore as if gently ironing the white sand forming a perfect elevation as it seems to be a perfect playground of every itchy feet while the waves dashing on someone’s feet.

The beach area of Coco Beach Resort
The beach area of Coco Beach Resort

The beach area of Coco Beach Resort

I would eventually love to stay a little bit longer and feel the moment, but I’m already satisfied seeing the Gumasa beach even for a little period of time. I wish I would love to swim, but never did I see myself drenching in the cobalt blue water of the beach, hopefully soon I’ll be seeing myself loving to swim. I’ve been visiting a bunch of white islands and beautiful beaches, but to stay longer and swim I don’t usually do it. I just don’t know why, I’ll figure it out sooner.



From Manila and Cebu City there are daily flights to General Santos City by local airlines. The moment you arrived at the General Santos City International Airport, take the Airport Shuttle going to SM or you can ask them to bring you directly to KCC Mall for only Php 150/head  (For bookings and Reservation, call or text these mobile numbers +63-9473762739 or +63-9499975754). From KCC Mall take the Van bound for Glan. The regular fare is Php 100 as of September 2016 and travel time is around an hour.

From Glan Terminal, you can take Motorcycle or Tricycle. The fare is around PHP60/head, if you like to stay at Gumasa Beach for a day, you can always negotiate with your driver to take you back to the terminal, but just make sure you deal with the right price.



If you are traveling in a group or to make things easier, you can let the cat out of the bag to a van driver in GenSan and simply hire his vehicle going straight to Gumasa Beach. Prices depending on a one-way/ round trip. Always make sure you negotiate well, hence you won’t end up paying much than what your budget has. Constantly bear in mind when traveling, always stick to your prepared budget.



You can spend many activities such as walking on the shoreline, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Some other amazing thing to behold is the sunset view along the shoreline.

If you are really a beach buff, like you don’t care about the scorching heat of the  sun that clings to you, then definitely Gumasa beach is the best for you. It’s like experiencing Boracay 20 years ago when it’s not yet commercialized, though for me, Gumasa is already commercialized since it’s no longer left in its innate state due the Beach Resorts fronting the beach. Anyway, you can always compare things, particularly if you have already been to different beaches in the Philippines, but I know each beach has its own uniqueness and own innate beauty to boast.





Contact details: (083) 893-0032 +63-919 768 7544  +63-906 765 2174. E-mail:

For Room rates, entrance fee, cottage and other amenities you can check their website at  ISLA JARDIN DEL MAR RESORT


Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province, Philippines.

Contact numbers:  083)8930324, +63-9195330408, +63-9278237780, +63-9182965217. For Room rates, entrance fee, cottage and other amenities you can check their website at  COCO BEACH RESORT.  


Contact details: (083) 826-9247, (083) 552-2888, +63-920-2049038


CONTACT  NUMBERS: +63-920-9479148, 083-8269341, 083-8269319.


Contact details: +63-9195330408, +63-9197144980


Contact details: (083) 552-4490, 552-6539, 826-0719, +63-909-501-4294, +63-923-590-9502, +63-927-421-7672


NOTE: This blog post is part of my 10 day solo backpacking in SOCCSKSARGEN last September 9-19, 2016. You can as well check some of my travel journey and stories during my 10 days backpacking with the link below. 


  1. I really want to visit this place. Can you please send me their contact number? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot 😊😊


  2. The beach looks like a slice of paradise. What I love about it is its seclusion, I do not see people around and assume that the place is a quite and relatively untouched beach. Watching a sunset or sunrise from this lovely beach must indeed be one of the rewards of life.


  3. I went to the Kamari Resort on March 31, 2 years ago. It’s a beautiful place with some interesting lighting effects in the tree by the ocean. The food is really good, and use of kayaks is included with the room.


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