MY CONFESSION: How I have tripped out from a broken relationship and have made me to become a Travel Blogger. 

I grab a piece of paper and I began drafting a nonsense article about my messy life. I shed saline fluids as it moves  through my cheeks while carefully catching to every memory. I was brought to a deep slumber until I awakened up the next morning and I was still looking for another piece of paper and write again. It became my precious venue to unleash all my thoughts until one day, I didn’t serve anything except that I write and just write.

I have a bunch of friends who asked a lot about how I started blogging and how I’d able to discover my passion in writing. Allow me to share with you a concise elucidation how I became a travel blogger.

The real reason why I started blogging was very shallow. During that time, I simply wanted to make myself busy and be productive to escape from the reality, in short, I want to move on from all the pain and the cruelty of life. I didn’t know, as time runs by, writing has turned to be my space to voice out my thoughts and became my passion.

I remember those days when I caught myself living in my sinking hole and staying in my own version of a barred cell. Unmotivated, lonely, weak, I dashed my own strength and kneading my weakness to become stronger. Time passes by and I desire to free myself from the bondage of frustrations and pain. Writing and traveling was my way out, I started reading other web logs and eventually I was encouraged to blog as well. Without suffering from those pains, I don’t think I will become the person I am today.

There’s always a reason behind every broken relationship, pain, frustration and even our failures in life. God is preparing something more beneficial for us, something that we human can never understand, just learn to let go, forgive, learn from the past and grab every chance that will possibly unlock your hidden talents, skills and your ability beyond your expectations.

I desire to congratulate myself for whoever I am now, for the little things I achieved and for choosing happiness over pain. My motivation comes from a deep dark secret of the past, from how it was made until it was buried in the deepest and vast demesne of my memory. The comforting stay in the nooks of my brain,  the courage that sturdily burning like the wood fire in the forest, the happiness that naturally sprung up in the middle of my struggles and seeing myself perfectly in the juxtaposition of my solace and wee moments. I never thought I came across to this road, but since I arrived strongly, motivated and determined, I will surely persist in this journey of happiness.

I have traveled far since that day, who would have imagined a small space that I thought would only just a venue to throw all my frustrations and pain was turned to be a big opportunity and have open doors to all the blessings I have now. People began to recognize me for being not just a corporate slave that works 8 hours a day to pay my debts, but also to inspire others to unlock their hidden abilities, to explore the real world beyond their comfort zone and choose to follow their passion beyond anything.

If you’re broken hearted today, don’t worry because you’re only receiving the chance to make changes and be an inspiration as well to your family, friends and colleagues. Keep moving forward and Enjoy life!


  1. Congratulations on finding strength to fight through the pain, and molding yourself into something way WAY better. We all had different stories on how we came writing our minds out in the internet, but I can sympathize on how you felt because when I started to write about beauty and makeup, I was hurt from all the rejection that I got from being an aspiring model. And heto na tayo ngayon, travel blogger ka, lifestyle and beauty blogger aketch. heheheh 😀

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  2. My reason for blogging is somehow similar with you. It’s my online diary at first, then during college, we had a class that required us to have a blog for our selfies. Call it vain but it was fun somehow. Haha! Anyway, what matters the most is you are doing this for yourself and not to satisfy others. After all, we cannot please everyone. Right? Here’s to more travels for you!


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