Patty Pie: A Fresh Choice of Palatable Inspired-Western Cuisine.

With Cebu’s fast paced developments, new shopping malls, newly built high rise buildings are scattered around the city, and of course, new food establishments are sprouting up with the abundance of good food, Cebu has come a long way. It has been marked as a treasure trove of delicious grub.

A newly open beanery located at the 2nd floor of SM Seaside Cebu, have me invited and other bloggers to taste their one of a kind specialties prepared with a bucket of love and a touched of loyalty for every patty and pie they serve, with a warming intention to meet and satiate the taste bud of every Cebuanos.

They open the restaurant with the mien of a blessing from above, then a warm welcome from the beautiful proprietress of Patty Pie. Patty Pie is owned by a beautiful and young business woman from Manila. A true strength is coming out from her to put up a restaurant in Cebu. With her combined experienced in food Industry and an International degree in culinary has brought her passion to take the chance of serving the Cebuanos.

Me and Miss. Gizelle Bacay, the chef and the owner of the Patty Pie.

Patty Pie has so much to offer, you barely can’t find a beanery that extends kindness in providing a boatload of choices, from Burgers, Pizza, Pasta, mouth-watering entrees, Salad and Appetizers they just have it all. What gets it more enticing is the interior design that will surely make your dining experience more comfortable and memorable.

Walls are dressed with a bodacious catchphrase that gives you a natural remedy. Tables and chairs rhyme to the interior design, I must also praise the good sense of choosing the dining utensils which are very pleasing to the eye. There’s an area that offers a staggering scenery of a garden of SM where you can opt to have your dining experience more relaxing and awesome.

The most awaited time came to finally try out what Patty Pie can offer. The first menu on our table was served by a well mannered crew. A shrimp and mango salad mixed with tomatoes and cucumber and finished with house special sauce. What makes it taste different from the many other salad that I’ve tried was the sauce. It will truly leave you like craving for more. The sauce inspired by our ample supply of sweet mangoes in the Philippines. Their shrimp and mango salad is good for two people with a fair price of Php 175:00.

Shrimp and Mango Salad

A perfect dining experience will never be completed without the cooling mist feeling in the taste bud. A lemonade comes with a fair sweet taste that will surely mollify you while enjoying your food. Don’t forget to stir it when it served to make it more tasty. They also have a spacious range of beverages to choose from, they have canned soda, lemonade, fruit tea and hot tea. One glass of lemonade is Php 60.

The mollifying Lemonade drink.

Their pizza’s are by far the best I’ve ever tasted, hands down on that. The dough crust with a unique twist, topping with spices, mozzarella cheese, bacon and spinach is definitely the element for me. I don’t mind to sit in their restaurant and just eat their crusts all day. If you’re not fond of a leafy topping pizza, they also have 4 cheese pizza that suits your preference. They as well have Trio Cheese & Peperoni, Meat feast, Pesto Cream and Mushroom, size and Turf and Patty Pie. All pizza’s are all in the same size, which is 12 inches good for 3-4 people and the price is ranging from Php 325.00 – Php 410.00

Bacon and Spinach Pizza
4 Cheese Pizza

If you love Burgers, there’s a sure space for you in there, so never leave their restaurant without trying their Burgers. They have Classic Patty, Double Patty, Teriyaki Patty, Mexicali Patty, Grilled Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, BLT and Ultimate Patty. Their Burgers are made from 100 % premium beef and rhyme with special sauces and butter bun, which are also baked perfectly. Burgers price is ranging from Php 140.00 – Php 225.00

One of the highlights of their restaurant is the palatable inspired-western entrees cuisine that will certainly satisfy your choice of taste, from the unique and delicious taste and how it was being prepared with love. One of the must try is their Pattys Barbeque Ribs, which is tender, soft and well marinated with their house special spices for 24 hours, lean and well seasoned.

They likewise have an Italian herbed roast chicken that suits your taste, mixed with an Italian special herbs and well cooked which comes with half cooked vegetables. They really have a lot of entrees to choose from. They have a Grilled Canjun Chicken, Grilled Pork chop, Beef Shepherd’s Pie, Grilled Salmon, Baked Salmon, Fish and Chips, Surf and Turf and Fried Chicken. All Entrees are ranging from Php 170.00 to Php 375.00.

Pattys Barbeque Ribs
Italian Herbed Roast Chicken

If you’re craving for some sweet treats, Patty Pie is the best choice to meet your sweet tooth. They have a molten chocolate cake, which is the best chocolate cake you’ll ever taste with its unique twist. It has three sweet strawberries coated with chocolate that are well set on the side of the plate and the ultimate molten chocolate cake in the middle is a perfect way to end your dining experience at Patty Pie. They as well have Pie of the day, Cake of the day and Assorted Cookies.  Desserts are ranging from Php 45.00 to Php 185.00.

Molten Chocolate Cake

Their food priced is just fine, the variety and taste can really pay for it. All dishes are well carried through, and expect excellent service.

Kindly visit their Facebook Page for more updates and don’t forget to give your review as well. Patty Pie is located at Level 2, Cube Wing Atrium, Sm Seaside Cebu, South Road Properties, Cebu City.


  1. These dishes are definitely my cup of tea. I love and prefer Western food every time I dine out. The Bacon and Spinach pizza just looks too good to eat! If I were to get to try the Molten Cake I would be a happy girl! I guess I’ll get to if I ever make it out to Cebu.


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