6 Practical ways that allows me to travel without leaving my duties to my FAMILY.

Everyone’s ultimate dream is to travel, but only few whose able to take the risk and make it happen.

There are reasons that we should constantly take to consider since we’re all have baggage to carry everyday and even extra baggage sometimes. Our obligations are always there, especially if you’re one of those Filipinos who used to embrace our culture. It’s in our lineage to help our parents if we hold a good paying job, as our way of giving back for the supports, sacrifices, and love they have given us since our first day of stay in this world.

I usually received a bunch of questions from my friends and even strangers regarding my life. They invariably have this idea that I came from a rich family that’s why I can able to travel. To tell you honestly, I made my way out of poverty, I left home when I was 13 years old and explore the small space that is provided for me. I live life on my own, starting to build my dreams, molding the version of choices I made, listing what I want to become and start turning over them step by step. It was a tough journey since I resolved to leave home and start living on my own. No financial support from my parents and no family to rely on, but those decisions are what made me who I am today.

There is simply so much to learn when you travel, and this is what brought my two little itchy feet to a paradise called adventure. I actually struggled a good deal when I decided to travel, but promised is a promised. Since I’m officially 21 years old, I began travelling around the Philippines and I’ll be sharing you some tips how did I get started without leaving my responsibilities to my PARENTS.


1. Know your source of income and possible ways to gain additional funds.

I have a regular job where I only spend my 8-9 hours in a day. Since I have 24 hours a day, the remaining hours are not intended as my free time to savor. I use my free time to gain some extra funds by doing some online jobs and do some writing gigs. In this way, I can able to help my parents and live the life I wanted to have.

 2. Make the Right mindset with discipline when you set your GOAL.

Saving money separately for my travels requires the right mindset and discipline. Know your purpose why you saved money and what made you decide to save some funds for your travel. This will help you in assisting the level of your passion for traveling, it will help you build the right skills in monitoring your budgets.

3. I put aside my attachment to material things.

Exactly like what catchphrase says, collect memories and not material things. Human as we are and living our life in a modern world, we can’t evade to crave and buy things, especially if we have money to purchase. But in my case, I only buy things when I seriously need it. I constantly have this idea that as long as I can still make use of my things, I don’t buy new stuff just because sales are everywhere. In this way I can save some money and train myself how to be responsible for my funds.

4. Know when to say No and Yes to every invitation.

Not all invitations are subject to end with YES, you just have to educate yourself and be keen when to say No and Yes. I sometimes reject when meeting an invitation of my friends, particularly when it’s not related to travel. I switch off my connection with night life, by not going out with friends for “GIMIK” and other stuff that are only a waste of time, effort and money. But I’m not saying I literally stop going out with friends, I go out, but let’s just say, it is moderated. In this direction, I can train myself to be responsible with my decision, not only that I can save my money, but also my time.

5.  I don’t go for a fancy dinner for my Facebook and Instagram status.

I’m not saying it is bad to have a fancy dinner. What I mean is, you can go for a fancy dinner, but moderately. I have discovered these days, that some people are eventually going to a top of the line restaurants because they are claiming good status. I don’t have problems with that, but make sure that you didn’t have baggage that is being left behind. Know your real status before claiming to be in the world you think you’re fit in, is a good idea. Don’t force yourself, just enjoy life according to what you have. In my case, I don’t go for a fancy dinner for the sake of my life’s status, as much as possible I resolved to eat at home. In this way, not that only I can save money, I can also train myself to prepare my own food.

6. Know yourself deeply, discover your hidden skills and talents.

One thing that I realized, skills and talents can always be molded and make use of them for good. One of the few things I recently discovered was my talent in selling, hence I make use of it and started selling perfume to earn some funds.

They said, if you want to be rich, know how to sell. There’s nothing wrong in selling, as long as your products can make noise with dignity and quality then your products can represent yourself to your clients.There is no real hard in selling, choose the right products that are close to your heart, in this way, you are not simply building a good and strong customer relation, but you’re also developing your skills in making a right brand.

Talents can also be a good source of income, I’m not proficient in communication and I don’t have a sense of humor, but I never make it as a hindrance to step ahead and make use of it. I found lately, that I can able to do hosting in events like wedding and birthdays. My point is, make use of your talents, skills, and be productive. This will not only help you to grow as an individual, but also you’re molding yourself to a better version of yourself.

I’m not an expert in everything and I don’t claim to be one, but I always make certain to utilize whatever God has given me. There’s nothing wrong when you step outside of your door and start exploring the possibilities, you don’t know what you can do that is far more serious than what kind of life you’re living now. Always taste and constantly embrace new possibilities, you will never know, it will be a right time to leave your old life and explore the world, with a lot if memories to treasure and story to share as well.

I have currently visited the 41 Provinces in the Philippines that took off with a determination and decision to make. I’m aiming to visit the 81 Provinces in the Philippines and starting to explore the world as well. Just decide, don’t just let your bucket list to sleep in your room forever, start hitting them one by one and I’ll be happy to read your story as well. Let’s explore the Philippines and the world. Happy and safe travels everyone!


  1. This is such a great post. The more I travel the more I have been putting aside my attachments to material things. I also agree that saving and setting aside money specifically for travel is the best way to be responsible 🙂


  2. Great job! You are such an inspiration, and it’s great that you are able to document your trips and share your wisdom in this great blog of yours. I hope that many more people, especially the youth, will come across this space and be inspired by your life and journeys.


  3. I loved your post, just remind me all the stuff I do for my journeys… After that my friends are telling me that I am lucky to travel so much and my answer is that: It is not about be luck, it is about make choices 🙂
    And in this post you show what choices we should make 😀 Awesome the one: No fancy dinners to facebook and instagram status ahaha!


  4. I have a friend, who’s dream goal is to travel the world but she’s too afraid to take risks and helping her family is hindering her to reach for that dream. I sent her advices because I do work from home so traveling & working is not a problem for me. But your advices would definitely help her for sure so I will tag her in this post. Thank you very much for sharing these 🙂


  5. Glad I stumbled into this post of yours last year. I agree! I remember when I was single and my earnings is a lot lower, I had to be creative to come up with funds for a trip. I agree with the items you said especially #5!!


  6. So great advice right here, its always hard to leave loved ones behind but in the end its you that must go on your own journey 🙂 great read thanks 😀


  7. Your post makes so much sense and. gives direction. I agree we all have baggage of responsibilities which we should take care of and find the sources to fulfill them. Using your own talents always proves to be positive and actually there is nothing wrong in selling ourselves.


  8. It is very true that you just need to make a plan to make your dreams come true and act on it! That’s what I do and so far it has always worked out for me! I plan to make it to the Philippines very soon!


  9. Well said, Lai…one must know deeply about oneself, but that is not easy. We are so hardwired into thinking so much unrealistically that it pains us later on. I am glad you found time to dwell upon deeper issues after all these travels.


  10. Interesting post and simple with a powerful message. Yes, it is possible to go around the country if one can have the decisiveness to stick to the goal and have the discipline to save. In most cases, what some others may also want to consider is to save the money for travel, use it for investments and keep it growing before using the profit generated by investments for travel. It is fun to go here and there, but at the same time, it is better to grow the money and use it a little later.


  11. I finally re-found what I had started earlier!

    I like this list, it’s informative and also a little vindicating, as I do most of this stuff. I do admit to having an over-abundant closet but I do go through it every few months to clean and give to others. I always add at least $5 of my paycheck into a separate checking account for travel (or emergency funds) that I do not touch at all until I’m ready, and my friends know that I would rather have them over for dinner than go out. At 34 I’m pretty past the bar-hopping stage (plus I’ve never been a drinker and only go to bars for the karaoke, really) but sometimes it’s hard to say no to a good massage when your shoulders are so tense that you can’t sleep!
    I’d love some online writing options, the only place I really know about is fiverr and that doesn’t always go well.


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