Mt.Lanaya: The kindest mountain I’ve ever climbed. 

A promise to discover the stunning scenery that once divulged after the challenging adventure. The clouds were united as if they’re in full force of conveying their maddened state. Trying to halt the trekkers from feasting their eyes with nature’s splendor and left them in deep reverence. The rain receives freedom of release and started pouring from the sky, with a comforting touch and played along with an icy blowing air that perceived in a tactile sense to our surface.

Mt. Lanaya stands on its throne around 700 meters above sea level, it provides the panoramic view of the vast ocean and the mountains of Negros Province. There are two trails if you wish to climb Mt. Lanaya. One is from Lumpan which has an estimated 2 hour trek depending on the pace. The other ace is the Legaspi trail, this one requires you to be in good physical and mental condition since it has a difficult and challenging trail, this will take around 4 hours of trek.

An invitation from a fellow blogger whom I haven’t had any chance to meet, had me invited to join their trek to Mt. Lanaya. Our tryst was set at Cebu South Bus Terminal, together with her friends and other fellow blogger. To finally come across with a new group of friends is I guess the most interesting part when you travel. Then I get the chance to meet new and passionate travelers in which I can share travel memories with, that soon will not be forgotten.

Upon making our way to Alegria, the weather seems to send signals by asking the clouds to unite and inform us to instead set the activity to another day. But just like how a bamboo tree fights for the storm and remain still was exactly what we all carry in mind. We persist in our sojourn without any doubts looming overhead.

After 3 hours of bus ride from Cebu South Bus Terminal we finally set foot in the town of Alegria.
It was about lunchtime when we arrived, so we all look for a food station where we can replete our famished stomach.

Our kind of lunch

Filling our stomach before going up to the summit is a sure thing that everyone must consider. Upon winding up our lunch, someone approaches us for a motorcycle ride going to Lumpan. What comes best when you move around with a group of friends is the inexpensive fare, priced was set and no need to haggle.

The soothing cool breeze kissing our surface, and feasting our eyes with the scenic views, elongated ridge seating on their throne while the leaf sways as the wind blows. The clouds were starting to collide in one accord and gathering their strength, trying to surmount our eagerness to set our foot to the peak. After 20 minutes of enjoying the comforting motorcycle ride we have finally touched the ingress to the peak. We supposed to take the Legaspi trail that would take us 4 hour trek going to the summit,  but since we were a bit late, we decided to choose the other trail which is in Lumpan.

The jump off area.

As we about to start our trek, the showering rain started pouring down, but we didn’t pay attention and just go forward on our trek. I was begging the sun to disseminate it’s light while making our way to the top. But exactly like how we strongly prayed for a good cooperation of the sun, the collision of rain is so strong too.

After a backbreaking  trek, we finally have set foot on the summit and the rain stop, but it was too cloudy that we can’t even see any beautiful view, but instead of complaining, we were all grinning from ear to ear. How Mt. Lanaya divulge its beauty taught us patience and determination to never give up. The clouds slowly moving to the higher side, giving us hope while Mt.Lanaya sluggishly revealing its beauty before our eyes.That moment, we put up our hands, thanking God for His goodness, it was unfathomable and our happiness is way beyond compare.

Photo Credit: Janice Canoy. Edited by: Marj (Dakilang Laagan)

From where we position ourselves, there’s a captivating flag on the other side of the stack, we then asked our guide, and he told us that it is another peak that we must climb. Kalo-kalo Peak is Mt. Lanaya’s highest point. It gives you the full access to take a glimpse of Osmeña Peak and Casino Peak from the north, Mt. Kanlaon from the northwest in Negros Island, and Mt. Talinis located at the South of Negros.

Photo Credit: Jeff Sanchez

Our guide is kind enough to help us get to Kalo-Kalo Peak. After nearly 30 minutes of the trek, we finally reached the peak. It leaves us speechless, there’s only a small portion of the summit to cater us all. Also in that place there is likewise a little clearing at the base of the summit area which can be used as a campsite. We took in our unlimited picture taking and everyone of us filled with joy and left in awe at the nature’s beauty that stands in their own innate state before our eyes.

Photo Credit: Jeff Sanchez

Soon enough, we have resolved to move downward since its almost 4:00 pm.The rain joined us again, it’s seems to be our best friend that would really love to go with us and won’t leave us. It is even more challenging since the track is already muddy, I even got slipped and fall for 4 times.

Everyone was clothed with gladness and satisfaction, the curved lines painting our faces even we were struggling on our way down really appear to be so genuine and honest. While the heavy rainfall was so busy pouring down, we were also busy planning for our next trip. After the laughs and jokes while moving downward, we finally reached the jump off area and went back to Alegria proper.

If you really have leisure time, there are also hot springs, waterfalls, and tons of beaches found around the municipality of Alegria. In fact, I had seen two of the hidden Gem, the Salay Cave and Cambais Falls during my solo backapacking in Alegria last April 2015.



From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus that board for Bato, Samboan, or any bus going southwest Alegria. Ask the driver to drop you at the town proper. Fare ranges from P130 – P160.

From the town proper, you can either take a Motorcycle (habal-habal), going to Barangay Lumpan or if you have enough time and want to try the challenging Legaspi trail, then proceed to Barangay Legaspi (there’s an entrance fee of Php 50.00 and Php 500.00 guide fee for every five hikers).


  • Cebu – Alegria – Php 160 x 2 = Php 320
  • Alegria to Lumpan (Jump Off Area back and forth) = Php 100
  • Food =Php 150
  • Guide fee =Php 50

         TOTAL = PHP 620

Note: Guide fee will depend on how many climbers are going to the summit, your motorcycle driver can be your guide, make sure to be kind with them.



  • Water is not readily available anywhere near the summit so you better bring your own drinking water, 2-3 liters will be enough.
  • You can do camping at night, but make sure to bring your own camping tent, flashlight, jacket, food and other necessary things required.
  • Please, be always kind to nature, don’t break its innate beauty.
  • We can’t foretell the weather, so you better bring your dry bag to put all your gadgets and camera when it rains.
  • If you bid to have your snacks or meal at the summit, please take responsibility of your garbages, make sure to bring them all with you and don’t leave your garbages there.



  1. Like you, meeting friends is one of our favorite parts of travel! Again, this is something we missed while we were in Cebu, we have to go back and check out all these awesome places on the island you keep sharing!


  2. I like the title of this piece a lot. It’s interesting to think of a mountain being kind and having a personality. I am impressed that you kept going even through the rain. I’m sure it felt amazing being at the top after going through all that trouble!


  3. Your breakdown of new sites is so thorough, great job Lai! I am envious of the Filipino blogging community, its great that you can blind message each other and get together for escapades such as this one!


  4. Lai, your blogs are a mix of entertainment and details! I love reading each one of them. This one too, took me through a range of emotions you experienced and let me know what a mountain climbing depends on and how to make it pleasurable in a group!


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