Olango Island: An Island destination that provides a good spot for biking.  

Precisely the moment we have met, I knew, I humbly submit that you and I make a better team than most relationships I’ve ever seen. You told me to just grab you and go out for a spin down the road, without  thought on anything but to ride I am taking. And so you made me realized that I love few things more than fettering with a spangly riding bit.

Then you eventually divulge the true reason why I come up with taking the time to bond with you, because you allow me to create a fresh relationship between my life-space and my lifetime, between my territory and the pulse of my being, without destroying my inherited balance.

Photo Credit: Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More

Someone came across, freely giving you a reason for doing something and makes you require to do it. An unexpected invitation coming from a friend who happened to be adventurous just like my inmost being is always seeking of. A message who had just popped up and took hold of my attention. Truly, how her name was created, with an essence of angel touch that eventually will make you to nod and would eventually say yes to her invitation.

Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More

The dark clouds were hovering overhead, trying to induce doubts to exist and would stop us from our biking journey to Olango Island. But our positive thoughts are more potent than any  impediment could adhere. Then the sun slowly surmounting the dark clouds and freely disseminating its lights and finally looming overhead, which caused us to set up our precious smile.

From the port of Angasil, we were welcomed by big waves splashing the coast and seemed to be swathed with anger. I couldn’t help but think that it’ll be a tough boat ride. I was straining to escape from the nautical life for the moment, but the wavering ocean is freely dashing the boat with an intend to shower us with a salt water and get wet.
The boat docked off together with the strong waves kissing the coast near the port of Olango Island. We then ride a motorcycle going to Candagsao to rent a bicycle. Angel knows the island very well, for she has been staying in Olango for 2 years because of her work before.

Olango Island is known for owning nearby Islands that are perfect for an island hopping focal point. But this time, we will experience Olango Island in another means of adventure.Bicycling the whole island and taking advantage of the Islands landscape is our way of enjoying the island. The roads are very easy, navigable and has flat topography.  Unknown to most people, Olango Island is a secure place to do biking, aside from usual road scenes that has few vehicles passing by, the island as well boasts awesome scenery that one can enjoy.

Caw-Oy, Floating Restaurant 

Olango Island is known not merely for having rich in marine life, but also for having an array of fresh seafood.  Exactly in Caw-Oy where you can find several floating restaurants that serves the best and sumptuous seafood. Though, it’s a bit expensive, but very worth it.

Tungasan Board walk

A simple wooden pathways made from bamboo that is peacefully situated in its own comfortable state. There were kids playing during our visit and we get the opportunity to interact with them. Seeing the kids grinning from ear to ear made me so happy as well. It speaks so much about their freedom and had influenced me.

Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More
The adorable kids of Olango Island

Andong Coconut House

Right after we had our lunch, we resolved to have some fresh buko juice refreshments at Andong Coconut House. I saw other bikers who have just had their refreshment during our sojourn. So if happen you visit Olango island, never miss this nature’s most refreshing drink that will snuff out your tropical summer thirst. You can as well have some rest under the shade of coconut trees as what I and Angel did.

Andong Coconut House

Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary 

Along this wide wetland of Olango Island, A flock of migrating birds often happens on a regular seasonal movement from September to April, as their stopover to seek for food and nesting locations.  There were only 4 Korean visitors during our visit, hence the place wasn’t that crowded. From the viewing deck, there’s an available telescope to have a glance of the birds. There’s also an in house guide to explain about those birds, and it got my attention because he is too smart to recognize those birds by name and their characteristics.

It wasn’t even the season of migrating birds during our visit, but I’m still blessed to be able to see like around 5 to 7 birds in different types. While trying to cipher out how on earth these birds are migrating with a pin-point accuracy and how they navigate, and it must be an exhausting journey for them to fly hundreds and thousand kilometers. I can really say that they really go to their limits.

Out of my oddity, I asked a bunch of questions to the in house guide to meet the foods of my curiosity and be filled with information. So he then told me that these migrating birds are normally controlled by changes in day length as it is their timing upon migrating. They are navigating by using celestial cues from the sun, stars,  the earth’s magnetic field, and from landmarks seen during daytime.


San Vicente Marine Sanctuary 

The minute we arrived at the entrance area of Marine Sanctuary, the board walk made in bamboo within the mangrove caught my attention. The warm welcome from the leaves of mangrove trees and the soothing breeze from the sea is beyond compare. After paying for the entrance fee, me and Angel proceeded to the Marine Sanctuary, as we acted upon our way, I’d  noticed the 500 meters long bamboo bridge that seems to be very romantic on its own state. It provides the panoramic view of the visible City of Lapu-lapu and Cebu City.

The 500 meters long bamboo bridge.

San Vicente Marine Sanctuary is a protected field of waters that includes underwater habitats such as coral reefs, fishes, and many other marine creatures. It is an Eco-tourism destination as well, for they make use of recycled bottles, shells and other indigenous materials, to produce a beautiful decoration near the entrance and office area. If you’re the kind of person who loves to see the underwater creatures, then you can choose to do snorkeling  since San Vicente Marine Sanctuary is a nice dive site.


We passed through this road upon making our path back to Candagsao. I love the nuance of these trees offers to me. It is very soothing and refreshing. I couldn’t just pass by without a photo, so I asked Angel to take pictures of me.

Photo Credit: Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More


Sagastrand Beach Resort and Restaurant 

After our long day, we decided to end our day with a refreshing Mango Shake at Sagastrand Beach Resort and Restaurant. Their restaurant is perfectly facing the inviting swimming pool, so we rest and had a short talk while celebrating our productive and fun-filled day. Soon enough, we went back to Candagsao to return the bicycles and went back to Lapu-Lapu City.

We actually bid to see the dramatic scenery of the sky when the sun resting on his throne below the horizon, but since it didn’t happen, we decided to maybe return again next time.

I would like to thank Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and More for spending her time with me as we had pedaled the whole island of Olango.


There are two access going to Olango Island, one is by taking a pump boat from Angasil Port near Mactan New Town, and the other one is from Punta Engano Port near Movenpick Hotels and Resorts. The fare is Php 15 for one way.


Things to do for travelers, tourist and backpackers

1. Cycling 

  • Olango Island is a secure place to do biking, you’ll get to experience the beautiful scenery and get a chance to indulge with locals.

2. Island Hopping

  • Olango Island is a good spot to do Island hopping. It owns a nearby Island that has different nature’s beauty to offer and that seems to what catches the attention of most travelers and tourists.

3. Snorkeling

  • One of the most interesting underwater activities in Olango Island is snorkeling, you take the chance to see some hidden garden of paradise and other marine creatures that will satiate your eyes and your adventurous soul.

4. Camping

  • I must say that this Island is a safe spot for camping, it throws you a new experience and you’ll get the chance to pamper yourself with the locals.



  • If you’re projecting to spend your day on Olango Island, with friends, I advised you to do Island hopping. Please be guided with rate, some resorts are extending for an Island hopping with a price of Php 3,000 and that’s good food 10 people.
  • Cycling around Olango Island is also one of the best things you can do, especially if you’re fond of physical activity. If you can’t carry your own bicycle you can actually rent a bicycle just ask the locals around. The one that we rented is located at the back of Candagsao Elementary School. Look for Erwin or locals known him as Erwax.
  • Bring enough water and if you can bring your own food, it’ll be a lot better. But you can actually catch some food station around, so no worries.
  • Always ask the locals about anything you want to know, they will surely assist you.



    1. Hello pcastillon,
      I would suggest, you visit Olango island starting September up to April, so you can see the adorable migrating birds because that’s the other highlighted activities of Olango Island. I hope I can read one of your travel experiences in Olango Island soon.


  1. I’m likely to buy a bike next year, Lai. Do you know what I would do with it? I’ll use it to travel spots of Naga City that are mundane but hides beauty in them.

    You inspire me with your adventurous spirit, Lai. Sobrang drawn ako dun sa intro! She’s lucky to have influenced you. At ang setting ng adventure niyo. Astig!

    Birding, biking, board walking, immersion in the marine and wildlife sanctuary, lollygagging with a refreshing Mango Shake at Sagastrand Beach Resort and Restaurant as ending. I couldn’t ask for more for a day of an adventure. Tapos naka-bike pa.

    Three cheers, Lai!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello bro.
      Wow, I’m so happy about your plan of buying a bike. You both will surely rhyme together and happy biking ahead.

      Salamat talaga sa pag appreciate ng adventure namin bro. I actually visited Olango Island ilang beses na but for work. Hindi ko nga alam na good spot pala sya for biking, buti nalang si Angel na invite nya ako. Ang saya saya lang talaga hehehe.


  2. Thanks for this feature. I’ve been in Cebu several times and planned of going to Bohol. But my trips back then were all work-related. Many constraints. The biking thing inspires me to be there, soon. Thanks. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I love going places. I normally travel alone. Will let you know. Thanks for writing about our lovely places. 🙂


  3. That is definitely wonderful trip!! I’ll try to go there soon. Can I ask you some questions??
    What’s time did you head our from Mactan’ port and came back to there?
    How long hour did you rent the bike in the bike shop and what’s the name of the shop?

    Thank you so much!!


  4. You can definitely see your skills in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.


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