The reflection of children’s freedom has influenced me.

As a limpid prose of their smile is painting their face, it brings back the old memories I once have sustained when I was like them. Their smile is a natural reflection that speaks so much of their felicity. I spoke to them asking for one picture, and they’ve demanded back for another camera shot until it became more than 10 shots. I witnessed their freedom to play without bothering the clinging heat of the sunlight as it touched their surface.

Bonding with them for a short period of time makes me think of a life I am living, free, wild and enjoying what life has to proffer. Sometimes in life, we think too much about unnecessary things that we tend to forget that we are growing up and going forward. We divested ourselves from doing the things we want, we always treat excuses as our friend and we hardly can’t say no. Life is too short, whatever makes you happy, embrace it. Whatever took you to have uneven peace of mind, leave it. When life gets drudging, challenge yourself to make it riveting.

Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and more with the adorable kids of Olango Island.

Don’t complicate your life because you’re not a slave of cynical force, you’re a free individual and capable of slaving the negative and make use of your freedom to create the highest stack of positive.

You’re extraordinary as you are, you deserve to attain your aspirations and Dreams because we are all fated to reach and enjoy it. Never forget to practice your freedom smartly and utilize it right.

Angel Villamor of Travel Blogs and more with the adorable kids of Olango Island.

We are all created equal with the same freedom to choose, find your strength, dig and work out your passion, don’t stay in the forest because you’re habituated to live there, you also deserve to see the charming light of the asphalt jungle. Don’t stay inside your room and waited for the night to arrive because you deserved to see the stunning color of the sky when the sun seated on his throne below the horizon. Don’t be a slave of your painful past and deprived you from seeing the jaw-dropping sunrise. You’re free to explore life, live, laugh and love. You’re also free to pray and thank God, not because of what He has done in your life, but because He deserved your praises and adoration.

Let’s travel beyond our limits because we all destined to have our own version of what freedom really is.

I would like to thank Angel Villamor of  Travel Blogs and More for spending her time with me as we had pedaled the whole island of Olango. Our biking experienced will soon be published on my blog real soon.


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