Just a note to myself.

Dear myself,

Please get up, if you are trapped inside the 30 feet sinking hole and you can’t see any ladder to climb up, please use your instinct to look for other ways, make some tiny hole and use it to get up. If it doesn’t work, use your phone if happen you bring it with you, dial the number of your trusted friends and talk to them, or you might as well call God to hoist you up. Don’t be like a stagnant water that choose to remain inside the bottle. You’re not a stale bread that simply a garbage bin can make use of you.

I know you are jaded and weary this time, but I’m also sentient that you’re more than able to engender out from all your burdens. Don’t cling to your beliefs because they have long been gone, stop being hopeful for things to come back and knock your door again because they have been set free in the atmosphere. You’re only manipulating yourself, stop believing because those things are improbable. You recognize that fantasy is far from reality right? Then why can’t you open your eyes and start seeing the true situation that exists. Be a startling subject not because you’re frightened, but you are being surprised with a promise of hope and delight.

Please get back to the place where you supposed to stay, leave the footprints behind, let them washed by the strong waves. Walk out front for the new footprints will be painted in the sand as it gently kissing your feet.

You’ll soon be lifted up upon seeing yourself free from the bondage of burdens. When the music decided to stop echoing back, and when you mastered and get used of the lyrics and the melody of the song, you don’t bear to play it again and do a rewind over and over again. You’re such a precious gem that some people are even looking up to you. ย People can’t afford to lose you, so bear that in mind. You’ll be okay soon, stay positive and strong.


  1. Love the way you express yourself Lai, perservere, you are young and in a great hurry to make your dreams a reality, that’s good, but look for things to enjoy each day on the journey, God is still there :).

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  2. Whatever that is, Lai, it will pass too. With this note here, I’m as positive as you. You obviously have a good disposition in life and it so reflects with your choice of words here.

    I believe I had been there at some points in my life and all I can matter when I look back is, “With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world to live in.”

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      1. Hi, Little Lai!
        You’re very welcome!!
        It was my pleasure to read your post!!๐Ÿ˜€


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