Sickness does travel too, it arrives without permission, and it leaves without saying goodbye.

It’s not that you’re feeble when you badly need someone to take care of you when you’re in morbid condition. Your nipping to death as if the bucket cold water slowly pouring  on your body. The return influences of coldness  became the hottest you felt. It’s like putting yourself in a hot pot and the water is slowly boiling. You precipitately hoisted to unknown place, you were being gripped by a sturdy metal hook and baited for a moment. You slowly fell into deep sleep, mowed down by a high temperature. You desire to wake up and get some food but you can’t move and stretch your hands. The muscles are in deep pain, you can’t breathe well, a tiny red scar is all over your skin, itchy and smarting.


The clouds travel, they collide to produce a bunch of clouds and united to produce rain. The rain fall down, run into me hard and brought me sickness that gives story to remember and lesson to learn. When rainfall arrives, don’t dance with it, but instead sing with a melodic phrase that it brings.

This malady has been visiting me since the very first day of this month of June and lasted almost two weeks and finally bid goodbye. And here it is again, trying to overrun me and knock me down. This won’t last, this will only stay for days and will leave. Sickness does travel too, it arrives without permission, and it leaves without saying goodbye. Every one of us experienced this, and every illness we felt leaves stories and lessons. Let us always take good care of ourselves, because Health is Wealth.

I wonder about this one, sickness is visiting me once or twice a twelvemonth, and it usually occurred in the month of June since 2011.

How about you folks? What’s your story when you get sick?


  1. I am a blank space when I get sick, no words will come out on my mind, haha unlike you, you are really a brilliant writer, I like the way how you put your thoughts into words…anyway, get well soon, wishing you a speedy recovery. ♥♥♥

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  2. I don’t usually travel alone, but I totally agree, it’s uncomfortable especially when you’re not feeling well, but lately I’m a little bit sick during my Backlog trip but I need to keep going, seeing beautiful places can help a lot

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  3. I really hope you feel much better soon…you are very brave and philosophical about illness…also, I love your vocabulary….including the way you express yourself in the post that follows this one. As for being sick (usually it is limited to colds or a cough in the winter months), I don’t handle it all that well…for some reason, I find it depressing after a few days….I think it’s the lying in bed, uncomfortable and not knowing how long it will last…this is probably tied to wondering if my clients are okay, and thinking about how much work is piling up in the days that I am away. Fortunately, I’ve never had to contend with a serious illness.

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