Mantayupan Falls: Falling in love with its picturesque scenery.

With relatively high rainfall, broken and mountainous terrain, Cebu has many waterfalls. They have long been ranked as among its most impressive tourist destinations. Many are in a picturesque scene and creating their own image in accordance to their uniqueness, style and beauty. An innate looks that will surely captivate someone’s eye and help someone’s desire to acquire peace and tranquility.


I’m falling in love to this falls, because today, as I set foot on this majestic cascade, it is not my first time. I’ve been here for 4 times already and today it’ll be my 5th time. I was not yet a blogger during those times, and since I want to take in another fresh experience of Mantayupan falls, I decided to get my not so hefty bag and bring my two little itchy feet and traipse here for the 5th time.

Mantayupan Falls is situated in the town of Barili, Cebu. It is located 61 kilometers away from Cebu City and almost two hours of travel time. Historically, the town’s name Barili derived from the word Balili, a kind of grass growing in the vicinity.


Upon making it at the town of Barili, I immediately took a Habal-Habal (motorcycle)  going to Mantayupan Falls. The Falls is 4 kilometers away from the town proper and 10-15 minutes drive. Mantayupan falls has been I guess one of the most accessible falls that I have been to, because the road giving way to the falls is concreted and I have loved the stunning view while I’m making my way to the falls.

My driver told me that there’s a Tilapia Fishing Village and Restaurant just before getting to the waterfalls. Safe in his mind that he’s speaking to a first timer, which I guess I appreciate his willingness to introduce what his town can offer to the travelers like me. He must be very proud of his demesne. The Tilapia Fishing Village and Restaurant offer dining, pond fishing, swimming pool, cottages, horseback riding, and overnight accommodations. The place also offers an array of Tilapia menu’s that will certainly satiate your craving.



My long delay is over and I’m happy to finally set foot on this place for the 5th time. Mantayupan falls is nestled at the foot of Barili’s sprawling mountains and peacefully situated in the lush scenery green forest. I forthwith went to the first falls trying to grab the chance since it wasn’t that crowded. In fact, it was just me and my two little itchy feet who’s enjoying the place. The first tier is 14 meters high tiered waterfalls, splitting together and formed three layers which looks like they’re being disunited. After several shots taken, I gave way to the second falls which would only take me 5-minutes of walk.



The second level is the 98 meters high cascading falls that create a thundering roar as it plunges from its peak to its wide catchment basin. It is alleged to be the tallest waterfalls in the province of Cebu. The second tier provides the atmosphere with a cooling mist, bluish green water, divulging its stunning natural beauty to every traveler, and showing its unspoiled environment and deserves a visit even for a short period of time.



Aside from Mantayupan falls, a comforting Boloc-Boloc spring is slowly spreading its name to every traveler due to its clear water and soothing ambiance. It has two swimming pools containing fresh water and smothered with green trees on both sides. But what captured every traveler and tourist to visit this place is the Mineral Hot Spring. It has Sulfuric water-fed swimming pool that can cure skin ailments and a sound remedy for your tiring body.


NOTE: You can also check other good sites in Barili like Sayaw Beach + Rock Formations and Caves, Molave Milk Station, Candugay Beach, Paril Mountain Resort, Paradise Valley Mountain Resort and many more.



Take a Ceres Bus going to Bato-Barili route from South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. It is 1hour and 30 minutes drive if it’s not traffic in the city area. The first trip is 5:00 AM for the aircon bus, for the non-aircon bus the earliest trip is 2:00 AM.



  • If you’re going to Mantayupan Falls on weekends, I would suggest you better proceed to South Bus Terminal 30 minutes before the scheduled trip to avoid crowds of    passengers.
  • Inform the Bus conductor to drop you off at the jump-off point to Mantayupan Falls.
  • The mandatory Bus stop is at Shamrock Center.
  • It is better to arrive at the falls as early as you can so you would owned the place and no photo-bombers.
  • Don’t take the last trip Bus from Samboan at 7:00 pm going back to Cebu city  so you won’t suffer to stand inside the Bus.
  • Expect traffic as you nearly reach the City proper from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
  • I recommend taking the earlier trip is better.


  • Cebu City- Barili – Php 70
  • Habal-Habal – Php 30
    (Note I give an additional Php 50 since I asked the motorcycle driver to bring me to Boloc-Boloc Spring)
  • Entrance fee – Php 20
  • Foods -Php 150
  • Barili – Cebu -Php 70

       Total – Php 390


  1. That is so impressive of you, Lai. Being able to explore the world out there at a young age. In a way, I envy you because you started way younger than me.

    Anyway, Cebu has long been visible in my bucket list. The falls you photographed and the adventures you did there make me so wanting to cross Cebu out from the list soon.

    Great travel info about the place, Lai. Kudos!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The cascades are bewitching and I am not surprised that you are there for the 5th time(luck you…going scarlet with envy…) I am lost in the magical charm of the bluffs and yours is lovely country..

    Liked by 2 people

  3. The fact that this is your fifth visit shows that the place is indeed mesmerising and wortha visit. The pictures looks so lovely. I wosh I could have been there. I am a big time travel lover. I gotta add this water fall to my travel bcketlist.


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