Tears are also the voice communication and everyone understands.

It all gather within the box and when the box can’t handle what kept it being filled, everything that’s been placed inside was tardily spreading out and stretch each corner till it tears apart. The floor was flooded with unnoticed stuff, they’re all desperately placed on the floor, hoping and waiting that somebody will come along to pick them up and clean the mess they have caused.

I wasn’t aware that I look foolishly stupid inside  the jeepney (common public transportation in the Philippines). My tears were running through my face as if they have only had their freedom to show off. I was trying to be strong by not letting them out but they have insisted to pass out and I couldn’t restrain them. People around look at me, and I’m sure I have rendered them a blank face and keep them bothered by what they have witnessed. Right that moment, the pain is just so strong, I can’t fake myself and look so strong precisely because I won’t let people know how I felt that moment.

But I never regret that once in my life I look stupid and  suffered deep pain because  I love the person whom I believed would never give up no matter how hard the situation is. I know the pain that I’m experiencing right now would soon be gone, my lips will be painted with curve lines of happiness, and my eyes will soon be replaced with beautiful scenery. My thought will soon be filled with exciting things and my heart will also be filled with understanding, respect, hope, trust and of course love.

Whatever I’m going through now is entirely part of growing up, it’s all part of preparing myself for someone better. I won’t mess my life simply because someone left me in pain, but I instead pick myself up and take it positively to learn and grow. Life is beautiful, full of surprises, full of exciting things to experience and making good memories is always a safe and a good choice. Pain, rejection, failures and discouragements are all constituents of life, we can’t elude from them. They’re all part of what we called” Life cycles”.

I promise myself to go beyond limits, live the life I dream of,  because we will never grow up and learn, unless we try and keep straining for the better.

Happiness is not always loved in return, but also loving the un-loving, it is likewise a choice, you either take it or disregard it.



  1. How very true, let the tears out, no one knows what caused them but you. I’m sure that the pain will pass, become bearable after time’s passage. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger in the end. Just remember to keep living and loving, one day you will find “The One” until then enjoy your life and shed tears when it’s needed, this keeps your humanity intact. Love and peace to you while you’re suffering this heartache xoxo

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    1. Hello davebarclay,
      Thank you so much for your good words, I feel like I’m lifted up by your comments. I’m still looking at life in a positive way, someday the right one will arrive and won’t ever leave me no matter what.

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      1. Exactly, until then just enjoy your youth, health and longevity will follow. Be at peace with yourself and don’t allow anyone to upset your Karma. Follow your dreams for by doing this you will empower yourself and stand out as an example to others that anything is possible if you believe. May you have good fortune and long life with health and wealth waiting for you around every corner you turn. Love and peace Lai.

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          1. My pleasure, it was hard enough being a teenager in the 60’s I think it’s much more difficult now. But my generation have destroyed this planet, in spite of so many of us trying to save her. Your generation have a mountain to climb to reverse the mistakes we made. That’s more than enough challenge for your 20’s and 30’s, in the meantime have fun, enjoy your youth and try and become a much better person through your education and just be the best you possible. Have a terrific week, enjoy yourself and remember that there’s a time and place to be serious xo

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  2. ‘I promise myself to go beyond limits, live the life I dream of, because we will never grow up and learn, unless we try and keep straining for the better.”

    How I love these thoughts of yours. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message. I am inspired too to live the life I dream. 😀

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  3. True, your quote, about “tears being ” the voice communication that everyone understands. How true. No matter what language you speak or don’t speak, everyone understands tears. Great post you have there.

    And in this month, let us bring awareness to the abused children in our world. Some of them are not permitted, even, to have tears.
    Yes, tears are the only non-vocal communication that the whole world understands.

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  4. Ahw. 😥 I don’t exactly know how painful is that, but I pray you’ll heal soon.

    “You’re not broken. You’re just bent.” But you don’t need to force yourself do get up sooner. Grieve, cry, shout… and in time, you’ll know when to stand again.. You don’t need someone to pick up broken pieces up of you, you need someone to be there and make you feel that you’re not broken at all. 🙂

    Be well, Lai! Life is still wonderful! 🙂

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    1. Hello emz,
      Thank you for your kind words, thanks for uplifting me. I know this should not be posted it in here. But I simply can’t take the pain, by writing how the pain made me would be my way of release. I wish I was strong enough to retain it within me and never bother anyone about this. But I simply can’t.

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  5. I think all of us have at one time or another been in a similar situation. Pain, rejection and failure are not pleasant to live through, but they really are how we grow. Someone who had never suffered any of them would probably be unbearable to be around.

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    1. I too have suffered the pain of losing a “loved one”.
      And it took me awhile to get over that.
      If someone does not return the love, then at least you know. And at least you would not live together for a long time and then find out that it was never truely there.
      Finding out early is much better than finding out years later….
      You may not feel this now, but eventually you will.
      Continue your journeys in life.
      When you least expect it, love of a person will find you again. 🙂
      Explore life, enjoy life and take care!

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      1. Hello donutsplace,
        Thanks for dropping by and reading my post. I appreciated it much.

        You said it in good order, at the right time, everything will be alright. If somebody has to leave because they can’t be happy with you then we really have to let them go because we don’t own them. Someone will come along, the one who will never leave no matter what, fight for you and would love you all the same, even in hard situations.


  6. Hi there Lai,
    you started out sharing about your happy adventures and travels, but maybe your mission is to write about all your experiences on your journey through life, as well, because, the way you write your words, blesses those who read them.
    God will lift you out of your pain, just keep trusting his love. God Bless

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  7. Though this is meant to be so sad, however, this was beautifully written. And that should be a reason to lighten you up! 🙂 Everything will eventually fall into places, God’s wil & God’s time.

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  8. Growing up is a painful process. At the risk of sounding harsh, people will say, ‘build a bridge and get over it’, but, in that moment, it was the end of your world as you knew it. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, exhale slowly, open your eyes: same world, everything’s changed.

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    1. Hello Dermott,
      Indeed, it is such a painful process. Thank you for the word of wisdom and for sparing your time to read my blog post. I appreciate it so much. Have a great day ahead.


  9. Tears, they cleanse your eyes, purifies the soul and relieves the heart.
    Travel…eat…run! I find them most beneficial when I am emotionally charged!

    Just hang in there…let’s keep moving forward!


  10. Hi, there….I came across you because you “liked” a comment I made on Tony’s blog…and, I am blessed to discover your brave and beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and pain…you express it in such a beautiful and relatable way, and my heart is warmed to know that you feel better for having done so. It is so obvious that you are a light in this world…and others who have left comments for you are game-changers as well….thanks for sharing….I look forward to reading more of your posts after work 🙂


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